University of Western Sydney Web Forum 2013 Social

University of Western Sydney Web Forum 2013 Social

University of Western Sydney Web Forum 2013 Social Media in the Academic Space Dr Gwyneth Howell and Nicole Bridges Todays students are digital native s These young people have been immersed in

technology all their lives, with sophisticated technical skills. As academics and educators, we need to bridge the digital divide by utilising tools such as social media to engage them. Our teaching challenge To ensure students understand digital media can empower individuals to voice their opinions.

Theoretical frameworks of communication are delivered and explored through practical activities (including social media case studies and role plays), industry engagement and personal reflection. Funding College of Arts University of Western Sydney Office of Teaching and Learning

Integrating social media into the curriculum Started with innovative and interactive online case studies, simulations and online discussions (using vUWS, Facebook, Twitter). Evolved into full integrated delivery with online engagement in real-time during F-2-F lectures (using Skype). All underpinned by social and new media

engagement. This approach has improved our students pedagogical outcomes and graduatessuccesses. Producing Outstanding Outcomes SFU data 4.8 5.0 / 5 for innovation, content delivery and academic learning outcomes Google, Facebook, Telstra etc keen to engage and present into the units TVS Royal Easter Show.

More than 100 organisations acting as Mentors and for Internship placements annually. International Engagement Content and delivery has been trailed in Europe and the US Peer reviewed both nationally and internationally Accredited by the PRIA. Beyond the classroom

Whilst at UWS, students connect with staff via social media channels to facilitate learning. At the conclusion of their academic studies, the majority of public relations graduates stay connected with the academic staff via Linked In, Facebook (PR Gurus) or Twitter (or a combination of these three channels). This has created an informal alumni of UWS graduates.

Informal alumni Graduates contact us via social media for a wide- range of reasons: career advice/assistance references share industry knowledge personal advice tell us about their achievements to give back to the university by offering their services as a

guest lecturer share internship opportunities for current UWS students or paid employment opportunities for UWS students and graduates. Shout Out Not possible without the support of VC Bronwyn Cole, HOS Prof Peter Hutchins and Prof

Lynette-Sheridan Burns E-Learning Grants to develop the first two units online engagement Commitment and dedication of Library staff Our students who were prepared to have a crack at it Our tutors who fearlessly followed us into the online teaching realm.

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