Employability: Professional Career Start Strategies & Job Search

Employability: Professional Career Start Strategies & Job Search

Employability: Professional Career Start Strategies & Job Search Katrina Sardellis AUSTRALIAN RESUMES & COVER LETTERS 23 June 2015 Tell your story to stand out from the crowd Swinburne Most jobs require written applications to assist recruiters to identify the candidates to short list for interview You need to ensure ALL aspects of your written application tell your story in the most effective manner to market you as a qualified, talented individual who matches the employers selection criteria

SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN 2 A key document for job applications is your resume Swinburne What is a resume? A marketing/sales tool - a brochure that tells your story and QUICKLY promotes your skills and achievements A document that presents you as a professional Maps why you are a match to the job on offer AND to the organisation

The key to gaining an interview SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN 3 Common mistakes in written graduate applications Swinburne - Bland applications - candidate does not stand out from the crowd - No obvious links to the job the reader has to join the dots - Not addressing selection criteria - Poor written communication skills - - Spelling

- - Grammar - - Expression - - Presentation - Expression SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN 4 Swinburne How long does it take for a recruiter to assess a resume? Often less than 20 seconds So what makes a good resume? SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN

5 Swinburne What makes for a winning resume? Content - Matches the requirements of the employer Layout - Clear and easy to scan - Uncluttered - Uses short, clearly written phrases and paragraphs to demonstrate your skills & experience

SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN - Appropriate format - Adequate margins and whitespace white space 6 Resume Layout / Presentation Swinburne - Make the rsum as simple and easy to read as possible -

Consider type styles and font size (eg Times New Roman, 12) - Avoid font mania - use only one plain font Arial or Times New Roman set at 11 or 12 point in size - All indents are in alignment (use Tab & indent settings NOT spacebar) - Use bold / italics / boxes (borders) wisely -

Avoid italics or underline as they dont fax or scan into a database well - Dont OVERCAPITALISE - Use page breaks so lists and paragraphs are not split SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN Vital resume content

Swinburne Targeted to the requirements listed in the advertisement Use of key words Highlights the strengths of your brand Tell a positive story Achievement focused Concise Honest SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN

Its a crowded market! Swinburne Source: The Recruiters Lounge Recruiters often short list job applications Swinburne into three categories Which pile will your story end up in? YES MAYBE SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN NO 10 Resume

Styles Swinburne - Reverse Chronological Arranges your experience and education in reverse chronological order (from most recent to least recent) - Functional Headings relate to your relevant skills and competencies rather than time-line order - Creative Using the resume as a tool to demonstrate your design/creative skills using colour and images etc Being creative what do you think?

Swinburne What roles would this type of resume be best suited? SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN 12 Resume builder & example resumes Swinburne - Access SwinEmploy at www.swin.edu.au/careers SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN 13

Resume content sample headings NOTE: Not all of these headings are required for all resumes. Resume content irrelevant information Date of birth / age Place of birth Nationality Ethnic origin

Marital status Number of children Religion Political persuasion Health Height / weight Photograph Contact details Name (first name and surname)

Address (optional) Telephone Number Email Address Link to your LinkedIn profile Link to on-line portfolio (esp. for Design students) * Work visa status for international students Resume: Personal details Swinburne Best to type your name in capitals and bolded (centered) top of page Include: address (optional), contact telephone number(s) and email address Do not include personal information that could create potential bias, i.e. date of birth,

religion etc. SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN Career Objective or Professional Profile Swinburne Following your personal details you may choose to include either a Career Objective or Professional Profile Example Marketing graduate with expertise in research, social media and campaign development

Experienced in telecommunications sales and regularly exceeded sales targets Winner of Business Sales 2014 Telstra Award Strong communication skills, self-motivated and driven to learn and succeed Targeting a graduate marketing position with a focus on xxxxxxxx SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN

Resume: Career Objective (optional) Swinburne Example: Highly motivated, professionally focused Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) student due to graduate in 2015. Excellent skills and experience in business analytics and strategic planning, now seeking a challenging graduate role within the retail industry. SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN Resume: Professional Profile (optional) Swinburne

A marketing professional with substantial experience in sales and advertising. Experienced in product development, consumer research and social media. Skilled in relationship building, branding and communications. Targeting a marketing role within the retail industry with a social media and branding focus. SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN EDUCATION section Swinburne EDUCATION 2013 - Current Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources) Swinburne University of Technology

Key Study Areas: - Recruitment and selection -- Training and development - Remuneration - Strategic workforce planning Distinction average achieved to date SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN Related headings (directly after education) Swinburne

Professional Development (seminars, short courses, certificates RELATED to the position you are seeking) Industry specific headings Eg Aviation Licences / Ratings / Endorsements / Certifications / Software Licences Short Courses Academic Awards Industry Projects / Capstone Projects SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN Professional Memberships/Associations 2013 Current Student Member Australian Computer Society

2013 Current Student Member Australian Institute of Management SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN Swinburne Employment History Swinburne A chance to demonstrate how your brand differs from others Present in reverse chronological order Include dates and duration Do not include any position beyond 10 years (unless highly relevant)

Document Responsibilities and Achievements for each role held Consider separating relevant employment / experience from other experience (this is especially useful when your most relevant experience is not necessarily your most recent) Consider using sub-headings, i.e. Professional Employment, Other Employment or Volunteer Work Example of employment section Swinburne

PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT 2012-2013 HR Officer (Industry Based Learning) Blue Chip IT, Hawthorn Responsibilities Preparation of selection criteria and position descriptions Coordinated recruitment of administration and technical staff Induction and training of new staff Achievements Streamlined induction procedures by developing web based materials Use of Achievements Swinburne - Wherever possible describe achievements quantifiably - Promotions - Increasing sales figures or improving efficiencies

- Being part of a team that.(what your team did) implementing or designing systems or processes - Winning an award or prize even a trivial one - Employee of the month / year - Customer service / quality awards EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: contd Example: Other Employment (or Casual Employment) June 2012 Present Crew Member McDonalds, St Kilda Responsibilities: - Dealing with customers - Preparing food and cleaning - Working in team of approximately10 people - Handling cash and balancing tills

- Following OH&S practices - Training new staff members Achievements: - Awarded Crew Member of the Month on two occasions - Regularly exceeded sales targets via effective cross selling Swinburne Industry Engaged Learning Swinburne This section can be used to demonstrate relevant industry projects or case studies you have been involved in. These could include examples of: - Relevant capstone university projects

- Team projects - A final year project - Relevant volunteer work - Professional organisations and participation Skills Summary

Swinburne Opportunity to match yourself to the job and to convince employer of your potential Highlight 4 - 5 professional skills that you can offer an employer which are relevant to the position you are applying and match the selection criteria Give two examples of how you have demonstrated the skills Focus on providing strong examples that highlight your capacity and that differentiate you from other applicants Skills Summary - example Swinburne Communication Skills Highly developed interpersonal skills strengthened

through four years of customer service experience as a Supervisor at Coles Supermarket Strong written communication skills demonstrated in university assignments and in preparation of position descriptions and training manuals at Blue Chip IT Skills Summary contd Swinburne Proof / Demonstrated Evidence Communication skills Written - Planned and wrote reports and researched essays. - Publicised student events as part of sporting clubs. Developed promotional flyers. - Wrote the project briefs for a market research survey on fast foods in convenience stores for Heinz Watties Ltd.

- Completed the business plan for a proposed new business venture for the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Oral - Presented papers at tutorials. - Instructed laboratory classes on how to conduct experiments. - Gave an introductory welcome and presentation to 1st year international students. - Developed the ability to communicate effectively under pressure as a sales assistant at a 7-11 convenience store. Skills Summary contd Swinburne Leadership (Initiative and Enterprise) - Proactively taken leadership roles during group projects, leading and guiding teams into meeting deadlines and providing effective solutions to problems. - Actively managed, organised and co-ordinated team workload and tasks, set

due-dates and deadlines for components of system design and implementation for university projects and assignments. - Ensuring involvement and support of team members as a critical part of working as a team to ensure productivity while allowing the expression of individual talents. - Undertaken leadership camps and teamwork courses provided by the co-op scholarship program with companies such as Operation Challenge and Oxygen Learning. Planning and Organising (Organisational) - Prioritised daily, weekly, monthly tasks to meet university deadlines. - Effective at managing time and balancing full-time study with part-time work, as evidenced by handing in all my assignments on time. INTERESTS section Swinburne Employers are always interested in you the person and

your potential fit to the organisation They are curious to know about your hidden talents or interests especially if they relate to the profession you are seeking to enter and the organisation Make sure you highlight a wide range of interests Clubbing, swords, surfing the net, Facebook, meeting new people and hunting are NOT appropriate on resumes Referees Swinburne No matter how good your application and interview were if your references are not positive you wont get the job. No one is obliged to give a positive reference make sure you choose someone with whom you had/have a good rapport

Should be work and study related Show your referees the courtesy of asking for their permission and notifying them when you apply for jobs. Resume case study ACTIVITY Swinburne Jay Kapoor is a final year of student at Swinburne and is looking to develop his resume to apply for graduate Accounting positions. Jay is confused about what information to include in his resume. Based on your knowledge of a resume as a personal marketing document, identify which information you think should be:

Included Omitted from the resume and note reason for your decision (next slide) 35 Swinburne Resume case study ACTIVITY Bio of Jay Yashwant Darshan Kapoor 1. 1. Full name 2. 2. Home address, telephone, email 3. 3. Linkedin profile address 4. 4. Single 5. 5. Age 23 6. 6. Good health 7. 7. Completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting with minors in Finance and Commercial Law 8. 8. Overall pass average results achieved to date with credits and

distinctions in accounting subjects 9. 9. Started a Bachelor of Sports Management at Deakin University completed first year 10. 10. Primary School Rowville Primary School 11. 11. year 7 9 Dandenong High School. Won a distinction award in Year 9 Westpac Mathematics Competition 1. List continued on next slide 36 Swinburne Resume case study ACTIVITY Bio of Jay Yashwant Darshan Kapoor 1. 12. Year 9 12 Rowville Senior Secondary College 2. 13. After dropping out of Deakin studies travelled overseas for 18 months visiting South America, Europe and India 3. 14. Part-time and casual jobs include: Cleaner for 6 months, Customer Service Assistant at Coles for the past 9 months (still working), paper

delivery for 3 months at age 14, Waiter for 2 weeks, Bookkeeping and Customer Service with his parents newsagency business, Industry Based Learning accounts position for 6 months 4. 15. Advanced excel, basic Word and PowerPoint, intermediate MYOB 5. 16. Hobbies: Poker, hunting, basketball member of Rowville Rockets for past 5 years and captain for 2 years. 6. 17. Volunteer with Liberal Party of Australia (current) and RSPCA (in Year 10 at school) 7. 18. Referees: Family friend, father, Tutor and Work contact details 37 Swinburne Cover Letters Your rsum focuses on you and the past. The cover letter focuses on the employer and the future.

Tell the hiring professional what you can do to benefit the organisation in the future. What is a cover letter? Swinburne A formal letter of introduction States your interest in the position or organisation why do you want to work for them and your skill match Provide an overview of your qualifications Outline your employment history or relevant experience Match your skills to those required for the job Technical and Generic Good indication of your communication skills SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN Purpose of a Cover Letter

Swinburne - Can you do the job? Show you have the abilities, skills, knowledge and experience to perform the role. - Will you do the job? Show you are interested in the work itself and that you have the personal qualities necessary to succeed in the role and the organisation. - Will you fit in? Show how your values and goals match those of the organisation. The examples that you choose to share can also demonstrate how you might fit in with clients and co-workers. SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN 40

Swinburne Amanda Kaur 22 Henderson Rd Epping Vic 3071 Ph: 9878 4456 Mob: 0432 907 123 Email: [email protected] Your name and address 18hFebruary 2015 Date Mr Robert Brown General Manager C&E Thomastown Vic 3074

Employer or agency name, title, address Dear Mr Brown, Re: Book Keeper and Office Assistant Salutation (eg Dear Mr Brown or Dear Sir / Madam) Reference line Please accept my application for the position of Book Keeper and Office Assistant with C & E as advertised on the Seek website on the 18 th January 2015. I believe my skills and relevant experience would enable me to make a significant contribution to C&E. I am undertaking a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting at Swinburne University of Technology (TAFE) and am looking forward to utilising the skills I am gaining in my course to join a company devoted to environmentally friendly car care products. This course is providing me with the knowledge and skills to efficiently work in an accounting and office administration role and the assignments have strengthened my ability to process accounts payable and receivable; update customer accounts records; produce a variety of financial records; and enhanced my office administration and keyboard skills. I am a confident internet user and familiar with MYOB and the full MS Office suite. This can be supported by my referees who will also be able to confirm my enthusiasm and ability to problem solve client and financial discrepancies. Utilising my good organisational skills I have balanced full-time study with part-time employment with Mumbai Property Exchange. My duties

include reception and general office administration. As Mumbai Property Exchange is a market leader in the area, I was expected to demonstrate high level communication skills, professional standards and client confidentiality. At times, I am in charge of the office so I am very capable of dealing with high volume customer service and a wide range of client enquiries. Enclosed is my resume for your consideration. I look forward to discussing the position and my application further and can be contacted on 0432 907 123. Yours sincerely, Amanda Kaur Yours sincerely / Yours faithfully Sign and type your name Targeting Your Cover Letter Swinburne 42 Cover Letters - Useful Tips

Swinburne Be relevant. Review the advertisement and reply specifically to what you see are the main requirements. How do you believe you can contribute to achieving what they are looking for from the role. Be personal. Write your cover letter in the first person. Be concise. Keep your cover letter to 1 page only. Be direct. Address the letter to the relevant contact listed in the advertisement, by name where possible. Be specific. Refer to the advertised job title, reference number and where you saw the job advertised. Customise your letter to each job you apply for.

Be purposeful. Outline the reason for your interest in the role/company. Cover Letters - Useful Tips Be positive. Demonstrate an upbeat and Swinburne enthusiastic attitude to work. Be correct. Use spell check and proof read your letter before submission. Be complete. Re-read the advertisement and make sure you have covered all of the requirements. Be professional. Even if you reply to the advertisement electronically or via email, include a cover letter.

Common Cover Letter Mistakes Swinburne Generic Cover Letter The one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective because it doesnt allow you to address the company's goals, objectives and specifications. Providing too much unnecessary information Never include information that isnt relevant to the company. Keep your cover letter to four or five paragraphs; never exceed a page. Focusing on yourself

The employer wont contact you if you share details that arent related to the indicated job requirements. The question shouldnt stop at What can you do? It should rather be What can you do for the company? Emphasising Weaknesses Carefully read your letter several times and find both spelling and grammatical errors. 45 A WELL WRITTEN COVER LETTER SHOULD: Swinburne Convey your interest and motivation to work in the company and/or role

Connect your qualifications to the company's goals Indicate your value proposition to the organisation Encourage the reader to learn more about you in your rsum 46 Cover emails Swinburne Most applications are submitted via email also require a short cover email Tips Mention the job title and reference number Express interest in the position highlighting that you possess relevant qualifications and experience Refer to attached cover letter and resume

Ensure your written expression, spelling and grammar are perfect or the attachment will not get opened! SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN 47 Selection criteria Swinburne - Separate document often used for government and academic positions - Cut and paste the key criteria and these become your headings - Demonstrate your skills by providing specific evidence of your past experience in relation to the criteria - Can use examples from study, part time jobs, extra

curricular activities etc SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN 48 Additional Swinburne resources to assist you Swinburne Resumes Resume builder - Developing Your Resume handout (theSam Chronological resume example is an excellent guide) - Resume podcast Cover Letters - Cover letter handout -

How to write a cover letter podcast Selection Criteria - Online applications and selection criteria handout -Access at www.swin.edu.au/careers & on Blackboard SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION | BUSINESS | DESIGN 49

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