FIRSTNET AUTHORITY BRIEFING WITH AT&T Civil Air Patrol, Oregon Wing October 9, 2019 Kristi Wilde, Senior Public Safety Advisor Authority First Responder Network Authority Bill Schrier, Senior Advisor, Products and Solutions, FirstNet [email protected] - mobile 206.255.2156 [email protected] - mobile 202.308-0974 Paul Braunstein, Principal Consultant FirstNet Solutions AT&T Mobility Services [email protected] Agenda FirstNet Brief Background Contractual Obligation Reinvestment Process and Progress Q&A THE FIRSTNET JOURNEY 9/11 attacks

2004 9/11 Commission Radio communication challenges affect first responders Recommends national radio spectrum for public safety purposes 2001 Public safety unites to advocate for nationwide broadband network 3 2012 The First Responder Network Authority Independent agency to deploy Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network 2012-16 2016-17 Outreach and Consultation Partnership and State Plans Governors identify FirstNet single

points of contact Network RFP released Consultation in all 56 states/territories FirstNet works with states to collect and validate users and coverage data Award to AT&T Delivery of 56 state/territory plans 56 Governors OptIn decisions 2018-beyond Advancing the FirstNet Experience Engage and collaborate with public safety and industry Develop and promote Public Safety Communications roadmap Invest in the network ADVANCING THE FIRSTNET EXPERIENCE ENGAGE public safety entities and associations, PSAC, industry, and government to understand their trends, drivers, and priorities

COLLABORATE with public safety to realize the operational benefit of the FirstNet Experience 6 DEVELOP and promote public safety broadband communications roadmaps that reflect the voice of public safety INVEST in the network to further a differentiated FirstNet Experience FIRST RESPONDER NETWORK AUTHORITY ROADMAP DOMAINS Situational Awareness Core EPC IMS Core Services Platforms Coverage & Capacity Macro Coverage Location Services Sensors Wearables Cameras/Video

Voice Communications Mission Critical Push-to-talk (MCPTT) PTT Interconnection Capacity App Servers In-building Solutions Service Enablers Temporary/On-Demand Coverage Range Extension Secure Information Exchange Data Access Data Sharing Device-to-Device Air-to-Ground Maritime Operations Availability/Reliability/ Resiliency/Hardening 8 Mapping/Geographic Information System (GIS) Data Analytics/Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM)/Single Sign-On User Experience

Priority Services Applications Devices Accessories Hands Free Operations Augmented Virtual Reality Heads-Up Display Presentation title hereedit on Slide Master FirstNet Network Benefits Priority, Pre-Emption on All AT&T LTE Spectrum Band 14 20 Mhz Spectrum Local Control Uplift Tool End-to-End Encryption of Network Traffic Dedicated Customer Service 24x7 for FirstNet Users Contract oversight by FirstNet Authority, a federal agency Cell sites on UAV (Drones) Network Status Tool 72 Dedicated Deployables (SatCOLTs) 14 hour response App Catalog Curated Apps App Developer Ecosystem Expanding network coverage (adding 45 sites in Oregon) Dedicated FirstNet 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

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