440 Employees 3,500+ Student s 5 Campuses all

440 Employees 3,500+ Student s 5 Campuses all

440 Employees 3,500+ Student s 5 Campuses all within close proximity 1 6

Stafford by the Numbers Academie s Distinctions 1 Team 1 Vision

Where is Stafford MSD? Quality student-teacher ratio Transportation provided to all Stafford residents No re-zoning Stafford by the Numbers 16 Academic Distinctions Stafford Elementary: Ranked 52nd of 8,000+

Elementary Schools & Top 1% in State Stafford by the Numbers Nearly 1/3 of our teachers have a Masters or Doctorate Degree More than of our students

participate in Fine Arts 35 languages are spoken on campus More than 1/3 of our students participate in athletics Outstanding Athletics

State Champions Track & Field State Quarter-Finalists Football Media Presence #CommittedtoSMSD #HomeofChampions -Social Media gives us the opportunity to increase visibility of our brand and to interact with various stakeholders in Stafford MSD teachers, parents, students, community members, the business

community, elected officials and more. -At this point, Stafford MSD has a Facebook page (Like Us Today, if you havent already), A District Twitter, Twitter accounts for all five campuses, A Sports Twitter and a YouTube channel. Stafford College & Career Center Unique because it is not a school of choice Dual-credit classes in partnership with HCC

Thirteen Career Academy programs: Culinary, Welding, Automotive, Business/Marketing, Health Sciences and more Culinary Arts Hired to do catering for special events, on and off campus Prepares monthly Senior 55+ breakfast Overseen by accomplished Chef, Courtney Ralls Recently added a Assistant Chef, due to the growth and popularity of the

program Program generated approximately $8000 dollars in one calendar year Stafford College & Career Center College Board Approved TSI Testing Site SMSD starts TSI testing with sophomores Our goal is to graduate all students College and/ or Career Ready without remediation

SMSD CTE Certifications Serve Safe Texas Food Handler Certification MOS Microsoft Office Specialist CPR Career Safe General Industry OSHA Training SMSD CTE Certifications Dual Credit Certifications through

HCC 1. 15 college hours Automotive Technician Certification 2. 14 college hours Marketable Skills Certification Culinary 3. 15 college hours Law Office Clerk Level I 4. 15 college hours Basic Welding Helper Level I SMSD CTE Certifications Dual Credit Certifications through HCC

Coming 2017-2018 18 College Hours- Film/Video Production Specialization Level I SMSD CTE STAFFING SMSDs CTE staffing philosophy is to actively seek industry professionals Utilize the certification provisions under HB5 to locally certify instructors who hold industry credentials For example a practicing attorney, 2 Chefs, a master welder and master auto technician, advertising and

marketing specialist Business Partnerships Smart Financial Classic Chevrolet Hunting Energy Group 1 Automotive St. Luke's Sugar Land Houston Community College Texas Womens University The George Foundation SMSD Education Foundation Constellation Field

Fish City Grill Applebees Challenges Work in Progress Securing internships for all academy programs Competing with private sector for HQ CTE instructors Available funding sources

Advanced Academics Increasing certifications for CTE Continuing to establish more relationships with local business and universities Focus on exposing elementary grade level students to CCR via job Words of Wisdom Dont be afraid to take a chance with an industry

certified professional Explore all options for finding personnel colleges and university adjunct staff, staffing agencies, industry organizational sites, technical schools etc. Work closely with your P16 Counselor Continue to educate students and parents of the advantages of dual credit course work Creating a Culture of Champions Selecting the right people Mentors

& Friends Plans for Success Continue Enhancing our Professional Learning Communities Encourage Time

to Connect Questions & Comments

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