Aminmohamed Adatia 10 Years of Service Math &

Aminmohamed Adatia 10 Years of Service Math &

Aminmohamed Adatia 10 Years of Service Math & Computer Sciences Amin is a stalwart instructor in the departments statistics courses. His evaluations often contain many positive comments from students, and how he effectively makes stats easy to understand if thats possible! Ardis Anderson 10 Years of Service Philosophy Department

Dr. Ardis Anderson, formerly Academic Assistant and now Instructor in the Department of Philosophy, is the backbone of our teaching program and the coordinator of our out-reach activities. Ardis is thought of by her students and colleagues as the good cop who is probably our most popular and effective teacher. Rick Aos 10 Years of Service Electrical Department Rick came to the University from the construction industry and quickly

became a valuable addition to the University. Rick enjoys new challenges and takes great pride in his work. Thank you for the 10 years of service and all the best for the years to come. Yale Belanger 10 Years of Service Native American Studies Yale did his undergraduate degree in NAS at U of L, and did his Ph.D at Trent University on the emergence and evolution of Aboriginal political organizations in late 19thand early 20th- century Canada.

As an Associate Professor in the NAS department here, he has a strong and well-funded research program across diverse areas such as gambling, homelessness, and aboriginal political studies. Rolf Boon 10 Years of Service Music Department Dr. Rolf Boon is an Associate Composer with the Canadian Music Centre and member of the Canadian League of Composers. His acoustic and electronic works have received international premiers and performances. His teaching has

been acknowledged via an Alberta Provincial (ACIFA) Teaching Excellence Award. When he was Chair of the Department of Music he led the development of the U of Ls Digital Audio Arts Program and related infrastructure implementation for Studio One, the Audio Research Lab, and Christopher Burton 10 Years of Service History Department Throughout his decade in the History Department, Chris has become a popular lecturer and valued colleague. His devotion to Stalinism is somewhat troublesome, but so far we have successfully resisted his periodic attempts to

turn our department into a totalitarian dictatorship. Due to the recent retirement of Malcolm Greenshields, Chris has also become the elder statesman of the History Department, something he may or may not appreciate. Trevor Butler 10 Years of Service Faculty of Management While most people find technology problems a source of great frustration, Trevor solves them quickly and with a chuckle to keep faculty and staff happy in Management.

Thank you Trevor for the past 10 years of service. Saurya Das 10 Years of Service Physics & Astronomy Department Saurya is a prolific and accomplished theoretician, who has worked on fundamental problems in theoretical physics, including the quantization of gravity, the origin of black hole entropy, and the nature of space-time. He helped established the departments Theoretical Physics Group in 2008, and then the Canadian Prairie Theoretical Physics Network in 2009.

Outside the University he is active as a musician (playing piano and singing), and as a cook (he has won a curry cook- Heidi DeHeer 10 Years of Service Financial Services Cash Office Heidi is always willing to go the extra mile to be of assistance to the students, parents and staff that she is in contact with on a daily basis in the Cash Office. She is always thinking and coming up with suggestions and efficiencies for the office which keeps us on our toes.

Heidi has a very busy social life attending her kids extracurricular activities and camping over the years. But, more recently, Heidi has acquired the travel bug with her trip Tanya Drollinger 10 Years of Service Faculty of Management Tanya has been an active contributor to the Marketing Area, the Faculty of Management, the University of Lethbridge, and the greater Lethbridge community since the day she arrived in Alberta, and has continued her dedicated service for the past 10 years. We are especially grateful for Tanya's commitment to service. She has coached students in case competitions, dedicating many hours to helping students achieve

success. She has also served as the Director for the Centre for Socially Responsible Marketing, whereby she successfully organized two international research conferences. Additionally she has served as the Marketing Area Chair, and she is an active volunteer in both church and community. She accomplishes all this while being an excellent teacher Jo-Anne Fiske 10 Years of Service Women & Gender Studies Jo-Anne is a caring and passionate colleague. Her long career as a scholar speaks about her dedication to advance feminist discourse, especially for indigenous women's rights. JoAnne is a principled, fair and compassionate

leader who inspires others to reach out to communities where it matters. Inge Genee 10 Years of Service Modern Languages Inge Genee has taught Linguistics for the Department of Modern Languages since 1999. Her research encompasses several languages including Irish, Dutch, English and Blackfoot. She is the past chair of Human Subject Research Committee and current chair of the Department of Modern Languages.

Donella Glynn 10 Years of Service Caretaking Services Donella is always smiling and is very customer focused. She takes pride everywhere she works. Donella is now responsible for cleaning all the floors in the First Choice Sports & Wellness Centre, Students Union and Turcotte Hall. Donella enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Joanne

Golden 10 Years of Service Biological Sciences Joanne Golden is an Instructor in the Department of Biological Sciences. Joanne is an expert on the local flora and teaches introductory labs on the diversity of life and cell biology as well as our second year genetics labs. She is an avid weaver, hiker, skier and canoeist. Joanne enjoys spending time in the outdoors with her spouse Tom and their children, Pete and Jennifer. Bente Hansen 10 Years of Service

Music Department Bente Hansen teaches first-year theory and popular music classes and accompanies students for the Music Department. She is active with the Drama Department, involved with many main stage and student projects. Off campus, she plays with the New West Theatre Ensemble and is the Musical Director for the Hatrix Paul Hazendonk 10 Years of Service Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept.

Paul has been a major player in building up our Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre, which is now the pride of the Department. He develops new ways to investigate: materials used in Alternative Energy technologies, new crop derived biomaterials, and materials used for remediation of Oils Sands Tailings. Rita Hranac 10 Years of Service Facility Operations & Maintenance Rita started working in Human Resources to cover off for vacation and

project work in September 2001. She was offered a full-time position in Human Resources, but she was not ready to work on a full-time basis. Her decision was a great opportunity for the Utilities department. She started out for only a couple weeks to assist with some backlog 12 years ago. She is a very dedicated employee always willing to learn new things and take on new challenges. She was offered a part-time permanent position in March 2004 and a full-time November 2012. She started off as a very shy person that was not sure about working with Dan Johnson 10 Years of Service

Geography Department Dr. Dan Johnson joined the Department of Geography after his long service at the Lethbridge Agricultural Research Station as a Senior Research Scientist. Dan is a world-renowned environmental scientist in the field of Sustainable Grassland Ecosystems. He has made a remarkable contribution to the disciplines of biogeography, sustainable agriculture, and data analysis at the University. Lynn Kennedy 10 Years of Service History Department

In her ten years at the University of Lethbridge, Lynn has become one of the most popular lecturers and active researchers in the Department of History. Her courses on the Antebellum South, in particular, are popular among students. She draws the line, however, at teaching a military history of the Civil War. In Robert Kossuth 10 Years of Service Kinesiology & Physical Education Dr. Kossuth comes to the University of Lethbridge all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa! He teaches and does

research in the history of sport and leisure practices in the late 19th and early 20th century Canada. He is particularly interested in getting students and communities engaged in their local and regional histories and works hard to ensure sport history is making its way to public audiences (via museums and the Sports Hall of Fame). Dr. Kossuth was also an Assistant Coach of the three-time National Champion Diane Layng 10 Years of Service Printing Services For the past 10 years, Diane has been working for Printing Services helping out students, faculty and

staff at the Copy Centre. Whether its a student having an issue with a copier, needing a thesis bound or in a panic to get a project completed on time, Diane is always willing to help! Printing Services is very proud to have Diane as part of its team. Carma Leishman 10 Years of Service Recruitment Carma has been a proud and passionate supporter of the University of Lethbridge, and our students, since joining the Recruitment team in 2003. Carma has filled many roles on campus

and is respected by her colleagues for her kind and insightful manner, and her dedication to serving students. Carma is a wonderful Bruce MacKay 10 Years of Service Liberal Education Bruce began his undergraduate degree at the U of L in 1974, and taught many courses here before being hired as the Co-ordinator of the Liberal Education Program in 2004. With a multi-disciplinary background, a broad range of courses taught and current

work on activism for social change, he Robert McDonald 10 Years of Service Neuroscience Department Rob McDonald, currently Director of CCBN, is an Albertan, born and bred, who is also a University of Lethbridge Alumnus. He came to us from the University of Toronto on a Canada Research Chair and was key to enhancing our national and international reputation for neuroscience. Katrina

Mendez 10 Years of Service Biological Sciences Katrina Mendez is an Instructor in the Department of Biological Sciences. Katrina is an insect ecologist by training. She is an amazing artist and a crafter and prides herself on being compulsively neat. Katrina enjoys travelling and spending time with her spouse Jos and their young boys Ezequiel and Solomon. Thank you for your 10 years of dedicated service! Greg Moore

10 Years of Service Plant Operations & Controls Ten years ago Greg was hired on as an Apprentice Instrument Technician after completing a two year program at SAIT. He completed his Journeyman Instrument Technician in 2008. While working here and working towards his Journeyman he completed his 4th class Power Engineering Certificate. He works on programming new/old systems, troubleshooting of mechanical, and heating and cooling systems. Greg has proven himself to be a team player and a great fit with the Utilities group. Jan Morton

10 Years of Service Faculty of Health Sciences Jan is without doubt responsible for the orderly operation of the Faculty of Health Sciences. She is not only efficient and organized but also very sensible - which is extremely handy. Clearly Jan is an invaluable member of our Faculty. In particular she deserves an award for meritorious service after spending the last Janay Nugent 10 Years of Service History Department

During her decade at the University of Lethbridge, Janay has established herself as one of the most personable and popular lecturers within the Department of History. The variety of topics she teaches, from the history of the family through to the Scottish Reformation are greatly appreciated by staff and students alike, however, due to the bloodthirsty nature of modern society, that Janay is at her most popular when shes Deanna Oye 10 Years of Service Music Department Dr. Deanna Oye teaches Studio Piano, Musicianship Skills

and Collaborative Piano/Guitar, a unique course series which she designed and implemented. As a pianist, she maintains a busy and diverse schedule as both a solo and collaborative artist, performing locally, nationally and internationally. Her performances have been heard on CBC Radio Two, National Public Radio, and a solo piano CD will be released this year by Centaur Records. She is the current Chair of the Department of Music and an active Deb Pollard 10 Years of Service Registrar - Admissions Deb joined the Admissions team at the U of L in 2004 and

has been our trusty Eagle Eyes ever since. She enjoys dancing and spending time with her four grandkids. She keeps busy in the winter months with curling and golfs as much as possible throughout the rest of the year, earning the title of Club Champion at Paradise Canyon in 2012. Her trip down to Arizona this past winter can only mean she will be even more of a force to be reckoned with this year. We would be lost without Deb and look forward to Susan Pollock 10 Years of Service Faculty of Education Susan has provided 10 years of exceptional

service within the Faculty of Education, most recently in the role of Program Manager for the Graduate Studies and Research in Education Office. She is a very valuable colleague. She is described by her peers with 3 Cs: 1. Collaborative Adriana Predoi-Cross 10 Years of Service Physics Adriana is a prolific and accomplished experimentalist. Adriana is a founding member of the University's Remote Sensing Group (RSG), and continues to play a very active role in all the activities of the

RSG. Adriana's work with the Canadian Light Source (CLS) in Saskatoon, including the design of one of the beamlines, has helped establish the CLS as a world-class facility for spectroscopy. Adriana's record of service is simply astonishing: at every level, locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally; and at every opportunity, she has given unstinting service to both our local community and the physics community. Whether in her local Marnie Sawa 10 Years of Service Financial Planning Marnie started at the University on January 15th, 2004 as a Financial Assistant in Arts & Science covering for a maternity leave. At the end of the leave, Arts & Science kept her on in

the same position. Marnies transferred to Financial Planning, on a term position in June 2006 as a budget analyst. After Lynn Arnolds retirement, Marnie was promoted to Manager Budget & Planning on October 2010 working for Karen Clearwater. While working full-time at the University and raising a family, Marnie continued her education and in August 2011 she received her Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation. With her education behind her, Marnie has been looking for things to fill her time. With the budget announcement in March 2013 of a cut of 7.3%, and now with the implementation of a new budget allocation model in 2014, Marnie has had to complete two budget models each Kevin

Sehn 10 Years of Service Art Department For ten years Kevin Sehn (Art Department Technician) has provided excellent and unflinching technical and fabrication support to students in Art. With a breadth of knowledge ranging from bronze casting to fine woodworking, and from kilns to found objects, Kevin is also adept at interpreting diagrams drawn with a finger in the air, and in mentoring students through all Paul Sparrow-Clarke

10 Years of Service Vice-President-Academics Office Starting out as the researcher/writer for the VP Academic office, Paul also handles public lectures, strategic planning, proposals and reports, and quality assurance. He developed and managed the Discovery Lecture Series from its inception, was the main writer on three Strategic Plans, and now helps coordinate one of the best post-secondary quality assurance systems in the Danny Stevens 10 Years of Service

Information Technology To the tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song: In Lethbridge, Alberta born and raised. At the University is where I spend most of my days. Started out as a proctor while going to school. Graduated then worked for Education, which was pretty cool. While working through a couple of IT jobs, those were really good. The Uni and its people became my neighborhood. Mark Sudo

10 Years of Service Facility Operations & Maintenance Mark started in Recycling and Waste Removal on campus 10 years ago. He now does the cleaning and event set-ups at the James Foster Penny Building. Mark enjoys spending time with his young son. Thank you, Mark, for the past 10 years of Cal Toth 10 Years of Service Advancement and Communication

Cal has been a familiar face on campus over the last 10 years. His can do attitude, professionalism, and commitment to the U of L is evident when you experience the meticulous detail, and high quality sound and visuals we have come to expect at U of L events. Outside of work, Cal is a well-known performer, playing dueling pianos from Edmonton to Las Vegas. Although Cal is an amazing piano player, his Mick Jagger impression is something to behold. Kien Tran 10 Years of Service Economics Department After 20 years in Academic (10 years

previously at the University of Saskatchewan), Kien wants to enjoy life more than ever by spending time with his family and watching his two beautiful daughters grow up! Darlene Unrau 10 Years of Service Institutional Analysis Darlene began her career in the Registrar's Office. She made a seamless transition into the Office of Institutional Analysis in September 2009. Darlene is an exceptional analyst. She is attentive to detail, professional, and well spoken. Over the

years Darlene has been described as "an invaluable leader", "go-to-person", "at the top of her game" and "one of the highest performers I have ever had the opportunity to work with". This is a testament to Darlene's many talents and abilities. The team in Institutional Analysis is very happy to Carol Van Dyk 10 Years of Service Faculty of Management Carol brings sunshine to the Faculty of Management Dean's Office as the "Coordinator of Everything" and her grandson, Lincoln, brings sunshine to her life.

Robin Wilgosh 10 Years of Service Caretaking Services Robin is hard working; she takes pride in her area of responsibility. She currently cleans U-Hall, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5, and W5. Robin started out in the Housing Department and came to the midnight shift when the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sports and Wellness opened and then moved to Markin Hall. Robin has a beautiful voice. She has a son and daughter who she loves to spend time with.

Sandra Williston 10 Years of Service Sport & Rec Services Sandy has been a key component with the Sport and Recreation Services team for the past 10 years. She has booked thousands of birthday parties, school rentals, internal bookings and special events in our recreation facilities with precise attention to detail. As a former Pronghorn soccer athlete, Sandy hopes her daughter will be Ying Zheng

10 Years of Service Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept. Ying is not afraid of innovation in the classroom. She works really hard to give all her students the best possible experience. Thank you for the past 10 years of Andrea Amelinckx 15 Years of Service Faculty of Management Andrea is a very compassionate individual, who

cares about the students. She goes out of her way to provide support to them and is sensitive to their needs. She is being honored with a Blackfoot name for her outstanding commitment and support of the First Nations, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) community. John Bronk 15 Years of Service Information Technology John currently spends his time at the University working as a Database Administrator, which means he's responsible

for the care and feeding of several important databases on campus. In his spare time he roots for the Calgary Flames and runs "John's Hockey Pool", and is an active participant in Adam Carter 15 Years of Service English Department Adam came to the U of L from McMaster (via UBC) in July 1999, when he was hired as the principal specialist in Literary Theory in the Department of English. His qualities as a researcher and a teacher were already well-known; at McMaster, he was nominated for the Dean's Prize for Research Excellence and won the Graduate Student Teaching Award.

These same qualities have characterised his time at the U of L. He has a distinguished record of service, including and now-concluding stint as department Chair. During this time, he was successful in Canada's most selective research competition, the SSHRC Standard Research Grant, and, in 2004, won the F.E.L. Priestly Prize for the most outstanding essay published in English Studies in Canada, the primary journal in his field. Yllias Chali 15 Years of Service Math & Computer Sciences Dept. Yllias is one of the most pleasant members of the department, taking on several grad

students in addition to his teaching load and committee duties. Students speak highly of his superb teaching and kind personal character. Thank you for the last 15 years of service. Margaret Cook 15 Years of Service Geography & History Depts. Margaret is Assistant to the Chairs and a department member in two departments: Geography and History. Margaret has been active in many volunteer positions within the University,

such as six years with the University Senate. She provides extremely professional and essential services that keep the department functioning. The entire department is grateful for her valuable Shauna Haag 15 Years of Service Destination Project Office Shauna has spent the last 15 years efficiently taking care of things in Facilities and now she has taken on the new challenge of watching over things at the upcoming Destination Project.

Good luck on the new endeavor Shauna! Erika Hasebe-Ludt 15 Years of Service Faculty of Education Erika has enriched and furthered the Faculty of Educations work in the areas of curriculum, literacy, and culture. Together with colleagues, Dr. Cynthia Chambers and Dr. Carl Leggo, her SSHRC research explores literacy curriculum throughout Canadian classrooms. Recently, Erika received the American Educational Research Associations Outstanding Book of the Year in the category: Exploring the Aesthetics/Art of

Curriculum Inquiry in the Curriculum Studies Division, for Life Writing and Literary Mtissage as an Ethos for Our Times. Susan Hill 15 Years of Service Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept. Susan works really hard to enable everything we do in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The loyalty that we all feel for Susan is a reflection of her loyal service to us. Shahadat

Hossain 15 Years of Service Math & Computer Sciences Dept. Shahadat is dedicated to providing the best computer science courses he can. He has helped to establish an optimization group in the department, as well as supervising graduate students in this specialized field. Thank you Shahadat for your 15 years of Catherine Kingfisher 15 Years of Service

Anthropology Department Dr. Katherine Kingfisher is a noted scholar who has published extensively on policy and governance and the implications for gender and race in Canada, the US and Aotearoa/New Zealand. Her newest work on happiness is again multi-sited (including Samoa, Japan, and Canada) and politically and socially engaged. Dr. Kingfisher is considered to be an excellent teacher. Her work has been recognized through an appointment as a University Scholar and she is currently the president of Laurie Martin 15 Years of Service

Materials Management Laurie Martin began her career at the University back in 1999 in the Information Technology department in a System Support position. In 2009, she transferred into the Financial Services department as a Purchasing Agent. The skills and knowledge that she developed in IT have been beneficial in her purchasing role of procuring computer equipment, managing the Bell cell phone contract as well as other goods and services. Laurie is always willing to go the extra mile to provide service to the University community. In her spare time Laurie volunteers on the AUPE job reclassification committee and her strong organizational skills are essential in her role as Cathy

Newman 15 Years of Service Registrars Office Cathy started at the U of L in 1998 and has been the Transfer Credit Coordinator ever since, mastering this role with positivity and persistence, a feat which few could accomplish. As the self-proclaimed devils advocate for the Admissions Office, she encourages us to look at things from every angle. She is a dedicated employee and determined fourth-year U of L student close to completing a Bachelor of Arts degree. Cathy became a new grandmother last year to granddaughter Neveah, who is the light of her life. In her limited spare time, you can find her in her garden or riding her Harley across the mountains and prairies of

Margot ODonnell 15 Years of Service Faculty of Fine Arts Margot ODonnell started at the University of Lethbridge in October 1997 in a part-time position with the Conservatory of Music, when her twin girls were babies. Her girls are now 17 years old. Margot is currently the Financial Officer for the Faculty of Fine Arts. While stressful at times, she has enjoyed working at the University of Lethbridge solely due to the great people she works with!!

Steve Patitsas 15 Years of Service Physics & Astronomy Department Steve is an accomplished experimentalist. In teaching, he has been the driving force behind the design and development of our undergraduate advanced labs. In research, his construction and operation of a home-built scanning tunneling microscope was a technological tour de force. Outside the University, as a member of hiking clubs, he has explored much of the local topography in Drew

Rendall 15 Years of Service Psychology Department Since joining the University, Drew has, among other things, distinguished himself as an accomplished researcher (irritating many of the big names in the area of animal language), a dedicated colleague (serving as department chair and chairing many SGS committees) and a highly skilled practitioner of animal calls. Michele Roberts 15 Years of Service

Materials Management Michele Roberts started her career at the University in 1998 working as a Postal Clerk. During the past fifteen years she worked for a short period of time in Printing Services before returning to Materials Management. Michele is very efficient in ensuring that all of our mail and courier packages are processed in a timely manner. In her spare time Michele loves to fish and travel to warm and sunny destinations. Last year was an exciting year for her as they welcomed a new daughter-in-law into their family. Chris Robinson 15 Years of Service

Information Technology Chris is a valued member of the Information Technology department, where he is currently the manager of the Client Services team. In his role, Chris rarely has a boring day, but if you ask him he would not trade it for anything. Chris is a great family man, enjoying time with his wife and young daughter, but if you get a chance, ask Chris about his fascination with the Transformers and the Transformers movies. Debi Sandul 15 Years of Service

Registrars Office Dedicated, accomplished and a superb manager of people, Debi was the inaugural recipient of the Presidents Award for Service Excellence in 2003. Debis contributions touch almost every aspect of the institution. Excelling in positive relationships with students, staff and faculty, she has a caring, upbeat attitude and approaches every challenge with confidence. Debi was the Associate Registrar for 15 years, moving in 2013 to serve as the EIS Manager of Operations and Reporting, and is currently Stephane Simard 15 Years of Service

Kinesiology & Physical Education Stephane teaches primarily in the areas of Human Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, and Strength Training. He uses his academic expertise to generously provide service within the Province as an active member of the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta and as the current President of the Sport Science Association of Alberta. Stephane A. William Smith 15 Years of Service Faculty of Fine Arts A. William Smith was the first New Media full-time

faculty member in 1999, starting out with a class of 24 undergraduate students. He is pleased to see the New Media program continue to flourish with an intake of 68 students each year drawn from all over the world. Will has seen the department grow to now include several graduate Mike Spiteri 15 Years of Service Information Technology During Mike's years at the University, he has been on a variety of teams, the most recent of which is a small but dedicated team that is responsible for supporting the University's

learning spaces with regard to technology and the user support that goes hand in hand with the technology. Mike has proved to be a very dedicated employee and regularly goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the U of L community within the learning spaces. Stuart Thomas 15 Years of Service Faculty of Management Stuart Thomas has worn many hats at the University of Lethbridge. In addition to his teaching and research work, Stuart has performed service for the Faculty of Management and the University of

Lethbridge. Some of these service duties are serving as Accounting Area Chair and the STP member in the Faculty of Management, as well as using his accounting expertise when serving on the University Dawn-Ann Thys 15 Years of Service Registrar - Admissions Dawn-Ann started at the U of L in the Information Centre in 1998 and joined Admissions in 2008. In her time at the University, she has been actively involved in AUPE serving in many roles, including secretary and chief union steward and kept us all safe and orderly as fire warden. Dawn-Ann can be depended on to perform all

responsibilities to the highest standards and we rely on her amazing memory, institutional knowledge, and calm demeanor to keep us on track. She is our walking, talking procedure manual. Dawn-Ann loves spending time with her family at their cabin on the Ed Wasiak 15 Years of Service Faculty of Education Ed has certainly distinguished himself in this, his second career, after a highly successful career as a school-based music educator in Saskatchewan. His leadership in music education within the University, locally, provincially,

nationally and internationally have taken many forms, including: conducting, performance, adjudication, workshops, presentations, committee work, and high quality publications. Ed Wasiak is a totally committed professional who does his Faculty and his University Jim Booth 20 Years of Service Ancillary Services Jim is our on-site entrepreneur at the University. Although you may not always see him front and centre, he is the one that runs the "businesses" on campus and works at finding innovative ways to contribute so that our students have a great experience while they are here. He is responsible for Housing, Food, Printing, Conferences and

Event Services and the Bookstore. Jim was the driving force in the improvements in Food Services over the past year, which is gratefully appreciated by all of us. Jim likes pushing the envelope and makes us all try to stretch our thinking and not stick to the status quo. This kind of philosophy and the ideas he contributes make this University a great place. Jim has a wonderful sense of humour and his quick wit lightens up many conversations and meetings. Jim also is a great musician and some of us have had Teresa Heyburn 20 Years of Service Dramatic Arts Department

20 years ago, Teresa chose to leave professional theatre to become the U of Ls Costume Shop Manager. She has costumed over 80 shows for the Theatre Department and looks forward to numerous more. Thank you for the last 20 years of service. Rob Kern 20 Years of Service Sport & Recreation Services Robs caring demeanor has been witnessed by many over the past 20 years. Rob joined Sport and

Recreational Services after 12 years with the Copy Centre and Recycling Services. Rob can often be seen at major high profile events in our facilities ensuring everything is in working order for our customers. Robs enthusiasm and hard work has generated many positive comments from internal and external user groups. A Richard Lutwick 20 Years of Service Parking Services Dick Lutwick is the manager of Parking Services. Dick provides parking arrangements for those patrons who understand that parking on campus

is not defined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In 2012, Dicks work in managing the re-design of parking facilities adjacent to Anderson Hall was recognized in the City of Zoia (Zo) Schacher 20 Years of Service Payroll Department Zo started at the U of L in August 1992, first in Human Resources before transitioning into a combined Payroll/HR role in May 1997. Zo left the University for a short period of time in May 2003, only to return "home" a few months later for a role in Math and Computer Sciences. She then came to her senses and returned back to her

roots in the Payroll/HR department in May 2007, where she remains to this day. Employment at the University is a family affair as Zo's husband, Daryl, also works on campus in the Purchasing Department. Zo is a dedicated Mother and soon to be Grandmother. She has an ability Ron Schreiber 20 Years of Service Information Technology Security In June 1993, Ron started in the U of L Bookstore as the Shipper/Receiver. Over the past 20 years, Ron has worked in a number of roles with Ancillary Services and IT Services. Most recently, he is working with the newly formed Managed Applications Team as a Support Analyst

supporting Blackboard and Bridgebucks. Ron is a capable planner with a strong drive for excellent customer service. He understands the needs of his clients and users. He never loses sight of the principle that IT exists to solve business problems. He is always trying to see problems and challenges in terms of their impact and benefit to his clients' businesses. His colleagues have nothing but the highest regard for his integrity and Terri Thomas 20 Years of Service Housing Services Terri brings incredible energy and enthusiasm to her role and to the department. Her housing team characterizes her as a great mentor

always taking time to hear new ideas and ensuring everyone is doing well. Terri always leads by example and never hesitates to jump in to get the job done. Her philosophy is that teamwork is the key to success. Known as our fearless leader, her dedicated staff knows she is always there to support them through every task and challenge. Judith Whitehead 20 Years of Service Anthropology Department Judy Whiteheads life work has centered on people constructed by multiple forms of difference, especially gender, race, and

class. It has also been focused on South Asia. Her research projects have included the construction of motherhood images and the criminalization of courtesans in colonial India, the legal vulnerability of Indias adivasis (hill population) to dispossession due to infrastructural development, and the recent history of Mumbais dispossessed industrial workers in that citys transformation into a global financial centre. She has published two books and 40 articles on these topics, and her awards Allan Besplug 25 Years of Service Shipping & Receiving Allan Besplug has seen a lot of change in the last 25 years. When he

started as a Driver in 1989 the University campus consisted of three buildings: University Hall, Centre for the Arts and the Max Bell Regional Aquatic Centre. Allan worked for the Materials Management department for about 10 years before transferring to the Bookstore. We were fortunate to have Allan rejoin the Materials Management team in 2008. Allan is a great team player who always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude which is infectious. In Allans spare time he enjoys his summers camping and sitting out by the fire watching the stars with his wife, Sylvia. Craig Bullock 25 Years of Service

Information Technology Craig Bullock is a valued member of the Information Technology team. He started as an Operator in the computer room and is currently managing the data center facilities and the IT financial office. Craig is a great family man, enjoying time with his wife, kids and grandchildren, but is probably the happiest with his fly rod in hand, hooked into a scrappy rainbow trout. Helena Danyk 25 Years of Service Biological Sciences Department

Helena Danyk is an Instructor and Associate Chair in the Department of Biological Sciences. Her formal training is in plant biochemistry. She is very active in her service to the department and University. She is the long-time Associate Chair of our department and has been instrumental in developing science outreach programs at the University of Lethbridge. Helena enjoys spending time with her spouse, Troy, and young daughters, Katie and Katrina. Lisa Doolittle 25 Years of Service Dramatic Arts Department

Hired as a movement specialist in the theatre department, Lisa created theatre/dance productions, presented international touring companies through the Now Showing series, and published on dance and Canadian multiculturalism and Blackfoot dance. She has been able to move her arts expertise across disciplines to research, teach and make performances designed to spark positive social Marty Gadd 25 Years of Service Building Maintenance Marty joined the University of Lethbridge in June,

1989, as the Assistant Superintendent of Buildings, eventually assuming the role of Superintendent of Buildings. At present, Marty fills the role of Manager, Building Maintenance with Facilities. Andrew Hakin 25 Years of Service Vice-President (Academic) Andy's guidance has been instrumental in building a leading university in Canada. A

chemist by trade, he has learned to balance the fine art of coaxing, demanding, and celebrating. His passion for education, and the U of L in particular, is inspirational. David Kaminski 25 Years of Service Math & Computer Sciences 25 years of solid teaching, research, ULFA service, committee work, and down-home camaraderie. It is always a pleasure to deal with David and the students support this in

his many positive course evaluations. Congratulations, David. Judy Lavorato 25 Years of Service Faculty of Education Over the years, Judy has held various positions, and carried out multiple responsibilities in the Faculty of Education - all with dedication and impeccable work ethic. Underlying it all is her heart-felt ways in professionally guiding the student journey, and the kindness she exhibits in

friendship with co-workers. Ian MacLachlan 25 Years of Service Department of Geography Dr. Ian MacLachlan is a Professor in the Department of Geography. Ian has served this University in various capacities, such as Department Chair, General Faculties Council, Senate, Coat of Arms Chair, Convocation Chair, and MA Program Review Committee Chair. He has taught more than 4,000 students who graduated from this University. As an economic geographer, Dr. MacLachlan has broad interests concerned with the changing industrial landscape, the

implications of industrial restructuring for the growth and Edward (Ted) Malinsky 25 Years of Service Caretaking Services Ted started his career with the U of L in 1988 - Ted was part-time with Building Maintenance until 2013. In 2013, Ted became full-time with Caretaking as the Equipment Supervisor/maintenance repair for all the equipment (rider scrubbers, rider sweepers, vacuums, etc.) Ted enjoys hunting and camping with his family in his

Duane Rockerbie 25 Years of Service Economics Department Duane has taught a total of 20 different courses in the Economics Department in his 25 year career. He has served as Department Chair on three occasions as well as serving on numerous department, administrative and ULFA committees. Duane's research interests include international economics and the economics of higher education, but more recently, the economics of professional sports. Duane served as the VicePresident of the North American Association of Sports Economists in 2010-11 and has also served as a consultant

Michael Stingl 25 Years of Service Philosophy Department Since coming to the University, Michael Stingl has been active in bioethics across the province, teaching bioethics at the University and serving on clinical and research ethics committees both in Lethbridge and Provincially. His other main interest is the evolutionary origins of moral values. He also enjoyed six years of service as Departmental Chair. Carrie Takeyasu

25 Years of Service Financial Services Carrie is one of the most incredible people that has it all together. She does a fabulous job managing Financial Services, is a caring and supportive supervisor, a kind and loving wife, sister, daughter and friend, participates in numerous volunteer endeavours and encourages and leads her department to do the same. She has a good sense of humour and a great smile, and, on top of it all, she takes good care of herself and runs in marathons. She also managed to achieve her Certified Management Accountant designation and her MBA degree while she worked full time. It is hard to keep up with Carrie and all her accomplishments. Carrie started at the University in Payroll & Benefits where she helped implement GST. She has also worked in various roles in Financial Services to eventually become the Executive Director of the department. It would not be a stretch to say that she is the

glue that holds the Universitys finances together and I could not imagine how the Pat Tanaka 25 Years of Service Career and Employment Services During the 25 years that Pat Tanaka has been with the University of Lethbridge, she has worked tirelessly to establish comprehensive career and employment services for students. Pat is known for her collaborative approach with faculty members, advisors, the School of Graduate Studies, the Northern Campuses, Co-op Services, and Student Services departments. She always places student needs front and foremost. She is seen as the wise guide within Student Services. Pat is also well known within the wider communities served by the

University, and is famous for organizing the best Career Fair in Alberta. Last but not least, Pats co-workers benefit from her being a "foodie" as she organizes departmental social events and contributes the most Barb Thomsen 25 Years of Service Pension & Benefits Starting here in 1989, Barb found her place in HR in 1993, first in Payroll and eventually as the Manager of Pension & Benefits. Personally, and through the Pension & Benefits team, she manages two pension plans, several benefit plans and the provision of sound advice to faculty and staff.

Barb has contributed to the community through the Scout movement and basketball, and now enjoys her extraordinary quilting and time on the beach in Mexico in January. Gitte Villiger 25 Years of Service Faculty of Education Curr Lab Gitte has worked at the University for 25 years, starting in the Library and then moving to the Faculty of Educations Curriculum Laboratory. She brings positive and professional attitude to work each day, and a level of efficiency that few can match. NOTE: when stressed, she tends to disinfect everything in sight, including keyboards

and phones; sometimes to the point of shorting them out. Thank you Gitte, for the past 25 years of service. Kathleen Willms 25 Years of Service Registrars Office Kathleen joined the University of Lethbridge in March of 1989, 2 months after her first child was born. Throughout the life of her two children, Kathleen wanted to be a good example by engaging in lifelong learning and completing University courses during her lunch hour, in the evenings, and on weekends. She studied parttime beside her kids to advance her education, aspiring to graduate from University before them. She was awarded a M.Ed.

in 2010 and both children were awarded U of L undergraduate degrees in 2012. Since she spends a great deal of time at the U of L, she decided to marry a faculty member. In their spare time Shelly Wismath 25 Years of Service Math & Computer Sciences Shelly has been involved in a number of areas at the University including Mathematics, Liberal Education, Woman and Gender Studies, Native American Studies, and the Woman Scholars Group. Her research has been founded by NSERC since 1990, she has won the

Distinguished Teaching Award and held the Doran Anderson 30 Years of Service Information Technology Systems Doran is a valued member of Information Technology Services, where he is currently the Manager of the Database team. Doran has put together an amazing 30 years of service to the University of Lethbridge, and for that we honor him. If you think about it, most of the students and some faculty at the University were not even born when he began his career here.

Doran is a bit like an IT Swiss army knife, he has been a computer operator, a database administrator, a systems team manager, and a Deb Bullock 30 Years of Service Presidents Office A dedicated task master, Deb Bullock does an excellent job keeping the President in line. She does so with a smile on her face, always sporting the latest fashion! She is a pleasure to work with and a good friend and colleague to many.

John Federkeil 30 Years of Service Plant Operations & Controls John was hired on as an Apprentice Instrument Technician. Before being hired, John completed a 2 year Diploma in Instrumentation Technology and also his 4th Class Power Engineering. While working here, John has worked on controls, refrigeration, heating and cooling systems and project commissioning for mechanical systems. John has proven to be a valuable asset to the Utilities group. Tal

Meidinger 30 Years of Service Electrical Department Tal joined the University of Lethbridge as a 1st-year Electrical Apprentice in July of 1983, and remained as a Journeyman Electrician commencing in late 1988. In 2000, Tal accepted the responsibilities and challenges of the Electrical Systems Supervisor and proudly became part of the Physical Plant management team. Tal is presently the Manager, Electrical Systems with the Facilities team. Stewart Rood

30 Years of Service Biological Sciences Stewart Rood is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. His research program focuses on plant physiology with emphasis on hormone regulation, ecophysiology of river valley cottonwoods, and river regulation and restoration. His outstanding research and achievements have been recognized by a Killam Research Fellowship and a University of Lethbridge Board of Governors Research Chair in Environmental Science. Stew loves the outdoors. He enjoys spending time kayaking, canoeing, boating and skiing with his spouse Dianne and their young children, Amanda and Joe. Linda

Sebastian 30 Years of Service Registrars Office Linda has been with the Registrars Office since 1983, working her first Convocation in 1984. She has an amazing institutional memory. As Convocation Officer, Linda has to deal with many delicate situations with students on their special day and she has a unique talent for calming them down and making the best of a sometimes stressful situation. An alumnus sent along a message regarding Linda, expressing her sincere thanks to an employee who went above and beyond the call of duty. She said that Linda provided the highlight of my experience with the Registrars Office and I am grateful to have had her assistance. This is just one

Penny Secretan 30 Years of Service Registrars Office Penny has been with the Registrars Office for over 30 years, becoming the Supervisor of the Information Centre in 1988. She was the recipient of the "Presidents Award for Service Excellence" in 2006. Pennys goal has always been to provide the best student service possible. She reminds us that the students are the reason why we are here. Over the years, Penny has touched many peoples lives across campus - students, faculty, and staff and she has friends everywhere. Penny is about to start a new chapter in her life, that of a retired person, having more time to spend travelling with her husband and

Jerzy Szpakowski 30 Years of Service Caretaking Services Jerzy loves to come to work every day, he dresses up on special occasions, and likes to play practical jokes. Jerzy has worked everywhere on campus and for the past 8 years he has been responsible for the recycling of paper, cardboard, light bulbs, batteries, and composting. In Jerzys spare time he loves to work on cars. Guy

Vervoort 30 Years of Service Registrars Office Guy has been with the University for 30 years and in the Registrars Office since the mid 1990s. Guy worked on the original Student Record System back before time began and because of that background, he was a key player in the original implementation of the Banner Student System. Given that he has such extensive knowledge of BANNER Student, he has recently been asked to take on the role of technical team lead on the BANNER Student revitalization project. Over the years, Guy has both prevented many disasters and been responsible for many huge successes. His outside interests have ranged from

Doris Kostiuk 35 Years of Service University Library Doris began her career at the U of L in 1978 as Secretary to the University Librarian, Richard Burkett. Her professionalism and expertise have made her critical to the smooth running of the Library, where she has guided 12 University Librarians through the process of acclimatizing to the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of library administration. Doris belief in supporting our students can be seen in her participation in Convocation Ceremonies, and in her on-going contributions to the Supporting our Students campaign. Doris connects with everyone, her warmth and generosity being appreciated by all who know her here. Doris is described by her colleagues as dedicated, considerate, an amazing lady, caring, supportive, the

epitome of discretion, welcoming, and the 'heart and memory' of the library. Lynne Brown 40 Years of Service University Library Lynne started her career at the Library at 18, riding in on a motorcycle. She has since swapped the motor for pedal power. Lynne is a dedicated worker, a loyal friend, and a hardworking and trustworthy person. She is most proud of her two sons - their families, and her grandson Parker. Gary

Cunningham 40 Years of Service Plant Operations & Controls Wow, another notch in his belt! 40 years, Amazing! Gary has been with Utilities and only Utilities for the past 40 years. His career here started out as one of the 8 Utility workers compared to todays group of 22 within the Utilities unit. He has seen our campus grow from 2 main buildings to over 20+ buildings now. Gary can control your heating and cooling comfort zone by the push of a button. He has made the Control Room and Central Plant his third home. In the last few years, Gary has started to enjoy his second home by the lake more and more every summer.

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