Update from the BOS Fellowship Committee Brian R.

Update from the BOS Fellowship Committee Brian R.

Update from the BOS Fellowship Committee Brian R. Wolf, MD Callaghan Endowed Chair and Director of UI Sports Medicine Professor and Vice-Chairman of Finance and Academic Affairs Director of Sports Medicine Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation University of Iowa Disclosure I (and/or my coauthors) have something to disclose. Detailed disclosure information is available via: The course syllabus, or AAOS Disclosure Program on the AAOS website at Fellowship Oversight Committee Brian R Wolf, MD (Chair) Scott P. Steinmann (Vice-Chair) Shoulder and Elbow Christopher L Peters, MD Adult Reconstruction Edward J Dohring, MD Spine

James R Holmes, MD Foot and Ankle Ryan P. Calfee, MD Hand Lisa Taitsman, MD Trauma Rajiv Rajani, MD Musculoskeletal Tumor John C. Richmond, MD Arthroscopy / AANA James W. Stone, MD Sports Wudbhav N Sankar, MD Pediatrics Amy L. Ladd, MD AAOS BOS Chair Lisa K. Cannada AAOS BOS Past-Chair

David A Halsey, MD Ex-Officio BOS Staff Liaisons Erin Volland, MPA, CAE Evette Thompson, MA, CDF, CCC BOS Fellowship Committee Charges Match oversight Work with specialty societies, SF Match Sounding board for fellowship year issues as they arise Input into accreditation / recognition issues Assistance with educational objectives Post-fellowship surveys Educational programs Preparing for match, preparing for fellowship year, transition to practice Code of Conduct Orthopaedic Fellowship Programs: 1. Shall advise all applicants of receipt of their application.

2. Shall extend interview invitations, rejections or wait list status to applicants within 30 days of the application close date (The 30 day window will commence 5 business days from the Application Close date. This allows the match programs to process all applications). Those applicants on a programs wait list should be notified that their application has been received and that they will be informed regarding an interview as soon as possible. 3. Shall not communicate by mail, electronically or phone call with applicants after the interview to avoid creating any false sense regarding the match process. Each specialty society has their own set of rules regarding such communications which supersede this code of conduct. (BOS Fellowship Committee working to unify these) 4. Shall not pressure an applicant to reveal its place on the applicants rank list. 5. Shall not, prior to the match, guarantee an applicant that they will match at that program. 6. Shall provide a fair interview process to include an overview of the program; chance to meet the faculty, current fellow(s) and residents involved during the fellowship year. This is in recognition of the time and money an applicant spends to attend an interview. The program should also provide contact information for current and past fellows. 7. Should not demand, imply, nor mandate a pre-interview visit by an applicant as necessary component in the fellowship selection and/or evaluation process. Code of Conduct CODE OF CONDUCT FOR RESIDENTS APPLYING FOR FELLOWSHIPS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. Interview Etiquette: It is recommended that the residents not cancel interviews. He/she should only accept those interview invitations that he/she intends to go on. Accepting an interview spot and then cancelling deprives another deserving applicant of a chance to have an interview. If a resident needs to cancel an interview, he/she should contact the program as soon as possible and include an explanation in writing, of why he/she is cancelling the interview. The applicant should also confirm that the program has received notice of his/her cancellation through electronic mail and/or telephone. If a resident accepts a position outside of the match he/she must notify the appropriate match entity (SF Match or, NRMP or ASES), and the programs he/she has applied to, of the intent to withdraw from the match. The applicant should indicate what his/her immediate plans are. An applicant should not commit to another year of training outside of the fellowship where he/she matched, without withdrawing from the match or being released from the program he/she matched at. Applicants cannot ask a program how he/she will be ranked. Once a contract is signed accepting a position, it becomes a binding commitment between the applicant and the institution, upon satisfactory completion of the prerequisite training. Thus, there may be consequences if the applicant does not abide by the signed contract. All match related comments and complaints should be submitted to the appropriate specialty society. 2018 Match Review Adult Reconstruction and Hand surgery interest continues to increase Other specialties remaining mostly steady from prior years

90-95% of graduating residents matriculating to a fellowship year Steady increase in number of applicants from osteopathic programs and FMGs over the years. 7 Last Years Match (2018) Tumor Adult Recon # Programs 16 76 48 # Positions 23 156

# Applicants 249 249 combined combined #IMG/DO Applicants 60/26 #IMG/DO Applicants matched Domestic Applicants did not match Foot/ Hand Ankle Peds

Shoulde r/Elbow Spine Sports Trauma 84 46 28 66 94 56 78 178 74 41

128 236 87 100 204 92 53 187 248 151 60/26 41/2 9/14 39/5

24/6 55/18 41/26 52/12 1/2 8/14 5/2 3/8 8/6 4/6 4/17 11/22 12/13 5 5

1 - 0 0 8 1 5 8 Single Match Day Update Background: Specialty matches previously were all run independent of the others Applications for different specialties were not uniform Different material requested as well Med school Transcripts, # of letters and from whom, etc. Fellowship match dates were all different

Applicants really could not easily apply to different specialties earlier match took precedence Single Match Day Update Anticipated benefits of the single match Applicants can apply to programs in different specialties Applicants seeking fellowship in certain geography / city regardless of specialty Potential benefit for specialty societies Theoretical: More likely for applicants in very competitive specialties to also apply to less competitive specialties as well Single Match Day Update Single fellowship application form has been developed, vetted by specialties Single match date has been determined Last Tuesday of April Working with SF match for single match application & date process next match cycle (2019) Will allow applicants to apply to, and rank, programs in different specialties and best match applies Similar system already used by ophthalmology

fellowships Single Match Day Update Issues that have been highlighted Specialty societies still governing interview seasons for their specialties Some programs have extended their interview seasons This puts stress on residency training programs Encouraging historical staggered interview seasons despite single match day Need to do a better job disseminating single match info BOS fellowship match committee members and liaisons Resident assembly Fellowship directors forum ARCOS SF Match website information adjustments for date clarity, deadlines, etc. Please send identified issues to us! 2019 Match so far Tumor Adult Recon

# Programs 19 93 # Positions 24 # Applicants #IMG/DO Applicants Foot/ Ankle Hand Peds Shoulde r/Elbow Spine Sports Trauma

50 43 29 70 92 60 184 77 71 40 137 234 90 40

233 76 78 67 140 256 132 7/0 17/27 16/2 15/7 Numbers are pretty similar overall compared to last year #IMG applicants decreased 15/10 15/16 28/33

26/21 Applicants applying to more than one specialty. Education: Webinars Fall Webinar: preparing residents for the fellowship match process Fellowship program faculty and recently matched residents on webinar faculty Winter webinar (new 2018) : Finding your job Spring Webinar: preparing residents for the fellowship year Fellowship program faculty and recently graduated fellows on webinar faculty 15 Fellowship Interview Process Issues Fellowship Directors Forum

BOARD OF SPECIALTY SOCIETIES FELLOWSHIP DIRECTORS FORUM 4:00 6:00 P.M. PACIFIC| WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 2019 VENETIAN/SANDS EXPO CONVENTION CENTER | ROOM 904-906| LAS VEGAS, NV AGENDA TOPIC SPEAKER I. Opening Remarks Brian Wolf, MD (5 minutes) II. Single Match Day Feedback Brian Wolf, MD (15 minutes) III. SF Match Update Dennis Thomatos (10 minutes) IV. Match Issues Q&A Open Forum (15 minutes) V. What can AAOS do for Fellowships? Open Forum (10 minutes) Membership & Leader Edward Arrington, MD Development Committee VI.Fellowship Funding Update Jim Purtill, MD (10 minutes) VII. 5 New Facts From the Past 5 years of Lisa Cannada, MD (10 minutes) Fellowship Match Data VIII. Hot Topics in FellowshipsBrian Wolf, MD (10 minutes) Accreditation Updates Open Forum IX. Q&A Open Forum (10 minutes)

Fellowship Directors Forum Agenda 2018 AAOS: ACGME update Q&A Single match day update Q&A SF Match update Q&A ABOS Update Hot topics in Fellowships Networking Question & Answer [email protected]

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