An Introduction to Music in Movies Historical Background:

An Introduction to Music in Movies Historical Background:

An Introduction to Music in Movies Historical Background: Early Movies 1889 Thomas Edison invented the Kinetoscope Film was turned with a crank Called the peep show because only one person at a time could watch

Historical Background continued 1896 Edison invented the Vitascope This machine could project the image onto a wall Subjects included: circus acts dances boxing bouts comic scenes snippets of this and that Historical Background continued

1903 Edwin Porter produced and directed The Great Train Robbery 11 minute long complete story First successful Western Beginning of film as an art form om/watch?v=8oTdPkl BE0Y

Historical Background continued 1927 The Vitaphone was invented and the first talking film The Jazz Singer. Now sound and film can be synchronized, although it used two separate machines that had to be coordinated. It wasnt until 1933 that we could have both talking and musical background in a film made possible by a soundtrack which was a strip on the actual film. watch?v=Tl4uSBWYaLg Early Movies & Music A piano was housed in the theatre and someone would play music to accompany the action and mood on the screen. The individual who was hired to play often made the music up on the spot, depending on what was happening on screen. In 1915, the premiere of The Birth of A Nation used the first symphony orchestra as accompaniment for the movie. During the 1920s scoring music for film became standard practice. In 1924, a music book called Motion Picture

Moods for Pianists and Organists was compiled by Erno Rapee. Silent movies Charlie Chaplins the Lions Cage LgimZMdlp3E Charlie Chaplins The Adventurer v=4Jg1NS3zlT4 Characteristics Movie Music Background music

Sets the basic mood Enhances and intensifies the drama Provides continuity Helps establish character Gives emotional insight Background Music This music happens off the screen It can be pop music from the period of the movie. For example, it

might be the music playing at a party or in a club. Setting the Mood//Enhancing the Drama Music helps to set the time and the place and the feeling. It shows the viewer the essence of the film. It lets the viewer know that they get the message.

It evokes a sense of culture. Music should be a part of the whole, without the viewer being aware of it. Music is used to enhance the action in a movie. In a scary movie, you can tell when something bad is going to happen by listening to the music.

It triggers anticipation, emotional reactions, heightens suspense, and reinforces climactic moments. Provides Continuity Music helps to connect parts of the movie together. Music that recurs throughout the movie helps the viewer view the film as a whole. The style in the music remains consistent.

Establishes Character Musical themes are repeated to recall important associations. In the movie Superman, the theme tells us that the hero is strong, tough, and one of the good guys. The music may be used throughout the film to let us know that help is on the way and to announce the entrance of our hero. Psychological Insight Music complements the onscreen action and reinforces the emotional impact of a scene or

film. In Schindlers List, the haunting theme is used to heighten a sense of sadness and anguish for those lost during the Holocaust and expresses the grief of Oscar Schindler and his friends that more could not have been done to help save more Jews. Movie Composer Attributes In addition to writing music, they have to make the music fit seamlessly.

On top of that, they usually conduct the orchestra while recording the score. The music must fit the scene and be timed perfectly. (John Williams conducting.) John Williams (b.1932) Composed music for almost 80

feature films Orchestral conductor and composer Steven Spielbergs composer of choice http:// watch? v=0TFAR2NpO18 John Williams Movies(Selected) Star Wars (all) Indiana Jones (all) Harry Potter (all)

E.T. Jaws Schindlers List Jurassic Park Superman The Patriot (How many have you seen?) More John Williams Movies Saving Private Ryan The Terminal A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Angelas Ashes

Stepmom Hook Sleepers Home Alone Close Encounters John Williams Awards Has won 5 Academy Awards, 4 for best original score, including Jaws, Star Wars, E.T., and Schindlers List 43 total Academy Award nominations

18 Grammys Awards and 52 total nominations 3 Golden Globes and 18 total nominations 2 Emmy Awards and 5 total nominations. Williams Receives Academy Award More Great Movie Composers Elmer Bernstein Howard Shore Bernard James Newton Herrmann Howard

Michael Kamen Henry Mancini Alan Silvestri John Barry Jerry Goldsmith Rachel Portman Danny Elfman Thomas Newman Hans Zimmer Randy Newman James Horner Mark Isham Trevor Rabin Shaiman Playing:Jones Robin Hood: PrinceofMarc Thieves by

Michael Trevor Kamen Good Movie Information Sites The Internet Movie Database, contains hundreds of links and info on movies, composers, and more. Film Music Society, Composer Links s_links/resources_links.html Dmoz Open Source Database Project sers/

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