>>>>>>>> Chapter 6 Starting Your Own Business: The

>>>>>>>> Chapter 6 Starting Your Own Business: The

>>>>>>>> Chapter 6 Starting Your Own Business: The Entrepreneurship Alternative g n i n r a Le Goals 1 Define the term entrepreneur and distinguish among entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and managers. 2 Identify the different types of 5 Identify personality traits that typically characterize successful

entrepreneurs. 6 Summarize the process of starting a new venture. entrepreneurs. 3 Explain why people choose to become entrepreneurs. 4 Discuss factors that support and expand opportunities for entrepreneurs. 7 Explain how organizations promote intrapreneurship. What is ? p i h s r u e n

Entrepre An entrepreneur is a person who seeks a profitable opportunity and takes the necessary risks to set up and operate a business. Differ from many small-business owners in their strong desire to make their business grow. Differ from managers through their overriding responsibility to use the resources of the organization to accomplish their goals. Willing to take risks. f o s e i r o Categ s r u e n e r Entrep

Classic Entrepreneurs Serial Entrepreneurs Social Entrepreneurs p i h s r u e n Entrepre r e e r a C a as More than 11% of Americans run their own business. In an average month, Americans start approximately 465,000 new businesses. The past two decades have shown a heightened interest in entrepreneurial careers. People choose entrepreneurship for many reasons Dissatisfaction with traditional work

Their ideas fulfill customer needs e l p o e P y Wh Become s r u e n e r p Entre Why ? p i h s

r u e n e r p e r t n E Being your Own Boss Self-management is the motivation that drives many entrepreneurs. Financial Success Entrepreneurs are wealth creators. Job Security Over the past ten years, large companies have eliminated more jobs than they have created. Quality of Life Starting a business gives the founder some choice over when, where, and how to work.

t n e m n o r i The Env for p i h s r u e Entrepren n o i t a z i l

Gl o b a The rapid globalization of business has created many opportunities for entrepreneurs / T I / n o i t a c E du & c i h p a r g Demo s d

n e r T c i nom o c E Education One hundred U.S. colleges and universities offer entrepreneurship majors. Universities are helping students launch businesses. Many programs teach entrepreneurship to young people. Information Technology Technology has given entrepreneurs tools that help them compete.

Entrepreneurs have used information technology to revolutionize industries. Demographic and Economic Trends Aging of U.S. population. Emergence of Hispanics as nations largest ethnic group. Growth of two-income families. f o s c i t s i r

e t c a r a h C s r u e n e r p Entre l a i r u e n Entrepre s

c i t s i r e Charact Vision - entrepreneurs begin with an overall idea for how to make their business idea a success High Energy Level - a willingness to work hard Need to Achieve - entrepreneurs work hard because they want to excel Self-Confidence - fearlessness in the face of difficult odds

Tolerance for Failure - entrepreneurs are not easily discouraged Creativity - entrepreneurs devise innovative ways to overcome difficult problems and situations Tolerance for Ambiguity - entrepreneurs take in stride uncertainties. Internal Locus of Control - entrepreneurs believe they can control their own fate l a i r u e n Entrepre Quiz A

g n i t r a t S e r u t n e V New Selecting a Business Idea Find something you love to do and are good at doing Can your idea satisfy a need in the marketplace? Entrepreneurs must be sure that the idea they choose has interest in the marketplace Business Plan a g

n i t a e r C n a l P s s e Busin 58% of the most recent Inc. CEOs did not create a formal written plan. But business plans do help entrepreneurs prepare enough resources and stay focused on key objectives. g n i

c n a n i Finding F Debt Financing Credit Cards Family and Friends Bank Loans (SBA backed) Equity Financing Venture Capitalists Angel Investors

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