Partnerships, Policies Promotions & Reviews James Berresford Chief

Partnerships, Policies Promotions & Reviews James Berresford Chief

Partnerships, Policies Promotions & Reviews James Berresford Chief Executive VisitEngland Our shared growth ambition 5% average growth, year on year, in the value of tourism since 2010 7% uplift in jobs since 2010 = 178,000 Circa 70% of actions completed Refreshed in 2015

The staycation trend of more domestic holidays has continued for 5 years levels of holiday taking are still higher than pre-recession Trips (m) 65 Domestic Tourism in Britain Rolling 12 Month Trend Holiday 55 45 VFR 35 25 15 Business 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 9 9 9 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 -0 l-0 t-0 n-0 r-0 l-0 t-0 n-0 r-0 l-0 t-0 n-0 r-0 l-0 t-0 n-1 r-1 l-1 t-1 n-1 r-1 l-1 t-1 n-1 r-1 l-1 t-1 n-1 r-1 l-1 t-1 n-1 r-1 l-1 r u c u c

u c u c u u c u c u c u c Ap J O Ja Ap J O Ja Ap J O Ja Ap J O Ja Ap J O Ja Ap J O Ja Ap J O Ja Ap J O Ja Ap J Source: GBTS Growth patterns in trip volumes are very different in London vs elsewhere in England Vs. Prerecession high Inbound Visits (Millions) All Purposes 16,784 15,593 13,389 11,696 11,284 2003 13,893

13,275 15,340 13,942 14,753 14,293 14,25214,211 12,932 12,207 2004 2005 2006 2007 London Source: International Passenger Survey 14,706 2008

2009 15,289 15,461 13,629 12,568 2010 Rest of England 12,996 2011 +8% 12,846 2012 2013 -5%

How Satisfied Are Visitors to English Destinations? Overall Performance 86% excellent/ very good 86% definitely/ probably Likelihood to Recommend Likelihood to Revisit 90 70 50 30 Source: VE Brand, Communications and Satisfaction Tracker Source: VisitEngland Brand & Satisfaction Tracker 2013-14 data

TRI*M Index: 94 77% definitely/ probably 65% much/ slightly better Competitive Advantage And Visitors to the Isle of Wight? Overall Performance Isle of Wight 90% 86% excellent/ very good

86% definitely/ probablyIsle of Wight 92% Likelihood to Recommend Isle of Wight 76% 90 70 50 TRI*M Index: 94 30 Source: VisitEngland Brand & Satisfaction Tracker 77% definitely/ probably

65% much/ slightly Isle of Wight better 74% Competitive Advantage Isle of Wight 100 Source: VE Brand, Communications and Satisfaction Tracker NB Base size for Peak District = 55 Likelihood to Revisit Northumberland x Newcastle 102 Durham 92 87 Lake District North York Moors 111

99 Yorks Dales The Isle of Wight is one of the best performing English destinations in delivering visitor satisfaction 100 Blackpool x89 97 95 York 102 104 Leeds 83

85 80 98 Skegness 91 Staffordshire Derbyshire 92 74 Chester Birmingham 94 75 x Other

Gt Yarmouth Norfolk Notting -ham Warwickshire 82 83 91 Bath Wiltshire 85 101 94 Somerset Gloucester New Forest -shire 95

108 92 x 74 100 East Sussex 82 Canterbury Kent Coast 88 81 Kent Total 104 Total Hants 82 Bournemouth 91 Brighton Eastbourne 96 82 89 91 Isle of Wight 95

Torquay Weymouth 100 105 x Other Devon Cornwall London Oxford 94 Essex Cotswolds 100 Suffolk Cambridge 95 91

90 97 Stratford Shropshire Bristol 94 Yorkshire Coast Manchester Lincoln Peak District Liverpool 96 ENGLAND Scarborough 86

7 The IOW exceeds the England average in being safe, clean, welcoming and offering good value and good local transport % Describing Destination as Excellent or Very Good 71% A place where I feel safe and secure 83% 68% Clean and tidy environment 77% 68% 75% Welcoming and friendly people 61% 66% Value for money generally 42% 48%

Ease of getting around by public transport 65% 70% Levels of customer service 60% 64% Availability of a wide range of attractions and things to do 68% 72% Quality of accommodation Source: VisitEngland Brand & Satisfaction Tracker Isle of Wight England There are no areas where the Island scores more than 1% below the national average even cost of access is in line % Describing Destination as Excellent or Very Good

59% Ease of finding useful information about the destination when you're there 60% 64% Quality of food, drink and dining 64% 60% Attractive/well maintained town/city centre - SEASIDE 60% 58% A destination that is not too expensive to get to Availability of festivals, music, sporting and cultural events Clean and well-maintained beaches - SEASIDE Source: VisitEngland Brand & Satisfaction Tracker Isle of Wight

England 57% 39% 38% 65% 64% Futures 1. Demographic trends The population is changing over the next 10 years, the number of older people will increase ...and as baby boomers hit retirement age, catering for this group (who dont behave like old people) will be vital Theres also been a mini baby-boom leaving the squeezed middle to care for (and finance) the growing numbers of young and old There are increasing numbers of UK residents born outside the country but their leisure habits are often poorly understood The traditional family unit is less common than it once was but this isnt always recognised by businesses 2. Technological trends Since 2006, there has been an increase of over 100% in the number of domestic trips booked online... devices have changed how we use the internet... ...yet not all businesses have a website yet (and if they do, its not always mobile enabled) Near universal internet penetration in the UK + proliferation of holiday-related UGC mean that the consumer has more information than ever before to help make a decision FOMO (the fear of missing out) can drive increased leisure But it can be overwhelming we need to help simplify things 3. Leisure time / economic trends Despite the recession, spending on leisure and recreation has held up money may be tight, but work life balance is vital ...but value-seeking (and the role of great deals) will remain crucial Its not just about the big holiday any more - the average English holiday is getting shorter and shorter with people taking portfolios of trips ...and weve changed how we plan last minute is ever more common, making it hard for businesses to predict customer flows Growing Tourism Locally Progress to date 517.19 million 9,620 indirect jobs (target 9,139)

4 more evaluation rounds still to come. Working in partnership with VS & London and Partners to measure the economic impact of business events, meetings, incentives and conferences (with common methodology) Complete evaluation will take place post March For nowActivity continues Themed Campaigns Summer 2014 Holidays through History Cycling Autumn 2014 A Taste of England Romance Spring 2015 live now! Heritage in Spring Family in Summer/Big Summer Holiday Be Part of History: Rugby Cycling Breaks in England supplement

Guardian micro site Travel Trade Media breakfast at ABTA convention with partners Travel Trade Master lass for Destinations planned for Spring 2015 Trade workshop with Englands Heritage Cities hosted over 750 B2B meetings connecting over 45 regional delegates with 40 key tour operators in an attempt to help drive tourism outside of London Quality Expertise Knowledge

Offers Ideas Availability New news Tactical etc Relevant Real time Right channel I need information Destinations and Tourist/Visitor Information Centres Tourist/ Visitor Information Centres Businesses follow and are followed by Destination and TICs International activity Regional Airports Taskforce Two roundtables per year involving DMOs, English

regional airports and other key stakeholders (Tourism Minister, Airports Commission) VisitEngland stand at World Routes in partnership with regional airports and DMOs VE attendance at Routes Europe Strategic Partnership Update Arts Council 10 successful Cultural Destination Projects Focus now on delivery, sharing learning and evaluation National Parks Volume & value data for NPs NPs itineraries (international) Presence on Creative England Launched Jan 2015 English Heritage Launched in Lincoln Oct 2014 Sport In our sights for 2015/16

Working with the Met Office Keen to work together with tourism Considering timing of information Monitoring accuracy over crucial holiday periods Develop Weather Bot and embedding weather app on destination websites Develop a YouTube Guide to Weather Apps Pilot Met Office training for the tourism sector and encourage front of house staff to develop a degree of expertise in this area Access for All Project 2 (EC) VE secured 125,000 cash grant from the EC Northumberland 7 destinations; 56 businesses 1st October 2014 end March 2016 1. Designing 2. Implementation (product development) 3. Dissemination (Marketing campaign - September 2015) 4. Evaluation Contact: Ross Calladine Derbyshire

Lincoln Nottinghamshire Birmingham Kent Brighton Tourism Superstar going strong ETW15 Engage your MPs for constituency 14 - 22 March 2015 day The Big TweetEnd (21-22 March 2015) Family Holiday Association 40th Birthday 500 for 500 pledge Example of activity Discover Lincolnshire: Started 10 years ago, evolved into countywide event Purpose to get local people to explore their local attractions & revisit later in year

Rugby World Cup 2015 3rd largest global audience for a sporting occasion 4bn TV audience Over 2m tickets to be sold 400-500k overseas tickets Rugby demographics are just right Shoulder period no displacement or accommodation issues Why were involved and why you should be! Great spread of destinations Opportunity to showcase Englands sporting heritage Excellent chance to generate coverage of England and ultimately, drive new visitors to the country Estimated economic impact of at least 2bn Year of the English Garden 16 Capability Brown Tercentenary

Quintessentially English and a key motivator for travel internationally Wealth of product (circa3,000 historic parks and gardens open to the public) Working in partnership with DMOs, RHS, EH, NT, HHA, NGS. 2014/15 - content gathering 2015 - trade and PR programme 2016 - consumer activity Looking ahead Outcomes of Triennial and understanding what that means Commons Select committee General election and CSR We need to maintain the momentum and be consistent in our message about the visitor economy locally and nationally National balance International competition Public sector support Anticipate new landscape

Tourisms perception

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