SITS:Vision for IT Help Advanced Functionality - March

SITS:Vision for IT Help Advanced Functionality - March

SITS:Vision for IT Help Advanced Functionality - March 2017 Introductions Briony Hancox Registry Service Systems Support and Communications Manager Bex Hancock and Nikki Edwards Registry Services SITS Help Service Senior Administrators

Introduction to Registry Services and the Student Lifecycle SITS Help Service Desk Registry Services Service Desks First line support for RS/AUKR/DSS/D TS (Applications Team)

Curriculum Data Courses and modules are setup in preparation for the start of a course Enquiries and Admissions Graduation Student invited to attend graduation, books online and attends ceremony Prospective student enquires

about/applies for a course Enrolment Student Awards The Student Process Lifecycle Student award is calculated based on module results Progression

Student progresses if successfully completes modules Student pays their fees and/or applies for help, bursaries, loans etc Module Attachment and Selection Student allocated core modules, selects elective/optional modules Student changes plans due to change in circumstances

Registry Services Assessment, Awards & Regulations (AAR) Student Finance (The Student Experience) Change in Student Circumstance Registry Services Student Systems & Records (SSR) Student pre-enrols on-line

before enrolling on their chosen course Corporate Affairs AUKR Admissions Assessment Student completes assignments/takes exams Timetabling Student gets their timetable based on their modules (Syllabus +) Facilities Directorate Timetabling

Facilities Directorate Graduation Office Other SITS Help Processes Things we do Student /Applicant/Alumni Death Notification Student Data Protection Requests Things we don't do Student Transcript requests (go to the Online Store) Award verifications (Online Store > HEDD) Student Reference request > Faculty (online store) We aren't system/process owners of UniDesk (although we do deliver basic and advanced training for RS staff) Introduction to SITS:Vision (SITS)

The Student & Curriculum Management System Sheffield Hallam University uses SITS:Vision as its corporate student records and curriculum management system. The current version is 9.1.0 (it will be upgraded to version 9.3.0 in April 2017). SITS is produced by the Tribal Group and manages student administrative processes including: Admissions Pre/Re/Full online enrolment Recording fees and billing Recording and tracking students courses/modules Assessment processing and certificate production Graduation and alumni Plus other processes such as:

Control of staff access to SITS Online Control of student access to MSR (plus the Learning Centre, email, shuspace etc) SITS Staff Options - Client or Online? SITS Client SITS Online (E:vision) SITS Student Option - My Student Record (MSR) My Student Record (MSR) SITS Environments As well as the SITS Production (Live) environment there

are several other environments used by various SHU departments for development, user acceptance testing, training, etc. Most commonly used environments have different coloured headers so you can tell if you are in the wrong one! Production 9.1.0 (Live) Training Accessing SITS - from a staff PC Accessing the SITS Client 1. 2. 3.

Click the Windows Start button Navigate to All Programs/Corporate Applications Scroll down to the SITS shortcuts and select Systems InTuition 4. Login using your usual user name and password. Accessing SITS Online 1. 2. Navigate to the SHU Staff Intranet homepage Click on the SITS Online option

3. Login using your usual user name and password. Accessing SITS - from a student PC Accessing the SITS Client 1. 2. 3. Navigate to the S: drive Select the DEPTS/SIAPP folder Double click the SITS shortcut (there are several other environments listed)

4. Login using your usual user name and password. Accessing SITS Online 1. Same as for the Staff PC. Advanced Functionality SITS - Navigation and Wildcards SITS Homepage Setting up Favourites

SITS screen navigation Field options - blank screen Field information - populated screen Field Help - right click and select Help Wildcards/Boolean operators - how to use them and keyboard shortcuts Any character/single character Blank fields (=) Greater than/less than Keyboard shortcuts (Numeric keyboard + key aka the 'Gold' key) Miscellaneous Menu Sorting records (RS News tips 31/66) SITS - The STU screen

Understanding the Full Student Details (STU) screen Student ID/login code Official name field - name order, partial name, title case

UCAS ID/HESA ID/Student Support Number Start/End dates App/Stu/Ex Status Home/Overseas/Fee Status/Tier 4 Population Academic/Financial Clearance Sp Disclosure field/Next of Kin (SNK)/Emergency Contact (Data Breach alert!) Report fields - Nationality/Disability View image User Defined Fields (UDF) Viewing student letters (Current menu) SITS - Link to other screens Other Useful Student Screens Personal details (SPD) Student status - disabled (IDM Access details)

Student Course Join (SCJ) snapshot of student's course on their start date using the / to identify a record (newest/oldest first depending how selected) student status course/ code/course name block/occurrence start dates/end dates UDF E and UDF F - Enrolment flags Student Course Enrolment (SCE) Best option for an accurate picture of where the student is now Accepted institutional regulations/Date (Pre-enrolled/re-enrolled) Student status (maybe different from SCJ) UDF 8 - Access flag (D/R/W)

Student Programme Route (SPR) Link to Modules - taking and results UDF C - Venture Matrix flag Quick Student View (QSV) SITS - SITS Online SITS Online SITS Online Navigation Responsive Framework Curriculum View similar information on the Course, Diet and Module Report Student Search new Student View

SITS - User Screens and SITS Accounts SITS User Related Screens User Security Role (USR) Login enabled Master User Access (MUA) SITS Accounts SITS Webforms New RO SITS Online account New RO SITS Client account (Includes SITS Online) Increase SITS permissions SITS name change (SITS Option) Some statistics...... Q. How many individual student (STU) records? Q. How many enabled staff records? Q. How many active course records? Q. How many individual data items reported to HESA each year? Slide per topic

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