Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome (LNS) and the HPRT1 Gene Billy

Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome (LNS) and the HPRT1 Gene Billy

Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome (LNS) and the HPRT1 Gene Billy Maes What is Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome? Gouty arthritis Kidney stones Loss of motor control Cognitive problems Self-mutilation What is Lesch-Nyhan

Syndrome? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U6LDpF_LFE What causes Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome? Excess uric acid gout and kidney stones **Unknown mechanism neurological symptoms >300 mutations in HPRT1 are known to cause LNS

Point mutations Loss-of-function mutations Change in size, shape HPRT protein Human How well conserved is HPRT? 218 aa % Identity Phosphoribosyl transferase domain Mouse 218

97% Chicken 218 91% Zebrafish 218 91% Roundworm

214 49% Arabidopsis 188 31% What are HPRT1s GO terms? Biological Processes Neuron development and differentiation

Molecular Functions Nucleotide binding Purine Salvage Pathway Phosphribosyltransferase activity Dopamine metabolism Magnesium ion binding Dendrite morphogenesis Locomotory behavior Cellular

Components Cytoplasm Dopamine Pharmacological Rat Model Reduce brain dopamine in neonatal rats using neurotoxin 6-OHDA Pleasure Reward motivation Motor function Compulsive behavior **LNS phenotypes may be caused by abnormal brain development, induced by low dopamine levels neonatally

Gap in Knowledge Hypothesis and Primary Goal Hypothesis: HPRT1 regulates the development of the dopaminergic system, important for normal cognition and behavior, through protein interactions in the brain. Primary Goal: Determine the genomic and proteomic changes that contribute to LNS neurological dysfunction as a result of loss-offunction mutations in HPRT1. Zebrafish: A Model Organism for LNS

91% identity to human HPRT Contains many of the same brain structures and developmental features as humans Cheap and easy to grow on a large-scale Short, rapid development Dopamine is important in brain function and development, as in humans Transparent development Specific Aim #1: Identify proteins that interact with HPRT Affinity

purification- mass spectrometry (AP-MS) STRING database Determine function of HPRT interaction partners Specific Aim #1: Identify proteins that interact with HPRT **SQSTM1 activates NF-KB (synaptic plasticity & dendrite growth), NGF (nerve growth), and titin/TTN (linked to movement disorders) Specific Aim #2: Determine which

proteins are over- or under-expressed in HPRT1-mutant zebrafish Quantitative mass spectrometry: Compare protein levels in wild-type and HPRT-mutant zebrafish **Hypothesis: SQSTM1 decreases in HPRT mutants Specific Aim #3: Determine how gene expression levels change during neuronal brain development in HPRT-mutant zebrafish HPRT-mutant DNA microarray of brain cells at each stage of development

**Indicate when mutations in HPRT1 alter neuronal gene function, indicating how brain development may be altered Conclusions Directions These aims are expected to Future indicate how gene expression and protein interactions change as a of HPRT mutations. Alter levels of SQSTM1 and other Gain insight into the proteins that interact with HPRT1.

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