Overview o Context o Ethical Framework o Core

Overview o Context o Ethical Framework o Core

Overview o Context o Ethical Framework o Core values o Behaving Ethically Context Section

Sub-heading goes here (Georgia) Ethics in1: the NSW government sector

Context NSW Governments public sector policy Changes to public sector workforce legislation Schott Report Ethics stocktake Ethical Framework

Section 1: Sub-heading for the NSW government goes sectorhere (Georgia) Ethical Framework Government Sector Employment Act 2013

Section 6 Objective of Part (a)recognises the role of the government sector in preserving the public interest, defending public value and adding professional quality and value to the commitments of the Government of the day, and (b)establishes an ethical framework for a merit-based, apolitical and professional government sector that implements the decisions of the Government of the day.

Core values Section Sub-heading goes here (Georgia) Integrity,1:Trust, Service and

Accountability 4 core values; 18 principles Behaving Ethically Section 1: Sub-heading

goessector here employees (Georgia) A guide for NSW government Behaving Ethically: A guide for government sector employees

Provides guidance on ethical obligations under: the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 other legislation Contains: Code of Ethics and Conduct (Draft) Minimum standards for gifts and benefits Westminster system of government

Difficult discussions and difficult decisions Guides on values-based culture change, leadership, service redesign, ethics measurement, etc Ethics scenarios Ethics in action three levels Agencies and workplaces Develop values-based culture, leadership,

systems and measurement. Work practices Identify ethical dilemmas Develop new ways to promote integrity, trust, service and accountability Employee standards of ethical conduct

For more information visit: www.psc.nsw.gov.au/BehavingEthically

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