Diweddariad Arloesi Diwygio cwricwlwm Pioneer Update Curriculum Reform

Diweddariad Arloesi Diwygio cwricwlwm Pioneer Update Curriculum Reform

Diweddariad Arloesi Diwygio cwricwlwm Pioneer Update Curriculum Reform Yr adroddiad: Dyfodol The report: Successful Llwyddiannus Futures Cyhoeddwyd ym mis Chwefror 2015 Published February 2015 8 Pennod 8 Chapters

Trosolwg Prosesau a Thystiolaeth Dibenion Strwythur Addysgeg Asesu Goblygiadau Casgliadau ac Argymhellion 68 o Argymhellion Overview Processes and Evidence

Purposes Structure Pedagogy Assessment Implications Conclusions and Recommendations 68 Recommendations Y prif argymhellion Key recommendations Pedwar diben Four purposes Chwe Maes Dysgu a Phrofiad Six Areas of Learning and Experience Tri chyfrifoldeb trawsgwricwlaidd Three cross-curriculum responsibilities

Camau Cynnydd ar gyfer dysgwyr 5, 8, 11, 14 ac 16 oed Progression Steps at ages 5, 8, 11, 14 and 16 (including Routes) Deilliannau cyflawniad Achievement outcomes Ystod o ddulliau addysgegol A range of pedagogical approaches Ailbennu ffocws asesiadau ar ddysgu, gan gynnwys hunanasesu ac asesu gan gyfoedion Refocusing assessment on learning, including learners self- and peerassessment Sicrhau bod perfformiad systemau a pherfformiad ysgolion yn gydnaws r

pedwar diben Alignment of system performance and school performance with the four purposes Dibenion y cwricwlwm Dibenion y cwricwlwm yng Nghymru yw ceisio sicrhau bod plant a phobl ifanc yn datblygu i fod: Purposes of the curriculum The purposes of the curriculum in Wales should be that children and young people develop as: Strwythur y cwricwlwm Chwe Maes Dysgu a Phrofiad:

Y Celfyddydau Mynegiannol Iechyd a lles Dyniaethau Ieithoedd, llythrennedd a chyfathrebu Mathemateg a rhifedd Gwyddoniaeth a thechnoleg Tri chyfrifoldeb trawsgwricwlaidd: Cymhwysedd digidol Llythrennedd Rhifedd Curriculum structure Six Areas of Learning and Experience: Expressive Arts Health and well-being Humanities Languages, literacy and communication Mathematics and numeracy Science and technology Three cross-curriculum responsibilities: Digital competence Literacy Numeracy

Ysgolion Arloesi Y Stori hyd yma Yng Ngorffennaf 2015 gwnaeth ysgolion ar draws Cymru geisiadau i ddod yn Ysgol Arloesi. Byddair ysgolion hyn yn dod yn dasglu ar gyfer gweithio i ymateb ir adroddiad Dyfodol Llwyddiannus. Cafodd yr ysgolion arloesi eu rhannun 3 grp. Arloeswyr Cwricwlwm, Arloeswyr Digidol ac Pioneer Schools The Story so far In July 2015 schools from across Wales applied to become a Pioneer School. These schools would become the task force for working in response to the Successful

Futures report. Pioneer schools were split into 3 groups. Curriculum Pioneers, Digital Pioneers and New Deal Pioneers now called Professional learning. Beth yw rl yr ysgolion Dysgu Proffesiynol? Prif nod ysgolion Dysgu Proffesiynol fydd datblygu ystod o ddysgu proffesiynol yn canolbwyntio ar addysgeg ac arweinyddiaeth er mwyn sicrhau bod yr holl ymarferwyr yng Nghymru yn meddu ar y sgiliau ar hyder i gyflwynor cwricwlwm newydd yn llwyddiannus. What is the role of the Professional Primary

aim of Professional Learning Learning schools will be to develop a range of professional schools? learning focussing on pedagogy and leadership to ensure that all practitioners in Wales have the skills and confidence to successfully deliver the new curriculum. Yr Arloeswyr Digidol Mae Arloeswyr Digidol newydd wedi bod yn gweithio i ddatblygur Fframwaith Cymwyseddau Digidol. Mae hwn bellach ar gael i ysgolion. Argymhelliad 7 Dylai fframwaith

cymhwysedd digidol a Llwybrau ar gyfer Dysgu Cymhwysedd Digidol ategol gael eu datblygu au cynnwys fel Cyfrifoldeb The Digital Pioneers The Digital Pioneers have been working to develop the Digital Competencies Framework. This is now available to schools. Recommendation 7 A digital competence framework and an accompanying Routes to Learning Digital Competence should be developed and be included as a Cross-curriculum Responsibility. Yr

Arloeswyr Cwricwlwm Ysgolion ar draws y consortia 4 Is-grwpiau: Asesu a Chynnydd Cyfoethogi a Phrofiadau Cyfrifoldebau Trawsgwricwlaidd Y Dimensiwn Cymreig, persbectif rhyngwladol a sgiliau ehangach. The Curriculum Pioneers School across the consortia 4 Sub groups: Assessment and Progression Enrichment and Experiences Cross Curricular

responsibilities The Welsh Dimension, international perspective and wider skills. Now all Pioneer Erbyn hyn maer Schools are holl Ysgolion Arloesi yn gweithio working together gydau gilydd tuag towards common at nod gyffredin o goal under the dan y teitl unigol single title Pioneer Ysgolion Arloesi Schools Felly, Beth Nesaf? So What Next? Tasg ar gyfer ysgolion Arloesi i edrych yn fanylach ar Egwyddorion cynllun y cwricwlwm a nodir yn Dyfodol

Llwyddiannus. Task for Pioneer schools to look more closely at the Principles of curriculum design set out in Successful Futures. Defnyddior egwyddorion hyn i werthuso arfer presennol a phrofi cynigion ar gyfer y dyfodol. To use these principles to evaluate current practice and test proposals for the future.

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