Wicca and Witchcraft 101 Lecture 1 High Priestess

Wicca and Witchcraft 101 Lecture 1 High Priestess

Wicca and Witchcraft 101 Lecture 1 High Priestess Tehilah Firewind Wicca versus Witchcraft Wicca is a religion with beliefs and practices Founded in 1949 by Gerald Gardner Revamped rituals and practices from older faiths If it works, it works

Witchcraft is a tool used to better oneself and ones environment Truly an ancient practice, with many allegories found in modern culture (e.g. holiday traditions) Herbs to heal your body, spells to make your spirits whole Wiccan Beliefs Rede Bide the Wiccan law ye must In perfect love and perfect trust Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An it harm none, do as ye will.

Lest in self-defense it be, Ever mind the rule of three. Follow this in mind and heart And merry ye meet and merry ye part! Wiccan Beliefs Duality of Deity Deity is split into masculine and feminine Some Wiccans also denote duality of light and dark deity, making deity quadform 8 qualities of deity (Gardenarian origin): Beauty and strength Power and compassion

Mirth and reverence Honor and humility Masculine Dark Light Feminine Quadform Deity white sphere is

the energy Wiccans primarily use Wiccan Beliefs Principle Prism Wiccan Beliefs Threefold Law Energy which is sent out into the universe returns back to us three times as strongly Newtons Law of Magic Witches interact on 4 levels: physical, emotional, spiritual (divine), and magical If any magical action is taken on any of these levels, it emanates on all of these levels also

Every act of magic has an equal but opposite reaction, or a cost, commonly called Karma Energy which is received should also be returned threefold to complete the cycle Wiccan Beliefs Reincarnation You choose your incarnations so as to provide yourself with necessary challenges Souls reincarnate (usually only as humans) as many times as required to break the cycle Enlightenment the state of knowing the true

nature of the universe Aware of higher planes at all times Perceive a world outside of time and reality Easily act in a way which benefits oneself or others, living with no regrets and no desires What makes someone a witch? Gardenarian/Alexandrian Covens have set deities, which are invoked in every single ritual

Personal practices may vary from member to member and is largely private Must be initiated by a witch Men must initiate women and vice versa Who was the first witch? Aradia Charge of the Goddess Tools must be gifted and consecrated by another Orthopraxy like Orthodoxy but with regard to practices, not beliefs. Modern Wicca

Aquarian Age Wicca Influential new group with two covens in lineage Different deities are invoked at different times All initiations are performed by the High Priestesses Year and a day study for dedicants Tools may be bought and consecrated on ones own Eclectic Wicca Initiations are optional oftentimes Reverends may lead circle instead of High Priestesses Neither beliefs nor practices are standard amongst all coven members; not orthopraxy or orthodoxy

Short Answer: Dedication Self-dedications and initiations are largely very effective to improving ones focus Alter ones mindset to enable learning Create a bond between one and ones goals Some believe having the power to decide if one is ready on ones own hinders ones ability to know if one is ready Titles in Wicca: Dedicant < Priestess < High Priestess < Elder High Priestess < Witch Queen

Alternative Titles: Magician < Sorcerer < Wizard < Court Wizard Apprentice < Adept < Master Longer Answer If you are a witch, you will just know Witch tip #1: It is ok to not know or understand things Seeking the Mysteries (those who seek or seekers) Experience is important, and knowledge can only get one so far

We are not bound by traditions from other times and other cultures, and owe no allegiance to any person or power greater than the divinity manifest through our own being. American Council of Witches Witchcraft Overview Invoking Draw energy from the world around you into yourself

Form of worship or bonding with external forces Commonly invoked: deity, spirits, fae, elements CAUTION Circle should be always be used for any invocations Invoking requires energy be drawn into oneself One must take great care to ensure only the desired energy is allowed in Evoking Generate energy from oneself and put it out into the world Form of spellwork or enchanting

CAUTION Can evoke deity and faeries, but it is dangerous Faeries or fae are beings of their own and working with them usually has some cost associated with it Evoking deity is a rather potent form of self worship, and in the worse cases, can result in irreversible narcissism and bad Karma Circle Casting Trace the circle thrice about to keep the evil spirits out!

What is a Circle? Protective barrier to keep evoked energy in and energy which should not be invoked out Not a physical barrier, but metaphysical Exist between worlds, where divine energy can flow freely, and may not obey the laws of our plane of existence Must be visualized throughout duration of ritual Does not have to be a literal circle When is a Circle Necessary? Circles should be cast when working with any external

energy, which could be: Summoning spirits or demons Binding When creating sigils, to keep your energy in Using others energy or borrowing skills Enchanting Invocations of any form (usually to deity) This is different than prayer Prayer is just speaking praise and requesting blessings Cleansings

During astral travel/lucid dreaming When using any herb that increases manifestations What is Magic? Sunset example Science describes what the world is, magic describes what the world means Four dimensions of magic: Emotional, physical, and spiritual must all align in order for change to take affect in this world Magic is the means by which these can be aligned

Witch tip #2: There is always a process Ritual Overview Does not have to be religious Purpose should be stated early on Must raise energy and apply it to the purpose as stated Often this energy is called the cone of power Consciousness should be altered at this stage Altered consciousness can be controlled Represents transformations: you will not be the

same you who entered the circle once it is broken Witch Tips 1. It is ok to not know or understand things 2. There is always a process 3. Be skeptical of everything everyone says, even those things coming from me 4. Dont worry about what will happen, just be ready to deal with it when it does Future Courses Basic Techniques of Witchcraft

Lecture 2: Mind-Altering Meditation and Circle Casting Lecture 3: Chakra Alignment Meditation and Bubble Casting Lecture 4: Elements, Tools, and Symbols of the Craft Lecture 5: Evocation Academy Wicca Specific Pathwork (may be substituted) Week 6: Invocation and Ritual Week 7: Introduction to the Divine Persona Lecture 1 Homework Read pages 14-17 of Peter J Carrolls Liber Null

Read the first chapter of Doreen Valientes Natural Magic Spend 30 mins total meditating this week Could be all at once or in smaller sessions Report results, challenges, or thoughts on this experience in email Acquire a book to use as a magical journal (send in a picture!) Details regarding content will be covered next week For now, just find any journal that speaks to you It can take any form, have lined paper or not, etc. Write a statement of intent for your studies here Dedicate yourself to Wicca if you wish to begin your year and a day*

Content of this statement should be poetic and self-expressive No requirement for length or content Please reach out with questions or further guidance on this task

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