@YongZhaoUO The future: The Age of @YongZhaoUO The future: The Age of @YongZhaoUO The future: The Age of Globalization The stone age did not end because they

ran out of stones 2005 o create the same value in the U.S., 1970 it takes 1940 1910 Apple Employees: 43,000 US, 20,000 overseas People working on Apple Products:

700,000 Apple profit: 400,000 per employee Kraemer, K. L., Linden, G., & Dedrick, J. (2011). Capturing Value in Global Networks: Apples iPad and iPhone. Irvine, CA: Personal Computer Industry Center, UC-Irvine. Employees

Entrepreneurs Mass Entrepreneurship Business entrepreneurs Social entrepreneurs Intrapreneurs

Policy entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial Qualities Friends Risk-taking

Passion Creativity Alertness to opportunity Global

competency Uniqueness Empathy Confidence

Individual differences Multiple intelligences Cultural diversity Curiosity, passion, creativity Schooling Employable

skills Side Effects Why Didnt China Have a Big Party? Math

Sciences Reading Shanghai, China Shanghai, China

Singapore Finland South Korea Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China Finland South Korea Singapore

Hong Kong, China Taiwan Japan Singapore

Finland South Korea Canada Liechtenstein

New Zealand New Zealand Switzerland Canada

Japan Japan Estonia Australia

Canada Australia Netherlands

2009 PISA Results Shanghai, China Arne Duncan: A wake-up call Barack Obama: A Sputnik moment

A Grattan Institute report, to be released today, shows Australian performance has slipped since 2000, with maths students now more than two years behind children in Shanghai and one to two years behind children in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. --Sydney Morning Herald, 02-17-2012 We've become a nation of wusses. The Chinese are kicking our butt

in everything. If this was in China do you think the Chinese would have called off the game? People would have been marching down to the stadium. They would have walked and they would have been doing calculus on the way down --Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on the rescheduling of an NFL game, 2010

I am happy to confess Id like us to implement a cultural revolution just like the one theyve had in ChinaLike Chairman Mao, weve embarked on a Long March to reform our education system. --Michael Gove, British Secretary of State for Education Qian Xuesheng: Why doesnt China have great talents?

Wen Jiabao: China must have entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs Kai-fu Lee: The next Apple or Google will appear, but not in China unless it abolishes its education. Real Dragon or Paper Tiger: Patent filings in 2008 U.S.A. 400,769 filings Japan 502,054 filings

China 203,481 filings Europe 14,525 filings U.S.A. 14,399 filings Japan 13,446 filings China 473 filings In 2010 China accounted for

20% of the world's population 9% of the world's GDP 12% of the world's R&D expenditure 1% of the patent filings with or patents granted by any of the leading patent offices outside China. 50 % of the China-origin patents were granted to subsidiaries of foreign multinationals Source: Chinese Innovation is a Paper Tiger Steve Wozniak: Apple couldnt emerge in societies like Singapore where bad behavior is not tolerated and people are not taught to think for themselves. Alexis Ong: Wozniaks comments are really a scathing indictment of the Singapore education system, its strictly regimented curriculum and by-rote study techniques that sustain the citys formal culture.

Why Arent the Model Minority Happy? Asian Americans 5% of the US population 15 to 25% of Ivy League enrollment

24% at Stanford 46% at UC Berkeley 64 percent of Asians versus 52 percent for Caucasians want to hold top positions 2% of total 5,520 board seats of the Fortune 500 (98 of them have Asians on their board)

Why Is the U.S. Still Here? Alexei vs Stephen: Curriculum and Time Inside photos

showed Alexei doing complicated experiments in physics and chemistry and reading

aloud from Sister Carrie. 1958 Stephen, by contrast, retreated from a geometry

problem on the blackboard and the caption advised, "Stephen amused class with wisecracks about his ineptitude." Seated at a

typewriter in typing class, Stephen tells us "I type about one word a minute." 1983 Japan

Our Nation is at risk. Our once unchallenged preeminence in commerce, industry, science, and technological innovation is being

overtaken by competitors throughout the world. the educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of

mediocrity that threatens our very future as a Nation and a people. We are raising a new generation of Americans that is scientifically and

technologically illiterate. Elephant vs. doctor: Aspirations 2 Million Minutes

Bob Compton Source: sblog6.html A Long History of Bad Test-takers

1960s FIMS: 12th out of 12 countries FISS: 14th out of 18 countries 1970s/1980s SIMS: 12, 14, 12, 12out of 15 (number systems, algebra, geometry, calculus) SISS: 14th (biology), 12th (chemistry), 10th (physics) out of 14

1990s2007: TIMSS (8th graders) 28th out of 42 in 1995 15th in 2003 9th in 2007 America still has the largest, most prosperous economy in the world. (Applause.) No workers -- no workers are more productive than ours. No country has more successful companies, or grants

more patents to inventors and entrepreneurs. Were the home to the worlds best colleges and universities, where more students come to study than any place on Earth. --President Obama, 2011 State of the Union Address Possible Explanations Asian Countries

USA Test scores Confidence USA Asian Countries

2003 TIMSS Results 2003 TIMSS Results esponses to I usually do well in Math Correlations between TIMSS Math Score and Confidence and Enjoyment

Tom Loveless (2006): How Well Are American Students Learning It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. --Albert Einstein Correlations between PISA and Entrepreneurship Indicators

PISA Reading PISA Math PISA Sciences Perceived Capabilities

-.595** -.586** -.608** Nascent Entre Rate

-.693** -.636** -.678** New Biz Ownsp Rate

-.371* -.374* -.392* Total Early Stage Entre Activity

-.658** -.620** -.658** Data source: OECD PISA 2010, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 2010

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

--Albert Einstein In our travels to China it was everywhere, that laser-focus on educationThis public school in Shanghai where the children are two years old. By three they are in school from 8 until 4, already learning phrases in EnglishOn average Chinese students attend schools 41 more days than American students a year and with extra lessons on the weekend, Chinese

students receive 30% more hours of instruction. --ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, 2010 what they learn and how they learn are subjects of constant debate. Critics see young people as being fed learning because they are seldom left on their own to learn in a way of their choice. They have little direct

encounters with nature, for example, and little experience with society either. While they have learned a lot, they may not have learned how to learn. --OECD, 2011 The Difference between a $10,000 Education and a $10 Education

Individual differences Multiple intelligences Cultural diversity Curiosity, passion, creativity Schooling Employable

skills It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. ---Albert Einstein Individual differences Multiple intelligences Cultural diversity

Schooling Employable skills Curiosity, passion, creativity

Individual differences Multiple intelligences Cultural diversity Curiosity, passion, creativity Schooling Employable

skills New Paradigm Individual differences Multiple intelligences Cultural diversity Curiosity, passion, creativity

Schooling Enhanced Human Talents If Lady Gaga can be useful

Personalized and strength-based educational experiences: Summerhill School Austins Butterfly Product-oriented Learning: Multiple revisions, sustained and

disciplined process, peer reviews High Tech High The Chicken Project The Globalized Campus: Partners, Customers, and Investors: Oxford and Cherwell School

Entrepreneurship-oriented Education Actions we could take: Fixing the ship or building a new ship Some experiments


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