Provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedic service Keep safe engine company staffing with 3 FF s Maintain sufficient support infrastructure to sustain department operations Be part of budget solution not part of problem FIRE DEPARTMENT BUDGET COMMITMENT We will try to close budget gap

while still maintaining critical public safety services We may not be able to close gap but we will seriously try BUDGET REDUCTION OPTIONS SIGNIFICANT POINTS Presenting budget impact & reduction options FY 12-13 budget gap $10.2 million Presenting budget reduction options of $3.7 million We consider any reductions temporary until economy

recovers CAL FIRE RIVERSIDE COUNTY FIRE FIGHTING RESOURCES Personnel 1,145 CAL FIRE career firefighters & support 223 County or City support personnel 280 Volunteer Reserve Firefighters Fire Stations & Equipment

94 Fire stations 103 Staffed fire engines 7 Staffed aerial ladders 1 Staffed breathing support unit 2 Staffed hazardous material teams 17 Fire crews assigned to 3 camps 1 Fire fighting copter 2 Air tankers 1 Air tactics plane (directs air tankers)

PAST 5 YEAR REDUCTIONS Reduced aggregate County & cities budgets from $245 million to $215 million For same budgets, reduced 240 positions FISCAL YEAR COMPARISON Fiscal Year 07-08 08-09 09-10

10-11 Revenues (SFT, Prop 172, Grants, Cost Recovery) Expenditures Difference (NCC) $ 124,772,661 $ 174,867,699

$ 50,095,038 $ 125,132,495 $ 169,545,610 $ 44,413,115 $ 120,688,787 $ 162,693,008 $ 42,024,221

$ 120,879,035 $ 164,977,261 $ 44,098,226 BUDGET REDUCTION OVERVIEW In the past, have done everything practically possible to reduce costs while still maintaining basic response services Reductions are viewed as temporary consequently termed Zero Funded

ZERO FUND: HEALTH & SAFETY BUREAU BATTALION CHIEF Explanation: Zero fund H&S Battalion Chief staff position Duties: Manages Health & Safety Bureau Reassign 4 staff members to Training Bureau Battalion Chief Impact: Reduce health & safety capacity & oversight Unable to provide same level of health & safety support or accident investigation Further increased workload for Training Chief reducing training priority Loss of one Battalion Chief (surge capacity)

ZERO FUND: PIO FIRE CAPTAIN Explanation: Zero fund PIO Fire Captain staff position Duties: Oversees Public Affair Bureau Reassign 2 staff members to Senior Public Information Specialist Impact: Must reduce public contacts & education Loss of one fire trained PIO (surge capacity) Loss public affairs capability ZERO FUND: STRATEGIC PLANNING FIRE CAPTAINS

Explanation: Zero fund 2 Strategic Planning Fire Captains Duties: Works with developers seeking strategic planning input & plans fire station design & construction Reassign 2 remaining Strategic Planning personnel to Support Services Division Chief Impact: Loss of 2 Fire Captains (surge capacity) Loss of immediate contact with developers with impact to long range planning needs Loss of fire experts who provide design expertise for fire station planning Spreads strategic planning work across multiple staff reducing consistency and cohesiveness

ZERO FUND: COUNTY OES POSITIONS Explanation: Zero fund 2 County OES support positions Duties: Oversee EOC operation & support activities Reassign duties to other County OES personnel Impact: Loss of EOC staffing (surge capacity) Reduce capability to respond to emergencies ZERO FUND: ENGINE 42 & REPLACE WITH MEDIC SQUAD AT FS 40

Explanation: Zero fund Engine 42 (Oasis) Replace with two person medic squad at FS 40 (Mecca) Impact: Loss of community fire engine (surge capacity) Response time from Mecca to Oasis marginally increased FS 42 (Oasis) uninhabitable; condemned by EDA & County Building Official Currently temporary facility FS 42 (Oasis) located very near Imperial County Linenot best location FS 42 (OASIS) STATION CONDEMNED & TEMP

BUILDING ZERO FUND: ENGINE 18 & CONVERT TO MEDIC SQUAD Explanation: Zero fund Engine 18 (West Riverside) Replace Engine 18 with two person medic squad 7 months per year CAL FIRE may staff engine Impact: Loss of one medic engine company (surge capacity) Paramedic service will continue from FS 18 Next nearest engine response from FS 16 (Pedley) or FS 38 (Rubidoux) Engine availability subject to state engine

staffing ZERO FUND: 18 FIRE STATION RELIEF POSITIONS & USE OVERTIME FOR STAFFING Explanation: Zero fund 18 fire station relief positions throughout the County Use overtime to cover relief posts at 40% savings per position Impact: Reduction of total fire personnel (surge capacity) Increases overtime costs but still 40% less than fully funded positions Staffing dependent on personnel accepting overtime Requires personnel to be forced to cover vacant

assignment posts CONCLUSION Fire Department must retain strength of fire system while still attempting significant budget reductions Fire will try our best to close remaining budget gap to avoid closing fire stations Fire Department will follow Boards direction Thank you very much

- THANK YOU Fire Chief John R. Hawkins Office: (951) 940-6900 Email: [email protected]

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