Making Thinking Visible Overview This short presentation aims

Making Thinking Visible Overview This short presentation aims

Making Thinking Visible Overview This short presentation aims to; Explore what MTV is all about Provide some context regarding this pilot

Highlight seven core thinking routines What is MTV? Making Thinking Visible (MTV) centres around integrating pupils higher order thinking skills with their learning across subject matter. As well as developing the way in which pupils think, it deepens subject knowledge.

Create Evaluate Analyse I d Apply

Remember Understand !

w o n ont k What does the research Lots!

say? Harvard University have been continually researching methods of enhancing learning and thinking through their Project Zero group, with MTV growing out of an initiative to develop a research-based approach to thinking dispositions. MTV aims to assist young people in the successful acquisition of

knowledge, usable concepts and skills, which requires sustained thinking over time. (Ritchhart, et al, 2011) What does the research say? we need to support practitioners to be able to act on lessons derived from

research. (Research Strategy for Scottish Education, 2017) Why could this be useful? MTV consists of thinking routines, which:

are goal orientated (i.e. each routine targets a particular type of thinking)

get used repeatedly in classrooms have only a few simple steps are easy to learn and teach can be used individually or in group can be used in multiple contents (practical, creative etc.) Thinking Routines

There are seven core routines that we will explore. What makes you say A two question routine: that? 1. Whats going on?

2. What do you see that makes you say that? Think, Puzzle, A three question routine: Explore

1. What do you think you know about this topic? 2. What puzzles or questions do you have? 3. How can you explore this topic? Think, Pair, Share A well used routine that asks pupils a question, and allows thinking time, before sharing with a partner.

The class can then discuss varying viewpoints. Circle of Viewpoints Sample script: 1. I am thinking of [topic] from the point of view of [character] 2. I think [describe the topic from said viewpoint be an actor!] 3. I question Id like to ask from this viewpoint is

I used to thinknow I Have pupils write a response to the following statements: think 1. I used to think 2. Now I think

See, Think, Wonder A three question routine: 1. What do you see? 2. What do you think about that? 3. What does it make you wonder? Compass Points

E = Excited What makes you excited about this idea? Whats the upside? W = Worrisome What makes you worry? Whats the downside? N = Need to Know What else do you need to know? What other info would help you evaluate? S = Stance / Suggestions for Moving Forward

Whats your current stance/thoughts? How can you move forward? Next steps Try them! Discuss as a group which thinking routine might work best in your context, try it, and try it again.

Thanks to Ross Stewart at Hermitage Academy for sharing this presentation.

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