Palestinian Faculty Development Program (PFDP) 2011 Academic Colloquium

Palestinian Faculty Development Program (PFDP) 2011 Academic Colloquium

Palestinian Faculty Development Program (PFDP) 2011 Academic Colloquium July 2 3rd , 2011 Ramallah Roles of Digital Libraries in the Future Palestinian Universities Dr. Jamil Itmazi Palestine Ahliya University - Bethlehem [email protected] Index Introduction: First Digital Library. Definition. From traditional library to virtual library.

Digital Library (DL): DL vs. Traditional Library. DLs Components. Types of Digital Resources. Advantages of A DL. Computers Are Your Future Chapter 2 Index cont. DL Initiatives in Palestine: Services of DL in Palestinian Universities. Results summary. Adopting DL Initiative: THE ROAD MAP - STRATEGIC PLAN. Structure of the Plan. Conclusion. 2005 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Slide INTRODUCTION "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". First Digital Library DL projects started in the early 1990s. E.g. Vatican Library Accessible Worldwide and Alexandria DL. Definition An organized and focused collection of digital objects, including texts, images, videos and audios, along with methods for access and retrieval, and for selection, creation, organization and maintenance. From Traditional Library to Virtual Library Traditional Library

Automated Library Digital Library Electronic Library Virtual Library DIGITAL LIBRARY: Digital Library Vs. Traditional Library Traditional Libraries Digital Library Print collection All resources in digital form. Stable, with slow evolution Dynamic and ephemeral Individual objects not directly linked with each other

Multi-media and fractal objects Limited access points and centralized management Unlimited access points, distributed collections and access control The physical and logical organization correlated. The physical and logical organization may be virtually One way interactions Dynamic real-time dialogue Free and universal access. Free as well as fee based DLs Components:

The components of a digital library are: Infrastructure. Digital collection. Systems function. Telecommunication facility. Human resources. Types of Digital Resources: E-Books. Lectures. Magazines, Research Journals and Articles. Database of digital material. Software. Multimedia files. Reports, Thesis, etc

Advantages of a Digital Library Enhancement of innovation in learning and teaching. Nearly unlimited storage space. Lower cost. No physical boundary. Round the clock availability. Multiple access. Enhancement of information retrieval. Preservation for some print material. Structured approach . Universal accessibility. DL INITIATIVES in PALESTINE

The result of all services of DL in Palestinian Universities. University Home page PhD-Master Thesis Journal 1 Journal 2 External Library Databases e-learning Journal of Al Azhar UniversityGaza (Natural Journal of Al Azhar UniversityGaza (Natural Sciences): databases/databases.asp

human_Sciences.asp?typeno=0 natural_Sciences.asp?typeno=1 Abstracts only: Al- Azhar Sciences): s Gaza master_Details/master.asp The Arab American University Palestine Polytechnic University An-Najah University Al-Quds Open

University Journal of Humanities: Projects, Researches, e-Book, Articles e_database.htm Not Active http:// %20Projects.aspx Journal of Natural Sciences: Journal of Medical and Health Sciences : elearning Default.aspx Journal of Al-Quds Open University For Palestinian Journal of Open and Distance Research on Distance Education & E-Learning: Research and Studies : Education: http:// pageId=216 Hebron University Research Journal: Hebron Universitywww.hebron.edumoodle/course/view.php? journal.html http:// 2010-02-15-10-13-54.html AL-Quds University Full Articles Research: portfolio/aqu-publushed-research.html Statistical & reports: Islamic University of Islamic University Journal: thesis.aspx Gaza fulltext.aspx http:// other_resources.aspx ps/ Abstracts: Birzeit

library/bzu-ths/bzu-ths.php Bethlehem University www.bethlehem.ed u Al-Aqsa Palestine -Gaza fulltext_journals_en.php onlineservices.htm Bethlehem University Journal: http:// Archived Articles: moodle.bethlehem.ed resources/onlineDB/index.shtml

search.aspx u Journal of Al-Aqsa UniversityGaza (Natural Journal of Al-Aqsa UniversityGaza (Natural Sciences): Sciences): pageid=871 pageid=1080 pageid=1079 Palestinian Technical University - Kadoori shid=27 Palestine University action=artical&id=25 Gaza University The Results: These DLs are still in their infancy. The concept of DLs is still limited to the reservation of some global database libraries. All the universities had automated their libraries and allow accessing them from web (Electronics Library).

Some of them post their Journals and put some resources in their sites. Setting the project goals to be achieved by the university. Adopting DL initiative THE ROAD MAP - STRATEGIC PLAN. Formatting the project committee. Developing a strategic plan: 1) Setting the vision, mission and goals: Determining the desired vision, or overall objective of the project. Setting the project goals to be achieved by the university. 2) Bridging the gap (Where are we? what do we want?) I) Surveying the current situation (Where are we?): Infrastructure: Skills: Content: II) Determining the project requirements (What do we want?): Using current resources or updating available resources. Identification of new requirements.

3) Carrying out the following studies: 1. 1)A study of the DL resources: e.g. ebooks, magazines, articles, researchesetc. 2) A study to identify the needed software infrastructure: Type, license and source of DL platform and other related software. 3) A study to determine source of e-Contents and e-Resources: developed at the university, purchased, or shared with other partners. 4) A study of priority criteria of developing content and resources. 4) Identifying necessary steps to establish DL project and determining its staff. 5) Identifying the content-resources developing procedures: Conversion procedures from content to e-Content. Standards of Quality assurance. Methods of evaluation. Determining the intellectual property rights. 6) Designing plans of awareness and training: A comprehensive awareness plan. A comprehensive training plan. 7) Setting a timetable for the project. 8) Setting the estimates budget of the project. 9) Developing an evaluation plan.

STRUCTURE of the PLAN Main phases of the plan: CONCLUSION. Adopting high-quality eLearning at university is a complex process. It requires a variety of competencies at every stage of the integrating process. In the area of interest (at Palestinian Universities), literature is rather poor and lacks good knowledge. There is much work to be done in the field. Many Palestinian universities tried to adopt the idea of DL without careful planning or adequate studies. This costs them more time and effort and perhaps a project failure. This research aims to clarify the adoption procedures in a flexible way by taking the vision and privacy of each university into consideration. Thanks a lot for your attendance Any Questions?

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