Welcome to Laser Learning Awards the new trading

Welcome to Laser Learning Awards the new trading

Welcome to Laser Learning Awards the new trading name for OCNSER 1 New name, image & status Since 1st August 2011 OCNSER has been trading as Laser Learning Awards We are an Awarding Organisation approved by Ofqual and we remain an Access Validating Agency licensed by the QAA From 1st August 2012 we are completely independent of NOCN

2 Why the change? Despite being a founding member of NOCN we feel that its time to get back to our OCN origins so we can: Develop qualifications and courses which: directly meet customer and learner needs respond to changing priorities (political, economic & social) are produced quickly are easy to use are supported by new learning and assessment materials Despite having over 300 qualification titles via NOCN, only a small number of those qualifications were ever used by providers! 3 Why the change? We can now:

Provide a better value service Saving on costly fees to NOCN Being able to set our own prices for customers Competitive pricing with flexibility at individual customer level including a reduction in our annual admin fee for colleges from our old OCN level of up to 2,000 to a flat rate of 375, plus lower qualification prices. 4 Why the change? We arent alone in making this change Three OCN regions, representing 2/3rds of the English OCNs, have decided that they can offer a more responsive and better value service as independent awarding organisations.

(previously OCN North West Region) (previously OCN East Midlands Region) We are working closely with Aim & Open Awards on a number of joint ventures 5 Our Services: Qualifications Business continuity for your existing OCN provision, including: LASER: Qualifications in Progression from Entry 3, Levels 1,2 & 3 LASER: Skills Towards Enabling Progression (Step UP) at Entry &

Level 1 LASER: Independent Living Skills (Entry Level) LASER: Personal Progress (Entry Level) Other LASER versions of existing OCN qualifications are being added regularly 6 Our Services: Qualifications A brand new range of qualifications for your learners needs including

LASER: College Induction (Entry 3, Levels 1 & 2) LASER: Managing Your Future (Level 3 with Level 2 under development) LASER: Research Skills Award (Level 3) LASER: Understanding and Developing Entrepreneurship (Level 2) LASER Award in Supporting Young People Leaving Care in Post-16 Education (Level 3)

LASER Level 2 Award & Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Outdoor Programmes More qualifications are under development for use in 2012-13 7 Our Services: Specialist Developments Licence-linked security industry qualifications, regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) for use by private training providers or colleges . Trident Awards as a partnership between us Open Awards & Aim Awards. Trident works closely with the lead sector standards body, Skills for Security, and the International Centre for Crowd Management and Security S tudies at Bucks New University. We are developing exciting new eversions of the training with our online assessment partner Exam on Demand.

The following qualifications are available with more on the way LASER Level 2 Award in Cash and Valuables in Transit (QCF) LASER Level 2 Award in Door Supervision (QCF) LASER Level 2 Award in CCTV Operations (Public Space Surveillanc e) (QCF) LASER Level 2 Award in Security Guarding (QCF) 8 More details can be found at our Trident website http://www.trident-awards.org.uk/Index.asp Our Services: Access to HE Over 35 providers of Access to HE Diplomas use LASER to validate their Access to HE courses. Our Access offer enables centres to buy into a common off the shelf regional scheme, or a bespoke college level model. This work is supported by a specialist and experienced support team just focussing on Access to HE work. Key features of LASER Access Access Unit bank Regular Access Practitioner Groups held across the region

Annual Access Conference Access News and Updates on key related issues Innovation and development of new Access curriculum areas National lobbying and promotion of Access Annual regional and national Access Prize for students 9 Visit our Access Web Pages at http://www.ocnser.org.uk/content2.asp?id=6 Our Services: Innovation Quality Mark An alternative approach to assuring standards on course provision where a full qualification is not required. LASER will endorse and monitor the standards of a whole course or training package. We are currently working with the Sixth Form Colleges Forum to support the development of a national Sixth Form Baccalaureate (SFBac).

International Work A proven and developing international capability. We have worked closely with current customers who are developing their own international offer. With several years experience of quality assuring courses outside the UK and outside the European Union, we are currently exploring new overseas markets. 10 Our Services: Training We offer a growing range of high quality and good value training to support providers develop the skills and expertise of their staff including:

11 Administration Training Credit Based Learning in Action Assessment Schemes for QCF Qualifications Unit Writing for Credit Based Learning Implementing Effective Internal Quality Processes Consortium Workshop Direct Claim Status L3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment (QCF) L4 Award in Understanding the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (QCF) For further details visit http://www.ocnser.org.uk/content2.asp?id=34

Customer Service We aim to deliver the highest levels of customer service We will provide you with excellent customer support with a three person dedicated support team covering administration, quality assurance, and product/curriculum development. You will always be able to talk to someone you know and who knows your organisation at LASER. A real focus on a defined customer base with over 20 years of experience of working across the further and adult education sectors, schools and sixth form colleges, community groups, charities, employers & private trainers. A commitment to listening and responding to our customers curriculum needs and the capability to convert that into qualification development where appropriate. User friendly secure online systems to support all aspects of administration for colleges and other providers

12 Communications Our aim is to build a community of educators linked together through LASERs virtual and physical communication network LASER Learning is our new free magazine aimed at colleagues working in education and training. It includes reviews of books, web-sites, learning materials and resources. In future issues we will feature contributions from practitioners as well as advertisements for courses or materials. The latest version is available in both hard copy and as a download from our web pages. 13 Communications Social Media: We have a Facebook page for LASER Awards and one

just for Access to HE Students search for Laser Learning Awards Access to HE from inside Facebook Follow us on Search for Laser Learning Awards on 14 Contact Us For LASER Ofqual regulated qualifications and courses contact: Laser Learning Awards Runnymede Centre Chertsey Road Addlestone Surrey KT15 2EP For QAA licensed Access to HE Diplomas contact:

Laser Learning Awards Access Office Room Eg1 Keynes College University of Kent Canterbury CT2 7NP T: 01932 569894 E: [email protected] T: 01227 827823 E: [email protected]ser-awards.org.uk W: www.laser-awards.org.uk 15

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