Representi ng and supporting junior doctors We are

Representi ng and supporting junior doctors We are

Representi ng and supporting junior doctors We are the trade union and professional association for doctors in the UK Your representation

We stand up for medical professionals, both individually and collectively at a local and national level. We work with the UK Government to lobby for improvements in the medical profession. We are stronger together. Junior doctors committee Recent achievements to make your working life better Fatigue and facilities

charter Shared parental leave Improved record sharing 2016 contract update This June we secured 90m investment in your contract.

Revised contract will come into effect from 7 August 2019 with full terms and conditions of service available by October 2019. The new deal includes:

1,000 a year extra for all less than full-time trainees A 5th nodal point on the pay scale at the level of ST6 Section 2 transitional pay protection extended until 2025 Improved GP trainee mileage and confirmed supernumerary status Improvements in rest and safety entitlements, with no more pay-to-stay when too tired to drive

Contractualised NROC/LTFT rostering guidance Increases to weekend and disco pay Exception reporting for all ARCP/portfolio requirements Guaranteed annual pay uplift of 2% each year for the next four years.

Get involved Become a Junior doctor rep to Gain new skills, meet new people and to make a difference where you work Get in contact with your local rep or email: [email protected] Individual employment advice 1,40

1,95 1,30 0 0 0 Resolved payment issues Answered parental leave enquiries

Supported rota queries Contract Before you sign on the dotted checking line 20% of the contracts we checked in 2018 deviated from the national model, does

yours? Contract checker We check your contract for free within 5 days Rota checking Catch rota concerns early so you can negotiate required changes with your employer. Rota checker tool Find out if your rota complies with the

2016 contract in minutes. Work life support Support to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. Resources and advice are here when you need them. Learning &

development With you every step of your career Webinars and masterclasses BMA Library The BMJ BMJ Learning Wellbeing

Our confidential counselling and peer support support services are open 24/7 and are free of charge to all doctors and medical students. There is always someone you can talk to. 0330 123 1245 Member checklist 1. Get your contract checked

2. Check your emails 3. Contact us on 0300 123 1233 or [email protected] 4. Know your contact points 5. Follow us Are you ready to join us? Join now and dont pay until 1 October 2019 @TheBM A theBMA @theBM A

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