IMPROVING STUDENTS OUTCOMES BY INCORPORATING GROUP PROJECTS IN MATH The Innovative Practices in Developmental Mathematics (IPDM) conference march 31, 2017 Dr. Inna Tokar City College ABSTRUCT OF THE PRESENTATION At City College, Math 15000 Mathematics for the Contemporary World, satisfies graduation requirements for liberal arts majors. Historically this course has been a challenge for both, the students and the faculty. To improve students engagement, interest and success rate a group project was incorporated into the course. The project is due at the end of the semester and includes majority of courses topics.

The project allows groups of students to travel to a country of their choice. ABSTRUCT OF THE PRESENTATION Students create a scaled map, solve equations, exchange currency, buy goods and services, compare pricing, create a budget, compute taxes, discounts, interest rates etc. In addition understanding relevance of the courses material to real life, the project fosters a sense of community as many students share stories about their native countries and cultures. In an urban setting, where most students commute to school and do not have a chance to get to know their classmates a project like this helps with understanding of diversity in a multicultural

melting pot of New York city. TOPICS COVERED BY THE COURSE Review fractions, decimals , percent and additional algebraic concepts. There will be handouts for these topics. 1C Sets and Venn diagrams. 2A Units 2B Standardized units. 3A Uses and Abuses of Percentages. 3B Putting Number in Perspective. 3D Index Numbers: 5A Fundamentals of Statistics. 5C Statistical Tables and Graphs. 5D Graphics in the Media TOPICS COVERED BY THE COURSE(CONTINUED) 6A Characterizing Data

6B Measures of Variation. 6C Normal Distributions 9A Functions 9B Linear Modeling

8A Growth: Exponential vs. Linear 8B Doubling time and half-time Course Grading Mathematics department policy requires that the final exam is worth 40% of your grade in this course. The remaining 60% will come from your in-class grade. The breakdown is as follows:

Quizzes: 10% Attendance and class participation 5% Group project 15% (see grading rubric below) Two In-class tests: 30% Final 40% Project description from the syllabus

Group project: The class will be split in groups of 3 students. Depending on the size of the class there may be some groups with 4 students. You will chose a foreign country that you wish to visit. All questions are clearly states in the rubric. All computations that have to do with money must be made in both, US and local currencies. Please note that there are 10 graded questions in the rubric and there are 2 additional questions that are outside of the table. Question 11 must be emailed to the instructor directly by every student. All work and computations must be submitted to the instructor at the time of the presentation as a hard copy and in electronic format. You will submit one packet for the group in which you must clearly state who contributed to what parts of the project. Closer to the end of the semester your group will present the project in front of the class. The format of the presentation is flexible, however a power point presentation is always a good idea but the choice is yours. Each group will have about 10 min for the presentation.

Quality of the presentation and your effort is part of the project grade. QUESTIONS FOR THE PROJECT (1-4) 1. Choose the country you want to travel and create a map or a diagram of showing how you are getting there. Include a map with a scale in both miles and kilometers. 2. Chose a hotel for your stay. Make sure to include the taxes and all fees. Compute cost of staying in two types of rooms. Chose one and explain your choice. 3. Chose 3 tourist attractions to visit either on individual tickets or on a bundle

ticket. Explain your choice. Find the difference in price and the difference in % 4. List 3 important statistics about the country you found in your research for years 2014 and 2015 Questions for the project (4-8) 5. What was the % increase or decease of these 3 statistics between 2014 and 2015 6. You want to see a movie. Compare cost of going to a movie theater in NYC vs local movie theater. Show the difference in currency and in %.

7. Rent a car. Compute cost of rental for a week. Create a formula describing the cost of rental. 8. Find a dinner menu at a local restaurant. Chose a minimum of 3 course meal from the menu. Show prices in both, American and local currency Questions for the project (9-12) 9. You came across sale at a local clothing store. There is additional 20% discount after original 30% discount. Chose 2 items to buy and compute your cost in both US and local currency after both discounts. 10. Suppose the budget for individual student for this trip was $1900. Are

you within your budget or not? If you need more money to travel, suppose you charged the difference on the credit card. Create a 9 months payment plan and compute your monthly payment. 11. Evaluate the quality of your group work. Has everyone contributed fairly to the project? Describe your own contribution to the project. How would you improve this project for the following semester? 12. Write a 4 question quiz based on your presentation. You may choose any 4 questions from the selection provided. Questions for Students Quiz a) What was the most expensive hotel? b) What country had the largest population? c) What country had the largest population increase?

d) What was the furthest place chosen? e) What was the price of the movie in (US________________? f) What was the cost of 3 course meal in (in US ______________ ? g) What was the longest travel time? h) What was the price of (chose one tourist attraction) in _____________? i) What was the trip you would have taken and why? Explain your answer. FACULTY TRAINING WORKSHOP 1. Meet and greet. Exchange contact info in order to facilitate continuous contact and exchange of information about the course. 2. Introduction and discussion of the syllabus, book, supplementary class materials, use of blackboard.

3. Introduction and discussion of teaching methodologies to facilitate improvement of student learning outcomes. 4. Introduction and discussion of group project (topics, facilitation in the classroom, assessment) 5. Q and A ASSESSMENT Students work and grades will be assessed further across different

sections of Math 15000. The expectation is that the success rate will continue improving in the classes where the group project is mandatory. The content of the project will be continuously monitored to insure further incorporation of the material The students surveys will be used to improve level of students interest and engagement in class FURTHER DEVELOPMENT 1. Continue development of the group project to make it more relevant to the course material and to student experiences

2. Further incorporate topics of the class into the project 3. Continue to monitor changes in students outcomes 4. Collaborate with other colleges and departments to improve the course 5. Continue faculty training to facilitate incorporation of group projects Students project about Colombia Colombia

Math for the Contemporary World Group Project Flight and Map THE CHARLEE HOTEL The Charlee Hotel is located in the sector of Poblado in medellin. It is considered to be a 5 star hotel by online ratings and sits on the hills of this city overlooking incredible views. -Average Night for a single room: $804,599.00 CP (approximately $271.00) -1 week stay at The Charlee for a single room: $5632,193.00 CP (approx. $1,897) -Average night for a family room: $1018,367.00 CP (approx. $343.00) -1 week stay at The Charlee for a family room: $7128,569.00 (approx. $2,401) TOURIST ATTRACTIONS Parque tematico Hacienda Napoles Value by person by package: Salvaje package: $35,000.00 CP (approx.

$11.78) Aventura package: $50,000.00 CP (approx. This park is an expeditionary adventure with $16.84) large scale views of the city ofCP Medellin and its Safari package:$75,000.00 (approx. $25.26) Parque ARVI natural surroundings. There's no actual cost to visit the park, the only expenses you might encounter are transportation fares which range from $5,000.00-$15,000.00 CP making that

equivalent to $1.65-$5.05 dollars. El Pueblito Paisa is probably the most traditional touristic place that this city has to offer. El Pueblito Paisa It resides perfectly on the hill know as El Cerro Nutibara. Founded in 1972, by the cities respectable architects and political figures, the town was created to reminisce about Medellin's lovable and antique culture. Many of the pieces that adorn the small town are actual pieces from and old town in the city of Guatape where an enormous stone known

as El Penol sits in the middle of a reservoir. Like the Arvi Park it doesn't actually hold a cost to enter but it does however require an expense of $6,500.00 CP (approx. to get to the top of the Nutibara hill. A basic form of transportation such as a bus would be your tool to arriving there. Many touristic packages offer this place as a favorite destination for all tourists because of it's rich in culture dining and sightseeing. National Statistics of Colombia Population 2013: 47,342,363 2014: 47,791,393 Percent of Increase (Population Growth): This is an increase of 449,030, or an increase of 0.95%

Source: Poverty Headcount Ratio at National Poverty Lines (% of Population) 2013: 30.6 % 2014: 28.5 % Percent of Decrease: This is a decrease of 2.1, or a decrease of 6.86% Source: Urban Population Growth 2013: 1.3% 2014: 1.3% Rate of Change: 0% - It stayed the same Source:

Breakfast Huevos pericos con arepa:$11,500.00 CP ($3.87) Served as a whole breakfast with eggs and corn cake with cheese. Added with a cup of coffee. LUNCH Mondongo: $22,5000.00 CP ($8.42) Served with: banana, avocado, sweet and sour sauce, rice and a corn cake. Bandeja Paisa: $29,500.00 CP ($9.93) Served with: avocado, pinto beans, corn cake, rice, pork rinds, steak or ground beef, egg and plantain. Sancocho de Gallina: $16,000.00 CP ($5.39) Served as a soup accompanied by a corncake and rice. Contains corn, various vegetables and greens and chicken or hen meat. Arepa con Hogao :$ 10,000.00 CP ($3.37)

Consists of a corn cake with tomato seasoned mix of cilantro, peppers and onions on top and a slice of cheese to compliment the taste. Desserts Flan de Caramelo: $8,500.00 CP ($2.86) Served as a slice of condensed milk with milk and egg battered to perfection, the touch of dulce de leche to add the extra sweetness for those sugar lovers. Tres leches: $8,000.00 CP ($2.69) A mixture of condensed milk, whole milk and cream the piece of cake is considered to be one of the most traditional desserts colombia has to offer. Usually served with a cup of coffee to enjoy its sweetness. The Food We Brought Today Colombian empanadas are made with

cornmeal, beef and potatoes and are traditionally served with a spicy salsa and Comprando en Colombia In our trip to Colombia we found a great sale on a clothing brand called Gef, where I decided to purchase two items: A hat and a sports shirt. We found two sales the first sale was 30%. Then there was an additional 20% off certain items in which the two items chosen were included in these sales. The first item we chose was a mens cap: Cap Price in Colombian Pesos = $29,000

Cap price in US Dollars = $10.32 Colombian Currency: First we had 30% off of $29,000 which meant you took off $8,970 of the regular price. The price after the 30% will be $20,930. Then you add the additional 20% off of 20,930 which means you get $4,186 off. This leaves the price to $16,744 colombian. U.S. version: 30% off of $10.32 means you take off $3.10. After the 30% off it cost $7.22.

The additional 20% off you take off $1.44. After 20% the hat cost $5.78. Compras en Colombia The sport shirt I found at Colombia was $36,900. 30% off $36,900 is $11,070. The additional 20% off you take off 20% off of $25,830 which means you take off $5,166 After the 20% off it costs $20,664.

U.S version- 30% off of $12.73 which takes off $3.82. After 30% of the price went to $25,830. After the 30% the shirt cost $8.91 Additional 20% off of $8.91 you take off $ 1.78 After the 20% off it cost $7.13 ( Alquiler de Carro The most economical car to rent was a Kia.

According to a local car rental, the Kia cost $92,235 Colombian Pesos per day. 1 US dollar is equal to 2,899 Colombian Pesos To calculate the cost of one day= $92,235(C) $2,899 (US) = $31.8161 rounded up to $32 US dollars a day. 7 days times the cost of $32 US is $224 US Dollars The formula for a car rental would be: (CE) x D C= The Colombian peso amount E= US Exchange rate D= Days of rental

Vamos al Cine In Colombia, movie tickets vary depending on the day of week you go. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays will cost you $8,000 Colombia Pesos Wednesdays cost $4,000 Colombian Pesos Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays cost $10,500

To calculate how much this would be in US dollars divide the cost in Colombian Pesos by the US exchange rate (which is at $2,899 Colombian to 1 US dollar) M/T/TH would be $8,000 $2,899 = 2.75 US W $4000 $2,899= $1.38 US F/S/SUN $10,500 $2,899 = $3.62 US Standard movie ticket in New York City: $15.50 Even going to the movies on Colombias most expensive movie night will still save you $11.88. You would be paying roughly 23% of what you would pay in the USA.

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