Group Leader Update Bob Ilgenfritz Data Collection December

Group Leader Update Bob Ilgenfritz Data Collection December

Group Leader Update Bob Ilgenfritz Data Collection December 11, 2018 Regional Management Team Meeting Manhattan, KS Production Status Field Plots Maintain base intensity and intensifications Continue on time delivery of 7 year and 5 year annual sub cycles Maintain 1/8 subsample of Forest Ecosystem

Variables: P2+ and P2+ Soils Support expansion toward all lands inventory Urban first step Urban full implementation 2021? HOW WE GET THE WORK DONE NRS DATA COLLECTION MODELS 1. Federal employees in Data Collection staff 49 total 2 current vacancies

Moving toward fewer federal data collectors with more specialized work ICE, State Reporting, QA, certification, summer window protocols, and contractor inspection responsibilities. 2. State employee data collection thru RJVA IN and ME 15 to 20 employees 3. State administered contractors thru RJVA MN, WI, SD

20 to 25 contractors NRS DATA COLLECTION MODELS 4. Federal administered contracts 20 contractors Federal 5 Year Contracts Old Model grandfathered 8 Expiring over the next three years Federal BPA Contracts New Model with 2019 calls NYC/Bridgeport CT and statewide CT urban Pittsburgh/Cleveland/DC/Statewide WV urban

Lincoln NE urban and Southern IA and NC IL P2 Eastern NY P2 ND statewide P2/urban Southern OH P2 Black Hills National Forest accelerated base panels FY 2019 Certification Plans Implement national Field Guide v8.0 Changed LAND COVER CLASS to LAND COVER removed Land Use from Land Cover

Changes/clarifications to tree forking rules Measure low approach Figure 30. Multiple forks originating from the same area. In cases such as this the diameter is taken low and all stems are treated as one tree. FY 2019 Certification Plans P2+ Field Certification Planned P2+ field certification first in 5 or 6 years Status of soils measurements

All states have completed first 1/16 sample Expanding sample to second 1/16 toward 1/8 After we have soils samples on 1/8 of all plots: Start remeasurement of original 1/16 or increase sample to next 1/16 toward 3/16? Summer 2022 5 yr. cycle states: Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey Urban Implementation 2019 Impacts of Newtown Square office closure and unknown employee transfer of station costs: No expansion of new target cities in FY 2019 Statewide urban in MI, IL, and MO in FY 2019

Urban Future FY 2020?: Boston & statewide MA Manchester & statewide NH Sioux Falls & statewide SD

Toledo Columbus Urban Future FY 2021?:

Omaha & statewide NE Cincinnati & statewide OH Fort Wayne & Indianapolis & statewide IN KS statewide NY statewide PA statewide Digital Data Collection or Paperless Data entry Image/Maps/Plot sheet display

Digital Data Collection or Paperless Limited IM support for developing the tool necessary until recently. Development of tool is national in scope Need 500 units nationally & approximately 100 at NRS Two piece approach requires replacing current laptops with GTAC tablet Chief Information Office (CIO) financial support GTAC currently not on the USDA procurement list Waiver to purchase has been submitted

ICE Image Change Estimation Started at NRS in 2015 in NH and VT Completed by 12 field and 6 prefield employees Equivalent of 1.75 FTE (Full Time Employee Equivalents) All but three states SD, PA, ME, have completed the first cycle of interpretations SD and PA are in process ME waiting on 2018 imagery start January 2019 Target completion of baseline interpretations by

April 1, 2019 ICE Image Change Estimation Time 2 Remeasurement - Quicker that Time 1 No image change is observed. Time 1 Land Use/Land Cover assessments are assigned to time 2 Image change observed. Assign new interpretation data on Land Use/Land Cover to time 2

Time 2 Remeasurement hasnt started, but will in FY 2019 A Tree is a Tree Combining Current FIA Species Lists Make All Species Valid in all States on all Plot Types Implementation: NRS = FG 8.1 2020.Nationally still being discussed. Pacific (App 14)

Urban (App 3b) FIA Species List ( New App 3) P2 Includes Caribbean (App

3a) Chester County PA Planning Commission Nationalizing the National Field Guide Forward Nationalization (think regional; act national the goal is one robust system) Develop, implement and use all national systems, processes, procedures, AND sunset all regional as nationals come on line. There can only be One Manual, One Processing engine, One Database, One Estimate, Etc. DAB QA team created to serve 2 functions A standing team to address regional / national field procedures issues in a nationally consistent fashion. Work towards Nationalizing FIAs 4 Regional Field Guides

4 Regions Operating as One National Program 1

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