AP039: Your ERP Opportunity Trent Innes Dynamics Sales

AP039: Your ERP Opportunity Trent Innes  Dynamics Sales

AP039: Your ERP Opportunity Trent Innes Dynamics Sales Manager Matt Sheard Dynamics Solutions Specialist ERP Our Agenda for Today e t TT hh eeEE RR PPMM aa rkrk e t To d

a y Today New trends, new New tren s, new behaviod urs, new behaviours ne w opportunit,ie opportunities s The ERP Market Today New trends, new behaviors, new opportunities Post Y2K ERP Overhaul Y2K solutions due for

replacement Outdated functionality & technology stack Expensive and inefficient ERP Consolidation Consolidation from Single Instance to Two-Tier model Improved standardization, control, compliance, training Easier maintenance, upgrade, extension, growth Rapid Growth in S+S and Cloud

Computing The power of choice for our customers New opportunities for our partners Microsoft Dynamics ERP Strategy Staying the course in FY11 INNOVATION Innovate on all 4 ERP Products SEGMENT Focus on Core Microsoft Segments Simplicity and Ease of Use

INDUSTRY Five Key Industries Industry Enablement Layer Industry Partner Recruitment S+S Solution Hostability Attached Services Hosting Partner Recruitment ECOSYSTEM Making the Best Partners Better Opportunity and Growth in FY11 Consolidating the ERP Market Go To Markets an ERP Growth Strategy

Go To Markets Todays Landscape Complex Fragmented Solution-driven Business Opportunity Buying Behavior Customer centric Differentiated Competitive Integrated End-to-end The Dynamics ERP Go to Markets

Two-Tier ERP Multi-X Local Vertical Business in a Box For For For For Global Subsidiaries

Global Organizations Vertical Business Improved Financials and Operations Connect local entities to headquarters Centralized ERP for multisite organization Target Specialized Business Needs

Beyond basic financials and operations Headquarters and Multi-Site Typical Customer Profile Large accounts with mid-market subsidiaries Global Subsidiaries Connect local entities to headquarters Customers

Competitors Nuplex SAP Need to connect to core ERP at headquarters Ridley Want to standardize on a mid-market, flexible, lower cost ERP solution in subsidiaries/divisions and smaller entities Dell

Oracle Epicor Global Organization Global Organization Centralized ERP for multisite organization Typical Customer Profile Customers Competitors

Mid-market or corporate accounts and small enterprises Coles Liquor SAP Multiple operations, countries, verticals, subsidiaries Looking for an integrated ERP solution with maximum user coverage Oracle CDC Westbus Epicor

Pronto ERP GTMs The Formula To Win Competitive differentiation Product alignment Execution alignment for growth Customer

differentiation Field Guidance and Sales Tools Pricing and Promotions Marketing Mix GTM Product Capabilities Partner Specialization Sure Step

Microsoft Dynamics AX & Office 2010 DEMONSTRATION Winning in Industries PRODUCT ALIGNMENT Dynamics Industry Approach Higher solution value to a customer Vertical and Industry Functionality Professional Services

Retail Public Sector Manufacturin Wholesale/ g Distribution Microsoft Dynamic s Roadmap Focus Financial Management Reporting and Business Intelligence Supply Chain Management CRM Human Resources Management

Office Connection and Productivity Support Your Industry Acceleration Industry Focus Solutions Availability Public Sector Industry Readiness Manufacturing AX 6 - 2011 AX2009 (Now) IndustryIndustries Messaging Guides Process White Papers Lean Manfg

Fact Sheets Distribution Sales Presentations DemServices os Financial Retail Services Now AU version in AX6 AX2009 (Now) AX2009 (Now) AX for Retail (Aug Nov 10) AX2009 (Now)

Recent Win in Retail The Project Coles Liquor selects Dynamics AX as the solution for its Liquor Management System Re-platforming (LMSR) project. The Competitors SAP and Oracle who are both incumbents in the Coles Group. Why did they select Microsoft? Value Integration Benefits delivered by the Microsoft platform Leverage investments and achieve cost savings by implementing homogenous fully integrated solution for their business. The Flexibility of the Dynamics AX product that supports their growth plans by delivering a solution that caters for the challenges of a rapid expansion at low cost. DEMONSTRATION

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail Engagement Model and Sales Tools INVESTING IN YOUR SUCCESS Field Engagement Resources available to work with you from Microsoft Partner Account Manager (PAM) Your first point of reference for engagement Solution Sales Professional (SSP) Focused on driving large strategic opportunities above engagement threshold Technical Solution Professional (TSP) Our presales experts Partner Technology Advisor (PTA) Our partner readiness Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) Selective Engagements - Architectural Reviews

Dynamic Industry Leads Regional roles Inside Sales Microsoft Account Teams And many more. Sales Tools Its all on PartnerSource! Field enablement tools Tools to promote and build GTM awareness Materials to help promote your business and drive a GTM sales approach GTM and Industry BOM Materials through the Marketing Services Bureaus Check out www.microsoft.com/erp! Our Session Today Key Take Aways

The ERP market is evolving New trends are driving new opportunities Our core strategy is unchanged and on track GTMs will help us consolidate, compete and win! Our Session Today What Now? Consider how to align your business to the GTMs Lets drive success and accelerate growth together! Any questions? Speak to me or email at [email protected]

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