Coordinator Application and My Credits Module April/May 2019

Coordinator Application and My Credits Module April/May 2019

Coordinator Application and My Credits Module April/May 2019 Plan an Activity Start at least 45 days before your activity Decide on activity goals and target audience

If 2 or more professions, please consider making this an Interprofessional activity for the team/planned by the team Will there be an opportunity to learn with and about each other presenters from various professions question and answer session panel discussion members from different professions

if enduring-discussion board Designed to change skills/strategy, performance of the team and/or patient outcomes We need to have at least 25% of our approved programs IPCE Minutes New!! Now a form to complete and upload! Hyperlink to form.

Include a representative for each target audience Discussion points: Gap Why are you having this activity, how do you know it is needed? Documentation of gap must be uploaded with your application. Objectives an intent to achieve outcomes that reflect a change in skills, strategy or performance and/or patient

outcomes. The objectives for the program should fit everyone on the team (patient outcomes) but you can still have individual objectives for each profession. How the two or more target audience groups will have the opportunity to learn from each other. Disclosure

Please ask the planners if they have any possible conflicts at the beginning of the planning process. Let them know that they will need to complete an online disclosure form (notification email will be sent when you start completing the application). All faculty (speakers) and planners need to be entered into the application leadership tab. Please review all disclosures to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. To do this, please click on

the words financial disclosure under their name. Complete either a Monitoring Form (RSS programs) or a Conference Disclosure Form and upload with your application. Conflict of Interest If any of your planners or speakers has a possible conflict of interest, please complete the Conflict of Interest (COI) Resolution form and upload with your application if applicable.

Application Checklist This is NEW! Please download and complete the application checklist and upload it with your application. We will use this when reviewing your application. If your application is missing something, we will send it back for your

review/completion. Hyperlink to form. Measurement process 3-4 months after the activity How will you measure the success of your program after its completion? Examples: Revisit hospital data or survey your learners to see

if they have made/seen changes after participating in the learning activity. Please ask your learners: One goal of this conference is to educate and transform collaborative care. To that end, please tell us whether this education has enhanced your teams care in treating patients with _________? If yes, please describe the change that was made as a

result of the education. If you have a RSS program, we will attach a survey to your program. You will need to notify your learners to complete the survey. Please print off/upload to your upcoming application as Gap Documentation for the upcoming year.

Brochure/Marketing Piece Please make sure to upload any marketing pieces you wish to use. Any mention of credit will need to be pre-approved before you distribute. Accreditation wording. Make sure you have the correct wording. We keep it updated on the website (Plan an Activity Page).

Make sure you also have the logo. If you have been approved for IPCE credit, please use the new logo and wording. This is in additional to the above. This activity was planned by and for the healthcare team, and learners will receive (INSERT#) Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) credit for learning and change.

Not IPCE 2+ professions on planning committee (Eg RN + Pharmacist) Planning committee is reflective of target audience Information presented is applicable to both groups No opportunity to learn with, from or about each other.

Focus is not on the team and/or patient outcomes. Can still award credit for each group, but it is not IPCE My Credits Portal My Credits

My Applications My Activity Center My Required Forms (Link on our CME page)

Use the method of log in you are connected with: Hospital M or P number UVM PeopleSoft College of Medicine COM

If outside the network, please log in here once your account is created. Completing the application

If you duplicate an application from a previous one, please note that planners/faculty will NOT be sent a notification to sign their disclosure

form. Please notify each person added to your application manually. Also, please go through the entire application, we have edited/added new questions.

Always remember to SAVE before leaving the tab. Tabs will turn green

when they are completed If the disclosure is complete, click on the words

Financial Disclosure to see if there are any possible conflicts to resolve.

If you have more than one target audience, you should have that profession represented in your planning committee as well as your faculty (speakers)

If you duplicated your application from last year, please visit each section and answer any new questions that have been

added. Activity Location: there are new questions pertaining to webinars or

enduring materials. We moved the IPE question here and also

added Social Work Credit There are new Interprofessional Education Competencies as

well as Is this program designed to change

Coordinator Module The Activities you are assigned to will appear here. Select the desired activity

to manage sessions, complete monitoring attestation form and find reports.

Choosing to create a session: Edit Session/Template: Workshop Number Start Date/time

End Date/time Location Room if it is not listed, let us know and we will add it. Description

Objectives Once you have created a new session you can modify it. These are the functions available: You can cancel a session, but

once you do, you will need to call us if you want to reopen. Preview:

You can click on View Disclosure to see if there are any possible conflicts to resolve.

Manage Roles: This is where you will add or remove a speaker (or another coordinator if you work with someone else)

Reminder that you will need to notify/send directions to your speaker(s) after you add them to your session so that they can complete the disclosure form.

Please search by last name only. Manage Documents Please Do Not Use

Reporting: Status report: Shows the status of documents related to that session. You to click the

Speakers name to send an email and you can also check their disclosure. View Claiming Instructions - QR Code

Speaking Assignments Reporting Applications for July activities are due June 1. If you take the summer off, please submit by August

1. You will not have access to My Activity Center until your applications have been approved. Send us any questions or suggestions. Any Questions? Feel free to call Mary or Karen at

656-2292 or email [email protected] [email protected]

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