Guide to Human Resources December, 2015 Human Resources

Guide to Human Resources December, 2015 Human Resources

Guide to Human Resources December, 2015 Human Resources Department November 2015 Chief Human Resources Officer Dennis R. Defa Associate CHRO Cathy Hasenpflug Cathy Hasenpflug Employee and Labor Relations Relations Manager Manager Susan Susan Alt Alt Human Human Resources Resources Services Services See detail See detail next next slides slides Payroll Payroll Services Services Employment Employment & & Benefit Benefit Services Services Recruitment Recruitment Services Services Compensation, Compensation, Classification Classification & & Reporting Grievance Grievance resolution resolution Classified Classified collective collective bargaining, bargaining, administration administration and and implementation implementation Supervisor Supervisor coaching coaching Performance Performance management management process process Employee Employee policy policy development development and and interpretation interpretation

HR HR Compliance Compliance Manager Manager ADA ADA Coordinator Coordinator VACANT VACANT Academic Academic HR HR Manager Manager Deborah Deborah Barkley Barkley Faculty Faculty relations relations Faculty Faculty compensation compensation administration administration Faculty Faculty policies policies Faculty grievance resolution resolution NTT NTT Faculty, Faculty, Gallatin Gallatin College, College, and and GA GA collective collective bargaining, bargaining, administration and implementation implementation ADA ADA Coordinator Coordinator Equal Equal Employment Employment Opportunity (EEO) Work-life Work-life Balance Balance Affirmative Affirmative Action Action Plan Plan Office Office of of Federal Federal Contracts Contracts (OFCCP) (OFCCP) Coordination with Title IX Professional Development &

Training Training Manager Manager Betsy Betsy Webb Webb Management Management Development Development Certification Certification Program Program Finance Finance Certification Certification Program Program Lunch Lunch and and Learn Learn Service Service Excellence Excellence Initiative Initiative 4-campus 4-campus outreach outreach Departmental Departmental consultation consultation and and team team facilitation facilitation HR HR Information Information Systems Systems Program Program Coordinator Coordinator II Melissa Schaak 2 Human Resources Services November 2015 Chief Human Resources Officer Dennis R. Defa Associate Associate CHRO CHRO Cathy Cathy Hasenpflug Hasenpflug RECRUITMENT RECRUITMENT SERVICES SERVICES Recruitment processes Recruitment processes Vacancy Vacancy announcements announcements and and job job postings postings Candidate sourcing and job

job fairs fairs Search Search Committee Committee training training and and consultation consultation Hiring Hiring proposal proposal approvals approvals Background Checks Applicant Applicant Tracking Tracking System System (ATS) (ATS) Design Design and and workflow workflow Training Training and and helpdesk helpdesk System administration administration EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT and and BENEFIT SERVICES Employment Employment Classified Classified offer offer letters letters I-9s I-9s and and background background checks Jumpstart Jumpstart program program New New hire hire EPAFs EPAFs (Jumptart) (Jumptart) New New employee employee orientation (NEO) PAYROLL PAYROLL SERVICES SERVICES Payroll Payroll production production Electronic Electronic Personnel Personnel Action Action Forms Forms (EPAF) (EPAF)

Web Time Entry Direct Direct Deposit Deposit W-2s W-2s Payroll Payroll compliance compliance Payroll Payroll tax/finance tax/finance International student tax Benefits Benefits Benefit Benefit administration administration Employee Employee and and retiree retiree consultation CHOICES CHOICES annual annual rereenrollment enrollment New New Employee Employee Benefits Benefits Orientation Orientation (NEBO) (NEBO) 3 COMP, COMP, CLASSIFICATION CLASSIFICATION & & REPORTING REPORTING Compensation Compensation administration administration and and analysis Administration Administration of of MUS MUS pay pay plan plan for for Classified Classified Classification Classification Classified Classified Flex Flex Pays Pays Coordination of Compensation Compensation Advisory Advisory Committee Committee for for

Professional Professional roles roles and and Faculty Faculty Data integrity Employee Employee Management Management Report Report (EMR) (EMR) HR HR INFORMATION INFORMATION SYSTEMS SYSTEMS (BANNER HR*) Banner HR Banner HR module module strategy strategy Banner data architecture and and evolution evolution ARGOS/reporting ARGOS/reporting tools tools CHOICES CHOICES re-enrollment re-enrollment interface interface Banner operational reports ATS/Banner ATS/Banner integration integration ** Banner Banner HR HR is is supported supported by by Enterprise Enterprise System System Group Group (ESG) (ESG) Human Resources Services December 2015 Program Program Manager Manager Wendy Wendy Rivers Rivers PT PT Associate CHRO Cathy Hasenpflug RECRUITMENT SERVICES EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT & & BENEFIT BENEFIT SERVICES SERVICES PAYROLL PAYROLL SERVICES SERVICES COMPENSATION

COMPENSATION CLASSIFICATION & CLASSIFICATION & REPORTING REPORTING HR INFORMATION SYSTEMS SYSTEMS Recruitment Recruitment Manager Manager Sharon Sharon Stoneberger Stoneberger Employment & Benefit Services Services Manager Manager Lisa Lisa Buss Buss Payroll/Finance Payroll/Finance Manager Manager Max Max Thompson Thompson Compensation Compensation & & Reporting Manager Reporting Manager Sara King ATS/Banner ATS/Banner Functional Functional Manager Manager Dawn Dawn Watkins Watkins Recruitment Recruitment Specialist Specialist Kris Kris Wathne Wathne Benefit Benefit Admin Admin Lorraine Lorraine Bogison Bogison PT PT ATS ATS Helpdesk Helpdesk Personnel Personnel Assoc Assoc II II Ann Robinson BENEFITS BENEFITS SERVICES SERVICES EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT SERVICES SERVICES

Benefit Benefit Assoc Assoc Lauren Lauren Hill Hill HR HR Officer Officer Classification K. K. Maison-Franklin Maison-Franklin Payroll Supervisor Supervisor Fiona Fiona Harper Harper Accountant Accountant Rosemary Rosemary Walker Walker Personnel Associate Associate IIII Tracy Tracy Grossberg Grossberg Payroll Payroll Tech Tech Susan Susan Frey Frey International International Employees Employees Darcy Tickner Benefit Benefit Assoc Assoc Amy Amy Thomas Thomas Personnel Associate II Associate Michelle Michelle Steinberg Steinberg Payroll Tech Tara Tara Gunsch Gunsch Records Admin Joyce Joyce Schmidt Schmidt PT PT Benefit Assoc Lauren Lauren Buxbaum Buxbaum Admin Assoc III Diane Diane Heck Heck Payroll Payroll Tech Tech

Ashley Ashley Shaw Shaw 4 Data/Research Data/Research Analyst Analyst Ian Ian Johnson Johnson Vacancy Temporary role Human Resources Services Service Delivery Model (Effective Aug 1 2015) Department Need Service Delivery Method Function Change from Current Model? Predictable departmental needs and HR workload, cyclical processes Single Point of Contact is a PERSON who is responsible for your department Payroll No Change to model Team M, S, U assignments (see next slide) Communication is direct with your rep via e-mail/phone Benefits No Change to model Team M, S, U assignments (see next slide) Unpredictable departmental needs and HR workload, targeted processes Initial Point of Contact is via Recruitment team E-MAIL followed by assignment to specialist based on request type and current workload Compensation & Classification Communication remains within team E-mail for HR cross-support and tracking Yes significant change Departments will no longer work with an assigned HR Officer for all needs

Department will now work with assigned specialists for each distinct need 9 Human Resources Services | Payroll & Benefit Teams Service Delivery via Single Points of Contact by Department Team M/S/U Model Payroll Services Benefit Services Max Thompson, Manager x5533 Fiona Harper, Payroll Supervisor Team* Payroll Tech Extension M S U Lisa Buss, Manager x1957 Benefit Associate Extension Susan Frey 5605 Lauren Hill 5661 Tara Gunsch 5530 Amy Thomas 6947 Ashley Shaw 3559 Lauren Buxbaum 7422 * Which team supports your department? Team assignments effective December 1, 2015 are posted on the HR website. 6 Human Resources Services | Recruitment Team Please send your request to: [email protected] TEAM Sharon Stoneberger | Kris Wathne | Ann Robinson What Who Extension Classified recruitment Kris Wathne 4823 Professional Recruitment Sharon Stoneberger 7303 Faculty Recruitment Sharon Stoneberger

7303 ATS Helpdesk Support Ann Robinson 4314 Background Checks Associated with a Search/ATS Advertising Bozeman Chronicle/Job Service Ann Robinson 4314 Ann Robinson 4314 7 [email protected] What type of questions and requests? ANY request to initiate recruitment for ANY type of position Classified, Professional, Faculty ANY question regarding recruitment process, recruitment advertising, status of a recruitment . . . Anything you would typically call us about EXCEPT ATS Help (ATS [email protected]) Using e-mail link provides us with the ability to track your question/request and our response. Responses will come from [email protected] under the signature of an individual Recruitment team member What do I need to include in e-mail? For specific recruitment-related requests, please include in subject line: Position Number (if relevant) Type of request Example: 4M0353 Replacement Within body of e-mail: Just tell us what you need done or what you are thinking of doing! What happens to my e-mail? Your request will be reviewed by a recruitment team member, typically the lead for the particular type of request You will receive an e-mail or call acknowledging receipt of your request and description of steps required and estimated time Initial response goal: Within the business day following the date of request 8 ATS Support [email protected] x4314 We can help Departments Hiring Authorities Search Managers Search Committee Members Applicants with How to Building things . . . a Position; a Vacancy Posting your position Moving applicants through workflows Troubleshooting technical issues at the level of user, applicant, postings Ghost/Shadow your workflow and take some actions on your behalf In some cases, we may decide it makes sense to just do it for you 9 Human Resources | Employment Services Team Establishing the Employment Relationship TEAM Tracy Grossberg | Diane Heck | Wendy Rivers| Michele Steinberg What Who Extension Nopper front desk and office management Diane Heck 3651 Classified offer letters

Tracy Grossberg 5527 Jumpstart department liaison New Hire Orientation Wendy Rivers Jump Start Team 3656 Background Checks NOT associated with a Search/ATS Tracy Grossberg 5527 Jumpstart employee processing: sign up, welcome letter and new hire EPAF Michele Steinberg 5052 New Hire GIDs, I-9s Michele Steinberg 5052 10 Compensation, Classification and Reporting Team Please send your request or question to: [email protected] TEAM Sara King x4358 | Kasia Maison-Franklin x3739 | Ian Johnson xTBD What is Covered by the Team Classified staff Flexible Pay Options Fixed-term appointments Classification of new and replacement positions Compensation management Annual BOR raise Compensation Advisory Committee (CAC) Advice on which contract to use MUS Contracted professionals New and replacement position assessment Salary adjustments Post-retirement contracts Add comp Reports and Analyses Employee Management Report (EMR) Compensation analysis and reports Regulatory and ad hoc reports Letters of Appointment Review of LOA assignments Template updates Banner Data Assignment of position numbers Data corrections 11 Any questions? Contact Cathy Hasenpflug x4284 12

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