Big Writing Information Evening Wednesday June 11th The

Big Writing Information Evening Wednesday June 11th The

Big Writing Information Evening Wednesday June 11th The key to Big Writing success in any school is to break through the glass ceiling of expectations Aim low achieve low. Aim high achieve high. The Four Toolkits of

Writing There are 2 whats and 2 hows What 1 What 2 The text type and its characteristics. Interpretation of the stimulus or purpose for writing the text type.

The range of genre in fiction. How 1 The 4 basic skills 1. Grammar 2. Handwriting The writing voice

3. Spelling 1. Vocabulary 4. Accurate use of punctuation and capital letters to show sentence structure,

which should also be accurate. 2. Connectives 3. Openers 4. Punctuation

How 2 Big Writing is the writing voice the HOW. Big Writing Philosophy If a child can say it, a child can write it! The Talking voice is not the same as the Writing voice. A level 5 writer doesnt talk as a

Level 5 writer. Children are encouraged to... Talk about their writing Find exciting words and use these in their writing. Borrow exciting words and phrases from other authors. WOW words. Have a go at using

interesting examples of punctuation. Once a week in their classrooms write for an extended period of time. Re-read their own writing and find ways to make it better. Understand what they need to do next to improve.

The Big Write The children use the skills they have learnt and are encouraged to write at length. The lighting is sometimes changed and music is played softly in the background. Children are encouraged to write at length without interruption. They are building their stamina. So how does Big Writing work? Ros Wilson developed a way of teaching writing to children which

focuses on four main aspects of writing: Vocabulary Connectives, Openers Punctuation VCOP The Four Elements of Big Writing Vocabulary Every class has a 'Wow Words' board where new and impressive words that

the children have used and have found in good quality texts, are shared with everyone. The children are encouraged to use these words where appropriate in their writing. Connectives Every class displays examples of powerful connectives. The children are encouraged to use these in their writing to join sentences and

paragraphs, therefore improving the organisation of their writing. Use the connectives/openers to up level the sentences. I have a dog. I have cat. I do not have a baboon. and, also, but although, sadly Openers Every class displays and discusses

good sentence openers (sentence starters) that the children can use in their writing to make their sentences and overall texts more interesting. Teach ways of improving a basic sentence by changing how it begins e.g. She opened the door to a better sentence, 'Cautiously, she opened the door.' Some connectives can also be used as sentence openers. Choose an opener. What is the most interesting? Nervously

Laughing To my great surprise If only I Reluctantly Ill never forget the day that Earlier Sleepily

I couldn't believe my eyes when Punctuation The teaching of punctuation is based on the Punctuation Pyramid. Children start by using full stops, then question marks followed by commas and an exclamation mark. Eventually they should use the higher order punctuation such as ( ) - ; : etc Level 1

. Level 2 . ? . ?, ! . ? , ! . ? , - ! : ; Level 3 Level 4

Level 5 The Punctuation Pyramid Big Talk Foundation Phase When children are not ready to write they can easily talk the VCOP! eg. Adult: Who can say a sentence that begins with when? Child: When I walked to school I saw a cat. Adult: Who can put a WOW word into that sentence? Child:When I STROLLED to school I saw a cat.

Adult: Who can add another WOW word? Child: When I strolled to school I saw an ENORMOUS cat. We need to think as writers. Up level it: She was poor. Poor, penniless and alone, she dreamed of a better life. You try it! The bird flew to the tree.

The playground looked exciting. Progression Level 1 The dog is big. The dog likes a bone. The dog can bark. I like the dog. Level 2B My dog is big and brown and very scruffy. He likes to eat bones but he likes sausages best. My dog can bark loudly and he can run very fast. I like my cat and my dog but I like my dog best. Level 3B I have two pets, a dog, and a cat. I like them both but I like my dog best! He is large, rusty brown and very scruffy. Have you seen him? He looks very funny. My dog likes eating bones and biscuits, but best of all he likes eating sausages. When my dog

barks it is so loud that I cover my ears. Also my dog runs very fast. Level 4B People often ask me about my pets and although I have two, I have to say I like my dog best. That large, rusty brown ragamuffin looks so very amusing that he makes me laugh. Have you seen him? He mainly dines on biscuits and bones, however he prefers meat and he enjoys sausages most of all. When my scruffy, old friend barks it is as loud as Concorde, crashing through the sound barrier. We all have to cover our ears for protection. Big Writing provides an opportunity to revisit and consolidate learning in a genre previously taught. Sometimes it may link to the Unit of work being taught.

What can you do to help your child? Talk! Ask them to describe everything and anything. Take it in turns to tell a story. One person starts it, the other says what happens next etc Look at a picture or photo together. Use it to tell a story. Think of a title for your story. What would the opening 10 words be? Encourage your children to spot WOW words and perhaps write them down in a book at home or on a piece of paper. Encourage your children to borrow words or phrases which they like from books, magazines, television

programmes. WRITE! Make it real! Encourage them to: - write letters - write a diary - take notes about a walk, a trip etc

- make lists to do lists, shopping lists, lists of favourite music, games, characters, books etc Use games to help develop vocabulary such as puzzles, crosswords, word games, anagrams etc Children need to believe that they can achieve and that they can always improve.

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