Integrated development instruments in the context of domestic

Integrated development instruments in the context of domestic

Integrated development instruments in the context of domestic planning systems, with special reference to Hungary Gza Salamin PhD President, Hungarian Society for Urban Planning The EUropean Model of Spatial Planning (EMP) A model of directions of changes based on main statements of European planning literature and content analisis of relevant EU strategies and policy documents Functional territories, soft spaces with fuzzy borders, etc

Source: Salamin 2019 Diverse domestic planning systems in the EU European traditions (types) of spatial planning Land use managament BE, IE, LU, UK, HU, CY, CZ, MT (PT, ES) Comprehensive integrated AT, DK, FI, NL, SE, DE, NO, BG (UK, BE, FR, IE, LU, EE,, LV, LT, PL, RO, SL, SK) Regional economic PT, FR, DE, HU, LV, LT, (IE, SE, UK) Urbanism GR, IT, ES, CY, MT Source: Salamin 2018 based on EC 1999, Nadin, V. Stead, D. 2008, Farinsi-Das eds. 2006, Dhr S etal 2010.

More and more instruments.. Change of existence of different types of plans on different scales (2002-2017) (Number of countries) Type of planning Level /space Integrated Spatial Physical/land use plan development strategy/vision/conce (zoning) strategy (addressing pt more policies) introduced abolished introduced abolished Federal State Regional (NUTS2) Regional (NUTS3, subregion) Local-municipal Part of city (Sub-local) Border crossing Transnational

Cityregion, FUA Other functional Total change 4 5 5 2 3 7 7 8 1 42 1 1 2 1 3 2 2 1 13 2

5 2 2 2 1 2 3 3 3 1 1 1 16 12 Building control (regulation) Total change by levels introduce introduce

introduce d abolished d abolished d abolished 7 5 7 8 4 8 5 11 2 57 1 4 1 1 1 1 1

1 1 1 1 10 1 1 1 3 4 14 16 15 10 9 17 12 22 3 118

Source: Salamin 2018 (Based on key expert survey) 4 7 6 5 1 6 5 4 1 39 Have new types of plans or new planning activities emerged by the motivation of EU cohesion (regional) policy or its sources since 2002? East: PL, HU, CZ, SK, SL, HR, SRB, RO, EE, LV, LT North and West: AT, FR, UK, IE, SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, LU, BE, NL, CH, South: IT, PT, MT, CY, GR, ES Source: Salamin 2018 Questionnaire survey (M:120) Level and dynamics of Europeanization of spatial planning in countries (Composite based on

dimension 1,2,4,5 of EMP) Source: Salamin 2018 Sources of territorial type operational programmes per a head (with cofinance) Sources of Cohesion Policy implemented in territorial type programmes and the Europeanization of spatial planning between 2002-2017 Europeanization of planning (2002-2017) Source: Salamin 2018 Cohesion policy support delivered via ITI ERDF, ESF and CF allocation by MS Programming results 20 MS use ITI 15 MS to deliver SUD 13 MS for other territories Total of EUR 13.8 billion ERDF 11.8 bn ESF 1.7 bn CF 0.3 bn 12 MS use both funds

Concentration 80% by 9 MS 28% by PL alone 60% for SUD Article 7 Source: European Commission 2016 Cohesion policy support to CLLD ERDF and ESF allocation by MS Programming results 18 MS apply CLLD in CP EUR 1.8 billion ERDF 1.1 bn (0.6%) ESF 0.7 bn (0.8%) For comparison: EAFRD 6.9 bn (7%) EMFF 0.5 bn (9%) 14 MS use both funds GR, HU, PL, PT, SE via multi-fund OP Concentration 92% by 9 MS 25% by CZ alone Source: European Commission 2016

Integrated development without ITI: Case of Hungary Integrated Territorial Programmes as a share of Territorial and Settlement Development (TOP) OPIntegrated budget Territorial Programmes as a share of the Competitive Central Hungary OP (CCHOP) budget (2014-2020) (CCHOP Total: 938,71 million EUR) (2014-2020) (TOP Total: 4338,39 million EUR) 3.39% 8.45% 7.61 0.28 5.04 28.78% 59.39% 87.07 Pest County Budapest TOP County ITP rd

CCHOP Other TOP Cities with County Rights ITP TOP CLLD TOP Other Source: Calculations based on 1702/2014. (XII. 3.) , 1707/2014. (XII. 3.) and Miniszterelnksg 2018. Integrated development without ITI: Case of Hungary The share of integrated territorial programmes in the total ESIF allocation (2014-2020) (Total ITPs with Other ESI Fund: 38709,68 million EUR) 10.26 TOP ITP CCHOP ITP Other ESI Funds 0.31 89.43 Source: Miniszterelnksg 2018. Main conclusions and recommendations of the

evaluation of Hungarian ITP evalutaion (by HBH) The ITP is appropriate instrument for the public development, which is based on development needs and taking into account territorial aspects. local 1. Preparation and institutional capacity of territorial actors should be developed to strengthen territorial planning and the implementation, monitoring and control capacity of territorial stakeholders. It can help to strengthen the strategic responses to territory specific needs. 2. Programme cycle understanding of ITP should be strengthened, wich could further clarify the tasks and relations of the relevant territorial actors (counties cities with county rights). 3. Territoriality (place based cntent) of the ITP-s should be strengthened e.g. by stronger connection with territorial strategies, further guidance on the content of ITP-s. Stronger and transparent link between territorial strategy and project selection. 4.

The link between county ITP and city ITP-s is weak, thus new types of territorial structures (functional urban area, thematic areas, regional ecosystem) of integrated development should be introduced and strengthening the territorial integration of projects, applying a multi-municipal project approach Source: HBH Stratgia s Fejleszts Kft 2018 Personal conclusions Territorial instruments are adequate and efficient tools to support both EU and national policy goals in an integrated way. They can be used efficiently if they are harmonised with (or integrated in) the domestic spatial-urban planning-development system. The specifics of domestic planning-development systems should be taken into account in Cohesion Policy implementation. The transformation tendencies of domestic planning systems and practices are mostly supporting integrated developments (but there are differences between countries). The spread of integrated approach of planning in domestic systems is important for this integration. Flexibility is needed in in the implementation of Cohesion Policy: integrated development can be achieved in very different ways in different forms depending on the characteristics of planning development system of the specific country. Thank you for attention! [email protected] [email protected]

Sources: SALAMIN, G (2018): EUROPEANIZATION OF SHAPING GEOGRAPHIC SPACE - The influence of the European Union's spatial planning, strategies, and Cohesion Policy on the transformation of the spatial planning systems of European countries. (PhD research report) SALAMIN, G (2019): European trends in planning - Lessons from a survey on changes of spatial planning. European Commission (2016): MATK, Mrton, DG Regional and Urban Policy presentation: EG TCUM meeting, 23 June 2016 1702/2014. (XII. 3.) Gov.Decree HU 1707/2014. (XII. 3.) Gov.Decree; Miniszterelnksg (2018): A TOP flidben - Vlogats a Terlet- s Teleplsfejlesztsi Operatv Program tmogatott projektjeibl HBH Stratgia s Fejleszts Kft (201 8): Az integrlt terleti programok rtkelse - kutatsi zrjelents. download

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