Huntley Hills Elementary & Montessori Schools Curriculum Night

Huntley Hills Elementary & Montessori Schools Curriculum Night

Huntley Hills Elementary & Montessori Schools Curriculum Night 2018-2019 Ms. Milliron Welcome! I am so excited to spend this year with you and your student! I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2013, and have received my gifted certification. This will be my sixth year

teaching. I have also taught Pre-K and 1st grade! I am so excited to get to know both you and your child better! 7:30-8:00- D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) 7:45-8:00 Announcements/Attendance 8:00-9:30 Math 9:30- 10:00 Writing 10:00-10:30- Science

10:30 11:20 Specials 11:40-12:10 Lunch 12:10-2:25- Recess 12:30-2:15- ELA/Social Studies 2:20-2:35 Dismissal

Arrive at school by 7:45am Wear Uniforms daily Use technology safely Be responsible and organized Complete assignments to the best of their abilities

Follow PBIS expectations/code of conduct (you should have received the first week of school) Changes to transportation should be put in writing. (STAR folder, Remind) For the safety of our students, please refrain from making last minute

transportation changes right before dismissal (1:45 p.m.). Grades will be reported in the form of Progress Reports (4.5, 9, and 13.5 weeks) and Report Cards. Grades will be weighted as follows: Pre-Assessments 0%

Assessment During Learning 25% Summative Assessments 30% Group Practice/Classwork 45% Weekly homework: reading log, math (based off of tests and data), grammar Students should learn their spelling words for

the week but there is not specific spelling homework to turn in Occasionally we will have science or social Studies homework Occasionally we may use technology Reading Second graders begin to read more with accuracy and fluency. Having a firmer grasp on phonics,

second graders begin more complex word study. They begin to read longer, more complex text, including chapter books. Second graders become more independent learners as they read and respond to a variety of genres through writing. Math The Second grade Mathematics Curriculum provides instruction to

build mathematical concepts, procedures, and skills. It provides a balance of computational fluency, procedural fluency, and problem solving. These types of activities help build mathematical literacy for students to be successful with meeting and exceeding the Georgia

Math Second Grade Math curriculum focuses on four critical areas: 1. Extending understanding of base ten 2. Building fluency with addition and subtraction 3. Describing and analyzing shapes 4. Developing multiplication Science and Social Studies Science and Social Studies are

integrated during Math and ELA instructional blocks. Students should come to school every day unless they are sick. Monthly perfect attendance celebrations. d Trips are in the works! Expect information coming s Each semester we will go on at least one field trip.

his semester, we have a Fernbank field trip scheduled September. As well as a Native American Festival and Pow Wow a Stone Mountain in November. Periodically, we need parent volunteers in the classroom or on field trips.

Some opportunities to volunteer this year will include: Mystery reader, helping with copies, helping with bulletin boards, or helping plan, setting up, and attending class parties. If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, Ms. Milliron will be posting and updating links on her Huntley Hills Webpage.

Parent conferences will be on October 17th and 24th Please join our class on remind!! This will send important information right to your phone! Text @gc36hc to 81010 Get epic-

Classroom code- YGT-4227 Teacher code Huntley Can also be downloaded as an app Prodigy math game Huntley Hills symbaloo

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