Proposal for Strategic CENG Initiative on Sustainability College

Proposal for Strategic CENG Initiative on Sustainability College

Proposal for Strategic CENG Initiative on Sustainability College Working Session December 9th 2003 Sustainability What is? Decentralized Effort? Keywords: Environment Energy Industry Economics Education Engineering?

Opportunity for CENG? In 1987, the World Commission on Environment and Development developed a definition of sustainability that was included in its findings, which became known as the Brundtland Report. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ustainability/Pages/definition.htm also check: Who is doing this? Do I care? NAE 2020 Engineer

Talloires Declaration Cal Poly Campus Baby Steps Coordination Does CENG Have a Role? Synergy/Timing Opportunity National Academy of Engineering: Engineer 2020-Prospectus Under: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Some of the most salient trends are listed below: A global population approaching 10 billion with a steadily aging demographic and growing demand for diversity in the engineering workforce An imperative for sustainability in the face of global population growth, industrialization, urbanization, and environmental degradation AT CAL POLY As organizations of higher education, universities are in the unique position to foster awareness, knowledge, skills, and values that

prepare students to pursue goals in ways that sustain human and non-human well-being for current and future institutions (Dalton). Universities provide forums for equipping students with innovative ideas and promoting contemporary thinking about sustainability. Cal Poly is currently aware of and making progress towards sustainability. According to Linda Dalton, Vice Provost for Institutional Planning, more is being done than meets the eye. The Master Plan for the campus has the theme of sustainability running throughout it. The Environmental Sustainability Element of the plan specifically describes objectives and policies to promote campus energy efficiency, protection of natural environments, reducing the consumption of natural resources, and to mitigate construction impacts. other players EU: First Environment Policy Review highlights need to speed up reforms to better protect the environment and promote sustainable development -Brussels, 3 December 2003 UN Division of Alliance for Global Sustainability

the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich ETH the Massachusetts Institute of Technology the University of Tokyo Chalmers University of Technology U.S. Interagency Working Group on Sustainable Development Indicators The Sustainable Development Playing Field Drivers of Growth ty Drivers Effects Technolog y Innovation

Growing Population s Changes in Societal Values Decline in Natural Systems Government Intervention Social Instability Shifts in Market Demands Opening Political Systems Globalizatio

Playing Field of the Future New Strategic Choices n Conventional Growth Opportunities Sustainabili The Spectrum of Approaches to the Challenge Thrust ? Actions BottomLiners Top-Liners Introvert Extrovert

s s Stay with pack Should I do anythin g? Take the high road Cost Leadershi p How can I better align with stakeholde rs ? How can I get cost advantag

e? How can I capitalize on sustainable developmen t? How can I leverage sustainable development to transform the organization? Wait and see: Strengthen communitie s and envimenta l protection Improve ecoefficienc

y of process Create products and services with unique characteristic s Leverage sustainable development to better learn, innovate, and manage for the future track the issues Source: A.D. Little, 1999 Transforme rs

Differentiatio Growth n The Proposal Practical and Innovative Approaches to the Ultimate Engineering Multidisciplinary Problem Leaders in this Emerging Topic CENG-Wide Participation Visible Participation in the Talloires Declaration Signing by the President Co-sponsor International Conference at Cal Poly with National Academy of Engineering The Risks

Faculty Support? Student Support? Industrial Support? Competition with other Colleges and Universities Administrative Complexity and Slow Outcomes Verification Blasphemy? The Rewards Top of the Class

New Theme Campus PR National Exposure Student Demand International Status The Here and Now Specifics Insert Guest Lectures in Courses Create a CENG Sustainability Center/Institute Start Planning International Conference for 2005 Coordinate with Campus and Presidents Office Enhance CENG Profile in this Area

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