ACE ACHIEVING COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT A little About Me ACE Counselor Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) ACE stands for Achieving Community Employment At DOR we help people with disabilities

prepare for and find jobs in their community My job is to talk to employees in work programs like this one to share information about working outside in the community and making more money If your dream is to get a job working in the community.I may be able to help you get there! A little About You Who would like to tell me about

their job and what they do here? Im Here Today to SHARE SOME GREAT INFORMATION WITH YOU! What Information Will I Be Sharing INFORMATION ABOUT ACE!

ACHIEVING COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT HOW TO START THIS JOURNEY The first step to getting help with finding a job in the community is One tool you will need on this journey is . What is Self Advocacy? Speaking up for yourself

Knowing your dreams and what you want Making decisions Setting goals Knowing when and how to ask for help Having more control over your life Self Determination and Informed Choice Making your own decision based on a good understanding of the

options available and how that choice may affect your life. Setting and achieving goals. Knowing what you are good at. Informed choices can be about everyday things, like what to wear, or big life changing things like where to live, what kind of work to do, or who to be friends with. These decisions can also be about what kind of services or supports someone wants or needs, and where and how to get them. Who is Your Support Network? Family/Guardian Conservator

Friends Teachers/ Guidance Counselor MY SUPPORT NETWORK Peer Mentors Anyone else you trust!

Regional Center Case Worker People in your community, clubs, church, etc. The Road to ACE The road to community employment can be short or long, and may include a lot of bumps along the way. You may not get there overnight, but with the right training and supports in place you CAN eventually get there.

EMPLOYMENT Achieving Community Employment Raise your hands if you have ever had a job working in the community! Raise your hands if you have ever had a job working in the community! Differences in Lets discuss some differences between your job

here, and the jobs outside in the community SMW Job Vs. Community Employment Having a job coach that assists the whole group you are working with vs. A personal job coach that will assist you one-on-one while you are working Job duties are based on task analysis vs. Job duties depend on employer needs

Jobs available to you are dependent on what the program has available vs. Matching your skills, likes, and desires with the job that is just right for you Working with others who have disabilities vs. Working alongside others who may or may not have disabilities Sub-Minimum Wage Employment Vs.

Community Employment Minimal benefits provided (no health or retirement benefits) vs. May receive health, retirement, paid leave and other benefits Being paid based on how fast you work vs Being paid at least minimum wage for the work you do

Limited number of employers and job duties vs. Large variety of employers and jobs that match your skills and interests Lets Explore Community Jobs in the What is the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)?

DOR is an employment & independent living resource for people with disabilities. DOR can provide you the training, tools, and resources you need to apply for, obtain, and keep the job that is right for you. How can I help you get a job in the community? As your DOR ACE Counselor, I will get to know YOU your

specific likes and dislikes, abilities, interests and preferences to help find the best jobs that are right for you. We will work together to find the right job match for you! We will agree on a plan of action for you to prepare for the job. How do I find the right job match for me? Look for jobs that match your interests and skills

Sample different jobs to find what you like to do Internships/ Apprenticeships Volunteer/ Job Shadow FINDING WHAT JOB IS RIGHT

FOR ME Labor Market Available Jobs Research different jobs Talk to someone who does a job you think you might like DOR Vocational Rehabilitation Services May Include

Job Services Career Counseling and Guidance Assessment Services Work Based Learning Career Education and Training Job Preparation/Job Placement Job Coaching Support Services Assistive Technology/

Accommodations Transportation Work Incentives Planning Independent Living and Soft Skills Training Career Education & Training Short & Long-term Training Options If you require training or a special certificate for the job you selected, DOR can help you find the right training program to get the skills you need. Examples of training programs include:

Fork Lift Driver Training Truck Driver Training Cosmetology School CA Food Handler Certification Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) College Degree needed to obtain job Supported Employment Services Supported Employment: specialized ongoing job coaching/support to find and keep a community job. Customized Employment: a community job created just for

you by matching your skills and interests with the needs of an employer. On-the-Job Training: you learn how to do the job through hands-on experience before you are permanently hired. Self Employment/Micro Business: operating your own business to earn money rather than working for a company. State Paid Internship and Employment Opportunities Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP) DOR/CalHR Provides individuals with disabilities alternate options to show you are able to do the job through an internship, on-the-job evaluation, or written exam

Must receive a LEAP certificate from a DOR Counselor before you can take a LEAP exam and be included on a LEAP listing May also apply for exams/jobs through the same process as other people Paid Internship Program DDS/Regional Center Work in a job in the community doing the same work as persons without disabilities Earn internship wages that are at least minimum wage or more Get job skills and experience to increase opportunities for future employment May be hired by the worksite and paid minimum wage or more Before we finish, lets talk about

Benefits! You may be asking, will making more money change my benefits? Resources can help you find out how a job in the community may impact your benefits: Social Securitys website at or California Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) Planners Benefits Trainings / SSA PASS Planners in your area DOR Work Incentive Planners for DOR Consumers ABLE Accounts

What Next? Interested in finding out more about community employment? Let me know and we can meet to enroll you in DOR vocational rehabilitation services. You may keep your current job while you participate in DOR services. Want to stay in your current job? If you change your mind and would like to explore community employment at any time, you may contact me directly or ask someone to contact me. We will come back to share this information with you again next year.

Any Questions? Connect with us My Contact Info: Were Done! You successfully completed todays Were Done! CC&IR services session!

You will receive: DR397A CC&IR Verification Form Listing of local employmentrelated and support resources for future reference Listing of local self-advocacy, self-determination, and peer mentoring training resources from your employer Thank you

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