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P U GRO What is Netflix? Netflix is the worlds largest online DVD movie rental service provider. Around 26,000,000 members access to more than 100,000 titles. 6k The Founders Marc Randolph Reed Hastings

Origins The company was founded in 1997 in Los Gatos, California. It started its subscription based digital distribution service in 1999. Netflix has reported 36.3 million subscribers. (29.2 million in U.S) in April 2013. Origins

In 2013, Netflix became a streaming TV network service. Netflix started creating its own web series such as Arrested Development; Hemlock Grove, and House of Cards which was awarded a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Series. Why was Netflix so Successful?

Right Timing Good Relationships with Content Providers Trying New Things

Netflix Headquarters, California Price the Product Well d Co m pu t in g Clo u yy8 Comparison between Cloud Architectures Picture PaaS (Plat form

as a Serv ic e ) PaaS provides all the infrastructure needed to develop and run applications over the Internet. So what are the advantages of using PaaS? What is Hadoop? 1U Genie ~ the Hadoop

PaaS Hadoop is the cloud based architecture which Netflix uses instead of the data-center based ones. Genie is the Hadoop Platform as a Service, which provides a higher level of abstraction. Genie was built to handle certain Netflix requirements that no other platform was able to do.

Genie exposes APIs to submit and manage jobs. The Netfl i x Impa ct

Netflix in Society How has Netflix affected Society? Easier and faster access to media data The Customer First Habit change Big data and entertainment media intersection Netflix and the Economy

Netflix vs. The Movie Industry Blockbuster

The Family Pocket (Bad Economy == Netflix Happiness)

The Future of Cable Is Netflix killing Cable TV? Only 1% of cable subscribers have cut the cord (900,000 households) Netflix had success with House of Cards but

most Hit Dramas are still on traditional television. Netflix rates vs. Cable rates Netflix convenience Streaming TV Era The

Futu re o f Netfl ix

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