Academic Information And Program Requirements For First Year

Academic Information And Program Requirements For First Year

Academic Information And Program Requirements For First Year Students Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering October 2010 By Dr. Anjali Agarwal, FYPD, ECE Office: EV05.235 Email: [email protected] General Information Course Selection Follow the Course Sequence suggested by the department: Withdrawal from a Course online through myconcordia DNE (Did Not Enter) no academic or financial impact September 20 DISC (Discontinued) remains on students record but does not affect GPA, student financially responsible

October 31 Evaluation Scheme Course Instructor provide students with Evaluation Scheme Grading System: A-, A, A+ (grade point 3.7, 4.0, 4.3) B-, B, B+ (grade point 2.7, 3.0, 3.3) C-, C, C+ (grade point 1.7, 2.0, 2.3) D-, D, D+ (grade point 0.7, 1.0, 1.3) FNS (grade point of 0) no supplemental exam R, NR (grade point of 0) cannot even apply for MED or DEF Students can apply for DEF if not able to write final exam due to short-term illness or other compelling reasons Application forms available from Birks Student Service Centre, apply by Jan 15 for Fall courses GPA Calculations Weighted Grade Point Average (WGPA): Calculated annually at end of each academic year (Summer,

Fall, Winter) Example: Course 1 2 3 4 5 Grade Credit Grade Weighted Achieved Value Points* Grade Points D 3.00 X 1.00 = 3.00 C+

3.00 X 2.30 = 6.90 B 2.00 X 3.00 = 6.00 A 6.00 X 3.70 = 22.20 F 3.00 X 0.00 = 0.00 Total Credits 17.00 Total Weighted 38.10 Attempted Grade Points WGPA = 38.10 = 2.24 17.00 Academic performance

Acceptable Standing: WGPA is at least 2.00 for assessment period Must still repeat and pass the failed course Conditional standing: WGPA between 1.5 and 2.0 (C- is 1.7, C is 2.0) Repeat half of D-range grades, and all Failed courses Must obtain acceptable standing by next assessment Failed standing: GPA less than 1.5, or conditional for the second year in a row May apply for readmission Readmission Contract: Probation conditions for readmission At the next evaluation of academic performance, GPA of 2.0 or better Must repeat FNS and D-range courses and obtain grades of C- or better Maximum number of courses per term is limited: For most students, 4 courses per semester

But for some, 2 courses per semester Take the SEL study skills course. May change Undergraduate Issues Pre-requisite and co-requisite courses Senate decision of March 2010: students must satisfy the prerequisites listed in the calendar ELEC273 prerequisite for ELEC251 and ELEC311 COEN243 prerequisite for COEN244 COEN244 prerequisite for COEN352 No special approvals or exceptions. FNS, DEF, INC, PEND do not satisfy prerequisite requirements. Conditional or Readmitted: Must have repeated courses with D-range grades and get C- or better. Follow the recommended course sequence. De-registration software. Examinations

A student not registered CANNOT write the final exam. No entry after first third of exam has elapsed Bring student I.D. cards If ill during exam writing, report to invigilator to cancel the exam. Visit Temporary Exam Office, report to physician for medical documentation to apply for DEF No form of Academic Offence allowed Use of Calculators only the ones allowed Use of Cell Phones, ipods, or any other electronic device not allowed unless specified Academic Code of Conduct Students must submit an Expectations of Originality form with all assignments, project reports, lab reports. Students must not CONSULT the work of other students, past or present.

Academic Code of Conduct: A student must not give a copy of his/her work to another student if there is the possibility that the student will submit the work as his/her own. A student must not plagiarize: copy another students work, copy text from the internet, etc. The instructor submits an incident report to the Dean, and then the student will be interviewed to investigate the charge, and if it is upheld, a penalty will be imposed. Student Requests Missed exam: student must submit a medical note to the exams office and defer the exam. Students can apply for exceptions to academic regulations, such as: Students can ask to DISC a course by making a Student Request after the discontinue deadline of October 31. Students can request permission to take courses at other universities, or apply for course substitutions

Students can request permission for course overloads Student Request form available online through myConcordia submit to Student Academic Affairs office. Supplemental Exam A student may write only ONE supplemental exam in his/her career. Only a potential graduate can write a supplemental exam. The student must apply to write a supplemental via a Student Request Form. A graduation audit will be performed to ensure that the student is a potential graduate. The supplemental exam counts for 100% of the grade. The exam is given formally: if the student does not come to the exam the grade is FNS-DNW. 200-before-400 Rule CEAB: take low-level courses before high-level courses.

Calendar: 200-level before 400-level courses Capstone: Prerequisites strictly enforced! Capstone: no 200 level course at the same time as the Capstone project course. General Education Elective All Engineering students must complete 3 credits of General Education Students in ECP or MEP also must select from this list only. Students who wish to apply outside this list must request and receive permission. Tutors on Duty From Sept 9, 2010 to Dec 22, 2010 Extends to include the exam period Timings posted on the doors of H-806-1 and H-806-2

Time Slots Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday ECE: Occena, Nathanael BCEE: Seosenyeng, Kabal BCEE: Nikzad, Amir Ardalan MIE: Abrishami , Pegah ECE: Occena, Nathanael

n_occe na @e ncs .concordi a .ca wa pa s eos [email protected] i l .com a rdyni kza [email protected] i l .com pega h.a bri s ha mi @gma i l .com n_occe na @e ncs .concordi a .ca 11:00-14:00 H-806-1 H-806-2 ** BCEE: Kabelo - Oct. 18 onl y GSU: Gomaa, Hany GSU: Gora, Maria Zofia

CSE: Zarbo, Andrea CSE: Kaur, Gurpreet goma a .ha [email protected] i l .com mzgora @gma i l .com a _za [email protected] ncs .concordi a .ca gs [email protected] di ffm a i l .com ECE: Goswamy, Naveen MIE: Rababah, Mahmoud 14:00-17:00 H-806-1 BCEE: Seosenyeng, Kabelo

wa pa s eos enye [email protected] i l .com n_gos wa [email protected] ncs .concordi a .ca ma hmoud_ra ba ba [email protected] H-806-2 MIE: Santosh, Mandapuram CSE: Beckman, Leighland CSE: Beckman, Lei ghland s a ntos [email protected] i l .com booya ma s [email protected] i l .com booya ma s [email protected] i l .com ECE: Al -Fanek, Issa BCEE: Atta r S. Shaheyegh

i _a l fa @encs .concordi a .ca s ha gha yegh.a ta [email protected] i l .com * ECE: Nathanael 14:00-15:00 MIE: Al mousal lam, Meshl een on Oct. 7, 14, 21 onl y *** MIE: Mandapuram 14:00 to 17:00 on Oct. 28 only mes hl ee [email protected] i l .com ToD Help Line You can send a question by email to [email protected] Put the course number and your ID# on the subject line.

Course number: helps us to direct the question to a ToD who can answer. ID number: helps us to keep track of who is using the service so that we can ask the University for $$$ to continue the service. You should get an answer in a day or so. This is a NEW service! List of Services Concordia Counselling and Development offers career services, psychological services, student learning services, etc. The Concordia Library Citation and Style Guides Advocacy and Support Services Student Transition Centre New Student Program Access Centre for Students with Disabilities Student Success Centre The Academic Integrity Website Financial Aid and Awards Health Services

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