THE MEDIA AND THE LITERACIES: MEDIA LITERACY, INFORMATION LITERACY, DIGITAL LITERACY Article author : Tibor Koltay Szent Istvn University, Jszberny, Hungary Prepared by: Doaa Mohamed Fathallah Introduction What is LITERACY ? Media literacy

Outline Information literacy Digital literacy Comparison bet. Media & Information literacy Multicultural literacy Emerging technology literacy Reproduction literacy Multimodal literacy Consumers and producers conclusion Video Questions

Introduction In Digital era : we are using digital media Information : is available in large amounts through many tools especially digital ones. Marshall McLuhan is a famous scientist in the field of media who said that : the world has become a global village. village Media influences: perceptions, beliefs and attitudes. Media

consumption: depends on user communication and the availability of digital products. What is LITERACY ? Literacy is the state of being able to read and write ( Longman dictionary ) Literacy includes visual , electronic and digital forms of communication. Media literacy Media literacy is the ability to: access the media

understand critically evaluate media content create communications / produce messages Media literacy cares about how people comprehend, interpret , analyze and compose media messages. Example : Facebook , website or blog passive or active audience Egyptian Army (sms) in the revolution Q Media literacy

Children and youth especially adolescents exposed to a large amount of media messages for entertainment through television, internet, music, movies and videogames. Therefore Media literacy plays a role in the socialization when children and youth exposed to these messages. Entertainment leads to socialization

There is a need to understand the media work and citizens should know the political, ideological, economic and cultural dimensions of media. Video Assignment Media Literacy (elementary school intro) .mp4 OR Information literacy Means To :

Recognize when information is needed Identify Locate Think critically Evaluate Use information to solve a problem Note: Ward argument (2006) states that info. Lit. includes media lit. Information literacy Digital literacy Includes :

The presentation of information The evaluation of information The organization of information Through : The usage of digital tools & digital resources. Digital literacy Comparison Simil. & diffe.

Media literacy Information literacy S Requires analytic skills Requires analytic skills S

Critical evaluation to the media messages Critical evaluation D New media doesnt but media lit. can improve traditional print lit. skills Sometimes based on traditional conceptions

D Disputable valid (not sure) Interpret complex communicative situations D No attempt

Soft applied discipline D Commercial communication (advertising) Not found D unclear in media lit.

Requires technology mediated Multicultural literacy Is the ability to Acknowledge compare contrast appreciate commonalities and differences in cultural behaviors beliefs and values, within and between cultures.

Q Emerging technology literacy Is the ability to: adapt understand evaluate make use of the continually emerging innovations in information technology make intelligent decisions about the adoption of new tools & resources.

Reproduction literacy Means the creative re-use of existing materials (is embedded into digital literacy) . Multimodal literacy promises a synthesis of multiple modes of communication Results : New or Transformed into

Singular modes Multiple meanings. meanings Consumers and producers People are regarded as receivers but not senders of messages. NOW, content creation is easier than ever, ever because the same technology can easily be used to send and

receive, thus many are already content producers. producers The web began to develop as a global forum for conversations and there is explosive growth in online publishing, publishing with an increasing number of writers who are specialists and non-specialists. Conclusion Finally, The article gave us : An overview about 3 main literacies and other new literacies definitions.

Similarities and differences between Media & Information literacies. The attention to the blurring line between media consumers and producers. Specific Questions What is media literacy? What are the other two important literacies? Information literacy & Digital literacy What is the definition of multicultural literacy? What are the other literacies mentioned in the article? Visual literacy, Emerging technology literacy, reproduction

literacy & Multimodal literacy. What the web develops in online publishing? It is recognized that the web began to develop as a global forum for conversations and we witness an explosive growth in online publishing, with an increasing number of writers (Beeson, 2005). Discussion Questions Do we need media literacy? Why? To what extent we have the awareness of using digital tools & resources? Are you a media literate person? & what

skills do you have? How can we apply media literacy in our society? In other words, through what channels can we aware people of media literacy? Useful Links Resources on Media and Media Literacy- University of Michigan, The George Lucas Educational Foundation - For improving the K-12 learning process , Media Awareness Network, Association for Media Literacy, Concerned Children's Advertisers,

..Any Questions

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