Parent/Carer Newsletter Spring 2018 Heedies Hello! by Mr

Parent/Carer Newsletter Spring 2018 Heedies Hello! by Mr

Parent/Carer Newsletter Spring 2018 Heedies Hello! by Mr Anderson (HT) Welcome to the Spring edition of the Bellahouston Academy Newsletter. As ever, things have been extremely busy and I hope that this Newsletter gives you a flavour of whats been happening. Were in the runup to exams and everyone is working flat-out to make sure that our young people are as well prepared as they possibly can be, especially with the enforced 3-day layoff brought about by the snow closure. We held a Study Skills Evening on 12th March and there will be a programme of Spring Break Revision classes running throughout the holiday. Id urge parents/carers to make sure that their daughter/son attends as many of these sessions as possible they really can make a difference. In this issue Inside, youll read, amongst other things, about our two-day Rowathon, which showed what Bella is all about. The spirit in the Assembly Hall over the two days was fantastic, with pupils encouraging their fellowrowers to post the best distance they possibly could in pursuit of House points. Staying on a sporting theme, Im delighted to be able to announce at long last that our red ash pitch will soon be a thing of the past, being replaced by a highquality artificial surface. Id also like to thank the Parents Council for their assistance over the last few months with our efforts to get this upgrade over the line. Finally, Bellahouston Academy will be hosting a Scottish Government Conference on Adverse Childhood Experiences

from 10.30 12.30 on Monday 26th March. This will be Chaired School website : Rowathon Sport and Health council A special guest visits Bellahouston Academy Pitch Proposal Success and impact of Parent Council Success Stories Easter School by the Deputy First Minister and will also be attended by many of the Scottish Cabinet as well as other well-known figures from Scottish civic life. Enjoy the Newsletter and have a very pleasant Spring Break Holiday when it comes. Ian Anderson Twitter: @BellahoustonAc Sport and Health Council It has been such a busy term for the Sport and Health by Chloe Marshall, S&H Captain Council. On the run up to the Christmas period we planned and organised a House Challenge called the Jingle Jog. This was a huge success and we raised 500 for our charity, Save the Children. We had the bug and asked Miss Dickman if we could organise another event this term. We chose to celebrate the upcoming Glasgow European

Championships 2018 and decided a House Rowathon would be a good challenge. We invited Bonnie the Seal as our special guest and Bonnie opened our event! We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff, pupils and our local primary pupils from Lorne Street and St Alberts who signed up for the challenge and came to celebrate with us! You were fantastic. Our 3rd and final piece of news for the newsletter is very exciting! We found out this week, after years of preparation, campaigning with our Parent Council supporting us that Bellahouston Academy is finally getting a new synthetic pitch, replacing the old, often waterlogged or flooded blaes pitch. This is a huge step forward for PE and after school clubs at the school. Building work begins on March 26th and it will be ready for us to use in August

after the summer holidays! Celebrating success A HUGE congratulations to Madame Albarracin, her Modern Languages team and our 4 Bella superstars who scooped a number of awards at the Glasgow Language Awards hosted in the stunning City Chambers. The event was hosted by Councillor Ricky Bell and Councillor Chris Cunningham. Pictured are each of the winners. Mr Turner Languages Teacher of the Year Ben S2 Language Ambassador of the Year Language Partnership Award in Health and Wellbeing and Language Development Congratulations to our Senior Maths Challenge Team, who won second place in the West of Shahtaj and Emmanuel S1 Language Learner of the Year Internationa l Womens Day Naeem and Sangeeta Bushra Kaur representing Bellahouston Academy at the International Womens Day event in Glasgow City Chambers alongside 200 school girls & success business women. 6072994.Hundreds_of_Glasgow_girls_c elebrate_International_Women_s_Day/ School of Sport @ 2018 Commonwealth Games! As we reach our 20 year anniversary, we are delighted to see so many Glasgow School

of Sport alumni named in Team Scotland, Team Australia and Team Northern Ireland squads. 13 talented student athletes are jetting off to the Gold Coast in Australia for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. We are very proud of our former pupils and it is great to see the hard work during their time at School of Sport having a lasting legacy! Congratulations and good luck to all! In GYMNASTICS: Cara Kennedy, Kelvin Cham and Shannon Archer In BADMINTON: Eleanor O'Donnell, Adam Hall and Kirsty Gilmour In MEN'S HOCKEY: Lee Morton, Kenny Bain and William Marshall In WOMEN'S HOCKEY: Kareena Cuthbert (Marshall) and Amy Gibson. Representing Australia in TRIATHLON is Charlotte McShane Representing Northern Ireland in SWIMMING is Jamie Graham. Bella Parent Council Welcome to the Bella Parent Council section of the newsletter. The Minutes of meetings are available on the school website. This month, amongst a strong turnout from parents, we discussed some pressing issues for the school including staffing, post prelim discussions around level changes, litter and possible Next interventions involving the local community, and Meeting: After a very hard hitting presentation from the Sport and Health how we can support the school. 25th April, Council, we joined the school campaign in support of their new full size synthetic pitch An item that has been ongoing for PC is the school 7pm replacing the awful Blaes pitches still in place at the school. PE facilities. Following very recent communication with contractors, the school would like to offer their sincerest thanks to the Parent Council. After years of planning, meetings and more recently the successful communication between Parent Council and the Director of Education, we can confirm a start date for the new pitch 26 th March. Finally, after lengthy service, we will be offering our thanks to current Treasurer Harris, Secretary Briony who are stepping down at this years AGM (Wednesday 13th June at 7pm) and we will look to appoint

members into those positions. If you feel you could offer valuable services to the Parent Council, please get in touch/attend the next meeting. Parent-Pupil Study Skills On Monday night we welcomed Senior pupils and their parents/carers Night to school for an evening of Study skills, hints and tips as momentum builds towards the final exams. Parents learned how to access lots of resources and support their children during this time. If you missed you can find the booklets the night but would like to access some of the material, and lots of resources on the school website. Easter school will also be running over the 2 week break. Pupils can access extra support, complete portfolios, undertake exam preparation etc. Timetables of classes will Easter School Programme Week 1 Tues 3 rd English 9.30-12 N5 12.30 3 N5 A Greer 9.30-12 Higher 12.30-3 Higher C Duncan Health & Wellbeing 10-2 N5 PE T McWaters 10-3 H PE A Dickman Creative Arts Music 9-10.30 N5 Listening 11-12.30 H Listening 1-2.30 AH Listening G Fraser 10-2 N5 Practical Cake L McConnell Wed 4th Health & Wellbeing

Technologies Humanities 10-2 N5 PE T McWaters 9-12 H Admin 1-3 N5 Admin P Gibson 10-3 N5 and H Mod Studies P Devlin 9-3 Graphic Communications Design & Manufacture and Practical W/working Mr McCunnie 12-3 H Accounting Mr Coyle Thurs 5th Maths 10-12 H 1-3 N5 R McCarthy Sciences Fri 6th 9.30-12 H Physics S Dadgostar Health & Wellbeing 10-1 N5 PE A Dickman Sciences 9-3 N5 Bio N Scobie Easter School Programme Week 2 Mon 9th Tues 10th Wed11th Health & Wellbeing 10-1 H + N5 PE (Typing only) A Dickman Sciences 12.30-3.30 H Physics

S Dagostar Health and wellbeing Technologies Languages 9-12 N5 PE 12.30 -3.30 N5 PE P McCloy 12.30-3.30 H/N5 French 12.30-3.30 H/N5 Spanish L Albarracin J Boyle 9-12 N5 Bus Ed S Atha Techologies Humanities 10-3 Bus Ed S Atha (UWS Trip) 10-1 H/N5 RMPS C Thomson Graphic Communication, Design & Manufacture Practical Woodworking Skills 9-3pm Mr McCunnie Sciences Thurs 12th 9.30-3 N5 Physics E Henderson Technologies Fri 13th Humanities 9 - 3pm H+N5 History A Notman L Kennedy Graphic Communication Design & Manufacture Practical Woodworking Skills 9-3pm Mr Georgonikos

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