Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG and Wyre Forest CCG

Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG and Wyre Forest CCG

Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG and Wyre Forest CCG Staff structure August 2015 1 Corporate Affairs Primary Care Strategy Stakeholder Relations Corporate Governance Board Management Legal Affairs Risk and Assurance Information Governance (including SIRO and CG) Equality and Diversity Organisational Development HR Emergency Planning Complaints CSS Management Primary Care development Joint commissioning of Primary Care with NHS England (15/16) Primary Care strategy development Quality monitoring of Primary Care services Strategic and operational development QIPP / service redesign PMO Workforce planning Operational and

business planning Lead strategy development Quality and Patient Safety Quality Monitoring Patient Safety CQUIN Safeguarding Infection Control Clinical Engagement Medicines Management CHC/FNC Finance Performance and Information Shared Commissioning Team Finance Management Accounts Performance QIPP Procurement Audit Business Intelligence CSS Management Planning Service redesign Commissioning Care pathways Networks JCU Liaison IFR OOH Locality Teams Primary Care

Development Local care pathways and redesign Member Engagement Social Marketing Enhanced Services Practice Level Information/ Finance Support 2 Senior Management Team Chief Officer Simon Hairsnape Chief Finance Officer Paul Sheldon Chief Nursing Officer Jo Galloway Director of Commissioning and Service Redesign Chris Emerson Director of Corporate Affairs Karen Hunter (till 31.08.2015) David Scott (from 01.08.2015) Director of Strategy Mick O'Donnell Note: Blue Shared Management Team (NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG and NHS Wyre Forest CCG) Orange Commissioning Team

Purple NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG Locality Team Green NHS Wyre Forest CCG Locality Team Operations Director Wyre Forest Heather Macdonald Operations Director Redditch and Bromsgrove Andrea Guest (maternity leave from 17.08.2015) Director of Primary Care Jan Butterwoth Corporate Team Director of Corporate Affairs Karen Hunter (till 31.08.2015) David Scott (from 01.08.2015) PA to Director of Corporate Affairs Wendy Watts Executive Assistant to Chief Officer / Business Support Manager/Complaints Manager Sarah Parr Corporate Affairs Team Secretary

Sally-Anne Evans Corporate Affairs Manager Lynda Williams Corporate Affairs Officer Jannet Allen Facilities Admin Support Rebecca Summer 4 Quality and Patient Safety Jo Galloway Chief Nursing Officer Safeguarding Adults Lead Lesley Cochrane Named Professional for Safeguarding (Primary Care) Appointed but not yet started MCA/DoLs , Lead Professional Alan Dennett (fixed term post) Designated Nurse, Safeguarding Ellen Footman Named

Professional for Safeguarding (Primary Care) Appointed but not yet started PA to CNO Kim Crawford Commissioning Manager Complex Care Linda Allsopp Deputy Chief Nursing Officer Catherine Whitehouse Patient Safety Manager Annie Coyle Team Secretary Rose Small Quality Assurance Manager Rachael Skinner Quality Assurance Officer Mandy Burton 5 Finance Performance and Information Chief Finance Officer Paul Sheldon Planning and

Performance Officer Alex Hill PA to Chief Finance Officer Hilary Newman Deputy Chief Finance Officer Steve Perks Strategy Support Manager Toni Bellfield Finance Manager Jan Clossick Business Intelligence Manager Matthews Wells Business Planning Finance Officer Sunita Chhokkar Assistant Accountant Alistair Kirkup Assistant Accountant Kelly Dimmock Finance Assistant Lydia Webster Finance Assistant Daisy Richards 5

Shared Commissioning Team Team Secretary Gaynor Fitzgerald Senior Commissioning Manager (North Account Manager) Helen Bryant Commissioning Manager CCPC/IFRs TBC Commissioning Support Manager Sally Weale Commissioning Manager Out of Area contracts, EReferral Sandeep Purewal Commissioning Manager Special projects LTCs, Hospices Emma Prichard (on maternity Leave) Director of Commissioning Chris Emerson Deputy Director of Commissioning Simon Gartland Commissioning Manager

OOHs, PTS, 999, NHS111 Ferduse Sadiq Office Administrator Amanda Wilson Senior Commissioning Manager (South Account Manager) Helen Aribi Head Of Contracting Nigel Featherstone Commissioning /Contracts Manager WHCT Anita Roberts Commissioning Manager Special Projects Maternity/Paeds, Services Philippa Turner Assistant Contracts Manager (Community) Lisa Platt Assistant Contracts Manager (Acute) Megan Isaac Contracts Assistant Nigel Lawrence

Wyre Forest Locality Team Operations Director Heather Macdonald Executive Administrator Helen Arnold Information Manager Ben Furlow Clinical Development Manager Sarah Knight Primary Care Engagement Manager Samantha Hill (On maternity Leave) Patient and Public Engagement Manager Ruth Cooper 8 Redditch and Bromsgrove Locality Team Operations Director Andrea Guest (maternity leave from 10.08.2015) Commissioning Support Administrator

Vickie Deacon Executive Administrator Bethan Flynn Information and Primary Care Project Manager vacant Service Transformation Manager Sue Adams (acting up for Operations Director from 17.08.2015) Locality Business Manager Holly Hastings Locality Project Manager tba Community Engagement and Social Marketing Manager Henry Soulsby 9 Strategy Team Director of Strategy Mick ODonnell Strategic Planning Manager Emily Godfrey

Strategic Project Officer Sorena Maguire 10 Primary Care Team Jan Butterworth Head of Primary Care Dr Jonathan Leach Primary Care Quality Lead 11 Roles hosted by South Worcestershire CCG and working across the three CCGs in Worcestershire Medicines Management Jane Freeguard Head of Medicines Management Fiona Bates Elaine Nicholls, Prescribing Information Analyst Danielle Clark, Medicines Assurance Pharmacist Wendy Pigg, Medicines Assurance Pharmacist Sue Chauhan, CCG Locality Pharmacist Helen Self, CCG Locality Pharmacist Sue Seal, CCG Locality Pharmacist Paul Martin, Medicines Commissioning Pharmacist Priti Patel, Medicines Commissioning Pharmacist Communications Sally Evans Gary Hammersley George Stringer Oliver Smith Infection Prevention and Control Josie McHale-Owen 12

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