Recap task Think of fifteen key terms associated

Recap task Think of fifteen key terms associated

Recap task Think of fifteen key terms associated with analogy Choose nine and add to the bingo grid Play bingo Recap Aquinas on analogy 1. Language is _____________ if it has the same meaning in each case e.g. _________ 2. Language is ______________ if it has a different meaning in each case e.g. ____ 3. An analogy is ______________ 4. It is correct to say God is good because God is the _______ of goodness analogy of _______ 5. An analogy of _________ says that God has the same qualities in different __________ to humans

Analogy: Ian Ramsey 1957 book Religious Language: an Empirical Placing of Theological Phrases Objective To know the theory of Ian Ramsey To explain how it can be said to effectively provide a solution to the problem of religious language Ian Thomas Ramsey was Professor of the Philosophy of Religion at the University of Oxford, and Bishop of Durham from 1966 until his death in 1972

Models and Qualifiers Ramsey tried to explain the way in which religious language could usefully describe God A model is an analogy which enables us to express something of God. God is good In this sentence, good is a model for God When we apply a human understanding of good to God, it is a model for understanding Gods goodness. Good is a word we use in ordinary life e.g.


O G Y A R R MU Explanation To understand Gods goodness the model needs qualifying (adjectives and adverbs). The qualifier, that God is infinitely good, has to be added to the expression God is good. Such qualifiers will deepen our understanding of what it means that God is good.

We might not understand and comprehend exactly the nature of God, because qualifiers such as infinitely or perfectly are in many ways beyond our imagination, but it is a method of speaking about God positively which aims to avoid either limiting God or speaking incomprehensibly. Ramsey claimed that qualifies can lead to the light dawning and penny dropping. What does this mean mean? What does Ramsey mean by odd words? Give an example DIL - Consolidation task Read the booklet pages 4-6 and the John Hick extract pages 83-85. Complete tasks 4 a and b and 5 Summary of analogy Write a one page revision summary of Religious language as non-cognitive and analogical Include an explanation of Analogy of Being why can we make a comparison

between God and humanity. Write an essay plan for Explain the concept of religious language as an analogy. 20 marks AO2 Evaluating analogy Analogy In Aquinas view, it was important to remember that God cannot be wholly understood, and that we will never reach a clear understanding where we comprehend exactly what God is. 1. Read the statements 2. Decide if they support or reject the use of analogy in religious language 3. Can you match any together in pairs or small groups 4. Complete tasks 6 and 7 Can you add any other ideas?

Strengths C. Stephens Evans mystery . . . Useful in many contexts, especially when used to communicate complex or new ideas. They help us to form pictures in our minds, and to associate ideas and draw conclusions Weaknesses It is not always clear

exactly in what respects two different things are being considered similar in what respects might the love or the justice of God resemble our own, and how they are different Blackstone analogies are not helpful

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