Making your rsum work for you! A Making your rsum work for you! A Making your rsum work for you! A few tips to help you get the most from this presentation (If youve gotten this far, youre doing know your way around PowerPoint!) Many of the slides are animated for emphasis; heres a tip.if nothing happens for a few seconds, left click to bring up the next action. Ahhhhh..Good show! Now, do yourself a BIG FAVOR and check out the rest of our website, Heres some of what youll find: A description of an achievement-based rsum, and how to make yours an achievementbased success! A full list of questions that will help you identify & quantify your achievements! Remember, your professional achievements will make you stand out from the crowd! Several rsum formats, Chronological, Functional, and Targeted, all of which are from actual successful rsums that got the interview! Some great tips for interview preparation, networking, job postings, cover letters, and a number of other how to articles and tips for the active job seeker.

Now, lets see ya do the left click trick again and get on with the show! DID YOU KNOW THAT YOURE NOT THE ONLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATE APPLYING FOR YOUR TARGET JOB ? OK, IF I HAVE TO COMPETE WITH OTHERS FOR MY JOB, HOW DO I MAKE MY RSUM STAND OUT FROM THE REST OF THE CROWD? Simple! By describing your achievements in the field for which theyre hiring professionall impressively y!

effectively In other!words, by using !an Achievement Based Rsum! An ABR will tie you directly to your target job or Why is an achievement based rsum Well, heres what it does. so important anyway? What will it It really do for me? highlights our strongest professional skills and

achievements in our profession. clearly demonstrates our ability to produce results in those areas. addresses areas of interest to selected employers. motivates the employers to meet us personally. presents things we want to discuss in the interview. creates a professional image that will ...make you stand out from the rest of the crowd! Rsums that make you stand out are ... in a format that best highlights your professional skills and good stuff... and puts em up front! ... focused and to the point....and are crisp, neat, and uncluttered.

And above all, they show that youre the one for the job! Simply put, make your rsum highlight your.... What makes Highlight our achievemen achievements? ts so ?? hot??? Our experiences simply say been there, Well, first of all, achievements differ

done that. (hohum) from experiences!!! Heres how: Our achievements, however, say been there, done that, and heres how well Ive been doing it! (in terms HR and hiring managers will appreciate and be attracted to!) WOW!!!! In other words, our achievements describe & quantify successes weve already had in doing the same things the target job or environment calls for. OK, then, whats the The point isachievements help you get m o fr

... here ...thru here here ! Job offer YOUR NEXT JOB!! Now, do you get the point? OK then, how about defining Heresachievements?

how achievements work From your perspective, when you answer an ad or forward your rsum package, youre offering yourself and your talents for their review. ...Those talents and quantified performance successes youve had And hopefully, after a successful interview, which show that you, specifically, have been making a reasonable joboutstanding

offer. contributions doing the same thing the target company wants done. (Bobs dictionary) Well, the other side of the table has needs too. Basically, theyre looking for someone they can make money with; someone with a proven track record of success in doing the job(s) theyre hiring for . Why highlighting your achievements clearly & strongly is a good idea. (Here are some comments from hiring professionals) What employers want to know about "I want

to know how good the Is the candidate focused on what he potential candidates AWe candidates accomplishments look for sales representatives Candidate

is at what we want done, wants to do, and has he been successful based on their actual performance are I skills.are

sell toyoumy Do you havewhat the related goodclients. at what you do? with past companies. atachievements it, can or isthey he Executive just looking forfor something and do the same

us?" Recruiter he thinks he can do? Did you contribute in your last job? Is your work ethic a fit for us? HR Manager SE Marketing Region firm Medical Sales Mgr What specific talents do you have that will help uscan you prove it? IT Recruiter Are you focused on my job? In plain language, what can you do for us? OK, then, how are these achievements gonna make my rsum stand

out from all these other jokers? Good question! First, lets look at several random vocational related questions to ask yourself in order to help identify & quantify your achievements Sales Size of the company in estimated sales and numbers of employees? What did you manage or oversee? Territory size, if applicable? Open new markets? Bring in new accounts? Take accounts from competitors? Sales growth in $$, or % and $$? (Warning! % alone is often suspect) Finding our achievements

Sales Supervise or train employees? How many? Ever win any sales contests or awards? Any of the salespersons you supervised or trained ever win sales contests or awards? Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha! Finding our achievements Office Administration OK Now, letsbusiness?

find the Size of Size of office staff.type achievements in someetc. ? business in dollars, clients, territory, actual rsums How many & type files maintained? What special computer S/W or program used? Manage an office budget? How much? Work with outside vendors? Order supplies? Contact with clients? How many per day? What type service did you provide for them?

Finding your achievements among experiences (Asking yourself the right questions can makersum the difference!) Original experience Identified & quantified achievements Responsible for marketing to corporate groups for special events. (Events Coordinator Busch Gardens) Booked 7 corporate special events of over $170,000 each; through satisfied client referrals, booked an additional 12 events for $2.1 million over the next year. Reduced the over 90-day Accounts Receivable during the first year of operation. (A/P A/R bookkeeper) Reduced over 90 day A/R exposure from double-digit 11% ($162,000) to less than 1% ($15,500) within the first year, without a single customer complaint! Performed clerical duties for an attorneys office. (Legal Firm)

Provided administrative support for an office of eight attorneys. Handled over 150 clients confidential files, and scheduled an average of 50 to 70 court appearances and legal deposition appointments per year. Awarded Regional Manager of the Year honors for excellent sales staff performance. (Surgical sales) Selected as Regional Manager of the Year for achieving over 129% ($154 million) against a $120 million goal; three of eight assigned sales representatives closed the year in the top five of 98 company sales representatives. Nowits your turn! What questions would you ask to bring out & quantify the hidden achievements? achievements Opened new markets in Japan, New Zealand, and Taiwan through personal representation and unique sales strategies. How Enjoyed

many annual and $$ sales value growth of markets? of over 25% each What typeyear. unique strategies? Enjoyed annual sales growth of over 25% each year. What was the sales growth in $$...... over how many years? Increased my closings by 50%; exceeded sales goals by 35% in my first year. Grew sales significantly by arranging and conducting customized theme open house events. Managed 140 residential units, including single and multifamily homes, as well as a 58,000 sq foot office

building. Listed and sold vacant land and developed lots throughout the Metro Nashville area. Responsible for the companys territory budgets, to include travel expenses, salary incentives, marketing promotional expenditures, and special project costs. lets see how all this quantified achievement stuff looks in a rsum But firsta brief message from our sponsors, iWrk Gotta Have Achievements, Inc. Why take the time to find and describe your achievements, if your rsum doesnt present them in a manner that tells the employer. what you can do for them? Thank yew!

Thank yew! From your rsum presenterand a great Management Recruiter we all know & love! Now, some Achievement Based Rsums. 991 Bellows Road Tampa, FL 33623 ACHIEVEMENT BASED RSUM WAREHOUSING (777) 777-7777 [email protected] LOCATION RECORDS LOSS PREVENTION

Ensuring inventory control accuracy through effective warehousing! Inventory Management Stock Location Records Shipping Receiving Retrieval Accuracy Fork Lift Licensed Crew Scheduling Perishable Storage Inventory Shrinkage Control

Operations Safety Wholesale warehouse operations; frozen, chilled, & canned food items, condiments, and paper products, servicing 75 retail outlets within the Tampa Bay Area. Annual revenue is $2 3.5 million with 4.5 inventory turns. PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Morgans Distributors Tampa, Florida 2009 to present ACHIEVEMENT BASED RSUM 991 Bellows Road Tampa, FL 33623 (777) 777-7777 [email protected] PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Morgans Distributors Tampa, Florida 2009 to present

Warehouse over 6,000 food lines, valued at $800,000, to include dry goods, chilled produce & frozen product; process an average of 30 receipt and 60 delivery shipments per week. Verify an average of 5-7 in-out Bills of Lading per day, post to warehouse stock location records, and notify Accounts Payable and Inventory Control; average daily movement is $3045,000. Document discrepancies in quantity, brand, and damages. Monitor 12 frozen and chilled storage units; pull product for shipment on a first in-first out basis in order to maintain perishable quality. Handle a crew of 4 operators and 5 pieces of product & pallet moving equipment. Over the past 28 months there have been no warehousing time-loss accidents. ACHIEVEMENT BASED RSUM 991 Grinder Road Tampa, FL 33623 (777) 777-7777 [email protected] SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS An experienced high-volume manufacturing/machining process professional who is able to coordinate and manage multiple process lines simultaneously. Solid experiences in training and

motivating equipment operators into efficient teams, particularly in high volume process oriented environments. Certifications include CNC Machining, Swiss Precision Machining, and Euro-turn Thread Machines. Specification Set-up High Volume High Tolerance Layout Interpretation Operator Training Equipment Installation Process Development CNC Management Quality & Safety Standards

Six Sigma Certified Computer Numeric Control < 3.4 defective parts per million (quality program/standards) PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS ABC Machining Largo, FL 2005 to 2011 ACHIEVEMENT BASED RSUM 651 Grinder Road Tampa, FL 33623 (777) 777-7777 [email protected]

PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS ABC Machining Largo, FL 2005 to 2011 Operated a variety of precision machining equipment in an operation doing over $8 million annually; line production ranged from 100 to 600 pieces per hour, depending on process complexity and tolerances. Set and monitored regular maintenance schedules, and helped operators follow equipment maintenance procedures; as required, scheduled maintenance down time so as not to disrupt production runs. Value of operated / maintained equipment and tooling was over $2.7 million. Worked with design & production engineers in modifying processes to increase production accuracy and first pass acceptance. Scrap loss was < 1 % per $20,000 cost of goods. ACHIEVEMENT BASED RSUM 1266 Millford Rd. Boston, MA 02101 (617) 777-7777

[email protected] FACILITIES ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS Providing a comfortable working environment thru hands-on service. Commercial Systems Plumbing & Electrical Maintenance Custodial Services Pools & Filtration Maintenance HVAC Installation & Repair Tile Floor Care Low Pressure Boilers Heat Controls Licensed & Bonded Over 20 years successful care of commercial, industrial, and plant facilities; maintained installed systems valued in excess of $7,500,000. Provided industrial maintenance for a 6 floor, 120 suite office building; gas furnaces, solar panels, pneumatic heat controls, general & individual suite security systems, and a variety of other comfort & safety alarm systems. Total property value approximately $21,000,000. PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Greater Boston Services Facility Maintenance Engineer 2003 - 2011 ACHIEVEMENT BASED RSUM

1266 Millford Rd. Boston, MA 02101 (617) 777-7777 [email protected] PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Greater Boston Services Facility Maintenance Engineer 2003 - 2011 Oversaw complete facilities maintenance to include buildings (interior as well as exterior), and installed environmental control systems and equipment for a $21,000,000 office complex. Coordinated with supporting services such as water & sewer, electrical, plumbing, waste service, security, and food service. Verified average monthly utilities charges of $5,800. Maintained environmental control aspects of a 13 building site; worked on-site in addition to being on call on a 24 hour basis. Each building required continuous maintenance of hydronic heating furnaces, motors and pumps, appliances, tile floors and carpentry needs.

This next format is potentially terminal to your job search, and should not be used by anyone under the age of 21! This rsum is available at ID required Targeted Rsum This is extremely powerful! Even so, I strongly suggest you try it at home! Bank Vault, FL Tax Preparation Business & Individual Accounting

(813) 783-7777(h) Office Management Increasing bottom line accuracy through sound accounting practices General Ledger Payroll Management Records & Reports Office Administration Computer Expertise Commercial Accounts Business Startup Accounting Vendor Management Office Budgets Client Loyalty Your requirements My qualifications Five years experience with general office and business accounting. Over 15 years experience with individual and corporate business accounts. Working knowledge of Florida personal and corporate Tax Codes. Business tax

experience a plus. Created tax structures and guided client businesses thru start-up accounting codes. Revenues ranged from $5 to $24 million. General office management experience, to include operating budgets. monthly . Managed an office of 8 accountants and an administrative staff of 3; oversaw a office budget of $1,500. For this format to be successful, you need to know the specific job requirements, and be able to prove by your achievements that you have the exact background to meet or exceed them Targeted Rsum Bank Vault, FL

[email protected] (813) 783-7777(h) PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Allen & Mays Tax Tampa, FL 2001-2011 Office Management / Bookkeeping: As full charge bookkeeper, oversaw all General Ledger transactions, including account analysis, schedules of asset and & liability account, and full journal preparation for a firm doing $3,000,000 million annually. Office staff consisted of four CPAs, four staff accountants, and three administrative assistants. Prepared all internal tangible personal property and sales tax returns, handled all business and employee insurance audits, renewals, and mid-term changes. Maintained a schedule of employee compensation. Client / Business Accounting : Enjoyed an excellent record of accuracy and solid client satisfaction, and was able to develop a loyal client base for individual quarterly SUTA tax reports, as well as annual returns. Over the last two years of employment, the annual

revenue of customer tax accounts grew from $17,000,000 to $24,000,000. Business Consulting: Developed and assisted with the implementation of sound financial structure for various small businesses and new corporate ventures, to include Corporate and Business Taxes and Payroll. As financial planning confidant, provided documented advice on the best approach for structuring general office bookkeeping functions such as payroll, A/P, A/R, Daily Journal set-up & maintenance, and various banking tools. Remember this key to success when putting your rsum together: Always put your professional strengths (achievements) up front! This shows very quickly that youre the one for the job, and it shows respect for the reader(s) in that they can easily see what you can do for them! Before we close, lets take a quick smart break so we dont trip over these writing traps ! Dont rely on spell check alone! It wont catch homonyms, such as to, too, and two which are spelled correctly, but often misused. Make sure your verbs agree with your nouns, such as She runs, not She run. Also, keep past jobs in past tense common error!

Punctuate ! Run-on sentences in search of capitals and periods are hard to understand. (Shows a complete lack of attention to detail) Avoid technical jargon. Technical terms are fine, but tech jargon often isnt commonly understood. Let someone who doesn't know what you do read your rsum and see if its clear to them. Edit yourself ! Clarity & conciseness win out over verbosity. Not everyone has time to read a 3-sentence statement just to get a 1-sentence fact! Wait a day, if you can, before Emailing your rsum. This allows you a fresh look for any of the errors above. This might also apply to a tailored hard copy rsum youve done for a specific job. So now, do you think you can find and use your achievements to attract attention to your rsum Professionally ? Impressively ? Effectively ? So that

your rsum will tie you to the target job or professional environment thru your. Achievemen ts! Now, to close with an old Southern Baptist word of encouragement about And God Bless! would be complete without a word reminding us of the Greatest Rsum Writer, Career Counselor, Recruiter, and Placement Specialist

ever. God reviews our rsums just to see each day, where Our gifts are needed

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