Presentation by Bystander Programme, part of Speak Up

Presentation by Bystander Programme, part of Speak Up

Presentation by Bystander Programme, part of Speak Up at UWE Bristol Sports & Societies Mackay, F., Bovill. H, McCartan, K., Waller, R., Miguel Lazaro, A., Briefing Carrie, S., and Smith, T. (2018) SpeakUp. Bristol, University of the West of England. In collaboration with UWE students, UWE Student Union, UWE staff, and external stakeholders; Bristol Zero Tolerance, Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support, and Stand Against Racism and Inequality 2019 If a situation doesn't feel right, S peak Up 1 UWE allows the Bystander material on its presentation to be

Heading Text used under the international creative commons share-alike licence 4.0. This means this material can be copied and adapted for noncommercial purposes. If you republish it you must ensure the creative commons licence applies to your material and is clearly referenced. Similarly, if you share this material, or adapted forms of it, with another party you must ensure that they are aware of the creative commons licence and their obligations to comply with it and to reference it. In addition, if you republish or reuse this work, either in original form or modified, then you are asked to acknowledge University of the West of England, Bristol clearly in any such reuse or republication as the creator of this work 2 Ground rules Heading Text Some of the material we will be discussing will be sensitive and some of us will have had personal experience of the things we discuss. Please be respectful of personal emotions as

we learn. 1. 2. 3. 4. Anything you hear is confidential Respect one anothers views This is not a place to publicly disclose information for the first time UWE Bristol support and guidance information will be provided. Please be aware that we will be talking about sensitive issues and issues that might have affected you or people you care about. If material is triggering, it is fine to leave the space permanently or for part of the session. Facilitators will understand and you do not need to give a reason for this. At the end we will leave UWE support and guidance websites so that everyone leaves knowing how to access support and guidance. If you do leave the session before this, please either email the facilitator so they can check in with you and advise you how to get support should you need it, or access the support and guidance from the UWE intranet. 3 What is Bystander? 4 stages of intervention

Heading Text A programme out of the United States Supporting students to look after each other In this case = focussing on interrupting sexual violence Passive bystander to Pro-social active bystander someone who understands: 1. that some sexual behaviours may be harmful 2. how and when it is safe and useful to SpeakUp 3. the various ways to do Berkowitz 2009 this

1. Notice the event 2. Interpret it as a problem 3. Feel responsible for dealing with it 4. Possess necessary skills to act 4 Golden Rule Heading Text Only intervene when it is safe for you to do so. If not safe, intervene later, get help. In an emergency: Dial 999 if off-campus

Dial 0117 32 89999 if on-campus If its not an emergency, contact our 24 hour Security Team: 0117 32 86404 5 Speaking up in the news: #MeToo at a Hollywood function last year and a high level Hollywood executive came over to me and groped. Jumping back, I said, what are you doing? He just grinned like a crazy jerk. I decided not to take it further because I didnt want to be ostracized, par for the course when the predator has power and influence. I let it go. Whos going to believe you? Few. What are the repercussions? Many. Do you want to work again? Yes. Are you prepared to be ostracized? No. The assault lasted only minutes, but what he was effectively telling me was that he held the power. That he was in control. This is how toxic masculinity permeates culture. 6

Who can experience sexual violence? Heading Text Anyone! 4,500 responses from male and female students in the UK (Revolt Sexual Assault). 70% of female and 26% of male students and graduates experienced some form of sexual violence from verbal harassment to physical assault. Price 2017 7 Heading Text

Bystanders In The News! Being an active pro-social bystander Boycott Gillette is currently still trending. The advert shows practical, everyday ways to intervene and challenge negative social norms. The advert has more dislikes than likes https:// =koPmuEyP3a0 8 Bystanders Challenge Negative Social Norms Heading Text Challenging negative social norms can challenge and

even reduce sexual violence and assault. 9 Preventing Sexual Violence: Being an Heading Text active pro-social bystander How, when, where to intervene? Who are you? New Zealand bystander video Watch on Youtube >> 1. Do you think the scenario is realistic?

2. Do you think the interventions are practical and realistic? 3. Are there any other ways the script could have been interrupted? 10 Heading Text Whats The Law? Unwanted sexual touching or groping is sexual assault Sexual assault is

If someone intentionally grabs or touches you in a sexual way that you don't like, or youre forced to kiss someone or do something else sexual against your will, (i.e. without your consent or without your choice) thats sexual assault. This includes sexual touching of any part of someones body, and it makes no difference whether youre wearing clothes or not. Anyone can be sexually assaulted and both men and women can commit sexual assault. (Victim Support n.d.) 11 Whats The Law? Rape is Heading Text Rape is Rape/sexual assault by penetration is the intentional penetration of another persons body (vagina, anus, mouth) with a penis or other object, where that person does not

consent A person cannot consent if they do not have capacity to do so if they are asleep, passed out, drugged People found guilty of rape can be sent to prison for life. Those guilty of sexual assault can be sent to prison for up to ten years. Those found guilty will be put on the sex offenders' register. A person can still be convicted of rape or sexual assault, even if they are not the rapist but were present or took part in the assault in some other way. 12 HeadingThe Text Law? Domestic abuse is Whats Domesti c abuse is Any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those

aged 16 or over who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. The abuse can encompass, but is not limited to: psychological physical sexual financial emotional May also be called intimate partner abuse or dating abuse. (Home Office 2018). May also take place in non-intimate relationships e.g. flat mates or with people you are not in a relationship with 13 Signs can include Heading Text Extreme jealousy or insecurity Explosive temper, and/or mood swings Making false accusations

Physically inflicting pain or hurt Pressures to send explicit photos/videos Using social media to check up on partner or use of apps such as phone tracker Embarrassing in public Constant belittling/put downs Isolation from family and friends Constant text messaging, makes partner feel they cant be separated from phone for fear of punishment Telling someone who they can or cant be friends with either in real life or on social media Gaslighting emotional abuse designed to make victim doubt their perceptions of reality Pride Surveys 2017 14

Support and guidance on the UWE Bristol Heading Text website Now lets finish by spending 5 minutes navigating this site so that you all have some idea how to get support and guidance for yourself or others should you need it. If a situation doesn't feel right, Speak Up 15 Other to get support or to Heading places Text report The Bridge- Tel: 01173426999- The sexual Assault Referral Centre in Bristol SARSAS- Women and Girls tel: 08088010456/ Men and boys: 08088010464- support for people who have

experienced sexual assault or rape. Survivors UK- Tel: 02035983898- support for male survivors The Samaritans Tel: 116 123 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) Email: [email protected] NHS 111 Service Freephone 111 for urgent medical advice (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) NHS medical help advice (24 hours): 111 Police non-emergency (24 hours): 101 16 Sources used Heading Text Bennett, J. and Jones, D. (2018) 45 stories of sexual consent. New York Times. May 10. Retrieved from: .html?rref=collection%2Fcolumn%2Fmodern-love&action=click&contentCollection=fas hion®ion=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=3&pgty pe=collection (Accessed May 2018).

Berkowitz, A. (2009) Response Ability: A Complete Guide to Bystander Intervention, Beck & Co. CAADA Safe Lives. (2012) A place of greater safety. Retrieved from: ( (Accessed May 2018). Earl, A. (2016) The law and social media. UK Safe Internet Centre. Retrieved from : Retrieved from: (Accessed May 2018). Gentlewarrior, S., & Fountain, K. (2009). Culturally competent service provision to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender survivors of sexual violence. Pennsylvania: NSVRC(2). Home Office. (2018) Domestic violence and abuse. Retrieved from: use-new-definition (Accessed May 2018). Hulse, R. (n.d.) Groping is not part of a night out: It is sexual harassment. Retrieved from: HTTPS://SAFEANDSOUNDGROUP.ORG.UK/BLOG/GROPING-IS-NOT-PART-OF-A-NIGHT-OUT -IT-IS-SEXUAL-HARASSMENT/ (Accessed May 2018.) 17 Sources used Leeds Beckett University. (2017) Mothers are the unseen force behind honour based crimes.

Heading Text Retrieved from:https :// me/ (Accessed May 2018). NUS (2011) Hidden marks. London: NUS. NUS (2016) Access denied. NUS Connect blog. 20 Jan. Price, H. (2017.) Revolt sexual assault research. Retrieved from: (Accessed May 2018). Pride Surveys (2017) Teen Dating Violence Awareness: Facts, Signs, Prevention. Retrieved from: (Accessed May 2018). Safe. (n.d. Rape and sexual assault. Retrieved from: (Accessed May 2018). Young, C. (2017) They started making monkey noises: Three Bristol students on being victims of racism at uni. The Tab. 17 January. Retrieved from: -racially-abused-uni-28016 (Accessed May 2018). Young-Powell, A. and Gil, N. (2015) LGBT students on lad culture: Will I be safe on campus today? Guardian. 19 October.

Victim Support. (n.d.) Rape and sexual assault. Retrieved from: (Accessed May 2018). 18 Bystander Programme, part of Speak Up at UWE Bristol Mackay, F., Bovill. H, McCartan, K., Waller, R., Miguel Lazaro, A., Carrie, S., and Smith, T. (2018) SpeakUp. Bristol, University of the West of England. In collaboration with UWE students, UWE Student Union, UWE staff, and external stakeholders; Bristol Zero Tolerance, Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support, and Stand Against Racism and Inequality 19

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