Judicial Partner Presentation Wave 1 August 29, 2017

Judicial Partner Presentation Wave 1 August 29, 2017

Judicial Partner Presentation Wave 1 August 29, 2017 Agenda iCourt Schedule Transition for Judicial Partners Judicial Partner Reports Go-Live Weekend

Experiencing the Change ICOURT SCHEDULE Idaho Project Schedule Three Major Phases Phase1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Pilot Prove the Solution

Early Adopters Prove the Implementation Rollout Velocity Deployment Strategy Pilot and Early Adopter Build out statewide solution Pilot County: Twin Falls, IE 1 June 22, 2015 Early Adopter: Ada County, IE 2 August 8, 2016 BOUNDARY BONNER

KOOTENAI BENEWAH SHOSHONE LATAH NEZ PERCE 4 Statewide Roll-Out (3 Waves/Events) Wave #1 October 10, 2017 Wave #2 April 9, 2018



GOODING 5 FREMONT Electronic Filing Voluntary e-filing at Case Manager go-live (day-one) Mandatory e-filing 30 days after go-live MADIS ON JEFFERSON


CASSIA ONEIDA BEAR LAKE 5 Wave 1 Counties October 10, 2017 3rd District Canyon Owyhee

4th District Boise Elmore Valley 5th District Blaine Camas Cassia Gooding Jerome Lincoln Minidoka TRANSITION FOR EXTERNAL JUDICIAL PARTNERS

iCourt Functional Overview iCourt Portal / File & Serve iCourt Portal / File & Serve Justice Partners & Public Courts & Probation Offices Portal eFilings

ePayments Case Management Case Management Judge Edition Supervision Supervision Financial Management Financial Management Integrations Two Primary Tools for Partners

Odyssey File and Serve iCourt Portal Odyssey File and Serve Electronically file with the courts at any time Fully web-based; able to access from anywhere Integrated into the courts Odyssey case management system Will provide: E-file only

E-service only E-file and E-service Common E-Filing Questions Am I going to have to e-file? E-filing will be mandatory for most filings (November 6, 2017) Except for initial criminal filings and other limited exceptions

E-filing facilitates the ability to file reports from judicial partners Become familiar with the e-filing rule What do I need to e-file? Web browser Filings must be in .pdf format How will I learn about e-filing? We will be communicating with you

Training is available now and in the future Take advantage of on-line training resources E-Filing Resources Overview http://icourt.idaho.gov/efileoverview Court Rule http://www.isc.idaho.gov/main/idaho-court-rules%20 Training

http://icourt.idaho.gov/efile-resources Access to Court Data for External Partners ISTARS Repository iCourt Portal Provides access in accordance with Idaho Supreme Court rules and extended access order

Access to Court Data for External Partners - iCourt Portal Connects to our constituency and justice partners General court information Hearing schedule Case information Up-to-the-moment data from Odyssey Integrated document access Designed with mobility in mind iCourt Portal iCourt Project Site

Extended Access Smart Search Feature Hearings Search Feature Advanced Search Features Make Payment Feature Extended Access - Rule 32 https://isc.idaho.gov/orders/Extended_Access_Order-April_2016.pdf Extended Access; Review and Apply How do I apply for Extended Access? Process 1. Read Idaho Court Administrative Rule 32 (ICAR 32) - Do you need extended access?

2. Review the Idaho Supreme Court Extended Access Order. - Has your agency been approved for access? 3. Agency Group Leader complete the Agency Request for Extended Access form - Email to [email protected] How to Apply for Extended Access Agency Request for Extended Access form Extended Access Two Step Registration Once your agency has been approved for extended access, visit the iCourt Portal and follow the steps: Step One; Register for an account 1. Click Register button at mycourts.idaho.gov 2. Complete initial registration questions

3. Username is email address 4. Create password; requirements 5. Email with link to confirm registration Extended Access Two Step Registration Step Two; Request Extended Access 1. Click email link 2. Login (email address as username) 3. Select Role 4. Click Submit Document Access With appropriate rights,

documents are available Public docs only at this time Found in the ROA, next to the corresponding event Also available in a separate Documents tile JUDICIAL PARTNER REPORTS Reports Currently Available for Justice Partners Hearing calendars

By Attorney or Judge Party Priors built off of hearing calendars Restitution Disbursements by date Ordered and/or paid Still Owing GO-LIVE WEEKEND

ISTARS/Repository Shutdown - Friday (10/6) ISTARS shuts down on Thursday, 10/5 (read-only) Repository available on Friday, 10/6 (no new data for Wave 1 counties after 10/5) iCourt Portal available on Friday, 10/6 (only for Ada and Twin Falls) What will available at Wave 1 Courts on Friday (10/6)? Limited court operations Reduced calendars to timesensitive hearings only Arraignments Emergency shelter care

hearings Protection orders Manual processes Limited front counter operations Manual receipts for payments Accept paper filings Odyssey Go-Live Timeline Cut-over Begins 10/5 (5pm) Final ISTARS updates

ISTARS month-end process Mon 10/9 Sat 10/7 Fri 10/6 Manual processes (Wave 1 counties) Thurs 10/5 ISTARS/ Repository shutdown (read-only)

Odyssey shutdown, 5:30pm (Ada & Twin) Conversion begins Conversion complete Odyssey quality checks Sun 10/8 Odyssey Available to Courts Manual data

entry by clerks Court prep for clerks Court prep for judges (4th/5th/Owyhee) Tues 10/10 Prep continues, as needed Odyssey Live Court prep for

judges (Canyon) iCourt Portal available Repository no longer contains Wave 1 data EXPERIENCING THE CHANGE Change is a process Setting the Course You cant always choose the changes you face, but you can always choose how you

face those changes. Change is Ahead! System Change Human Change Transition to a fully electronic court record New navigation to accomplish tasks Access based on role Shift in the tools and way you work Access may feel limited but major

enhancements are on the horizon It will be tough but gets better over time We are committed to partnering with you through this change! More Info: iCourt Project Site Transition Information Project Updates Resources iCourt Portal Project Site: icourt.idaho.gov Discussion

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