Qualifying to Bid Qualifying to Bid A Three

Qualifying to Bid Qualifying to Bid A Three

Qualifying to Bid Qualifying to Bid A Three Step Process Pre-Qualification Pre-Qualification PrePreTransaction Transaction On-going On-going Transaction Transaction Qualification Qualification Bidder

Bidder Qualification Qualification Transaction Transaction Specific Specific Transaction Transaction Specific Specific Pre-Qualification Process Step 1 To be determined to be pre-qualified, prospective bidders must successfully complete 3 documents Pre-Qualification Request Form

FDIC FDIC Qualified! Qualified! Purchaser Eligibility Certification Bidder Contact Information Form Transaction Specific Qualification Step 2 Prospective bidders may be required to meet additional criteria to receive further information on a specific Structured Transaction. Transaction specific qualification is required when a specific sale is in process. For each Transaction:

Structured Transaction Qualification Request Form. Purchaser Eligibility Certification. Structured Transaction Confidentiality Agreement. Qualifying to Bid Step 3 QUALIFICATIONS Financial Strength S t r e n g

t h E x p e r t i s e C a s h Expertise

Cash to Close Level 1 Section Proposed Acquisition Structure Provide a diagram and identify your proposed team structure. Lead Bidder. Private Owner. Servicer. Asset Manager. Investor(s) providing >25% of total funding.

Include Minority and Women-Owned entities. No changes to the identified team (lead bidder, servicer, asset manager and key investors). Level 2 Section Business Matters Bidder Evaluated in 4 areas 1) Financial Background Credit rating. Audited financial statements. Dunn & Bradstreet Reports. 2) Funding Amount and availability to close and fund on-going transaction obligations. Cash and cash equivalents.

Bank statements, commitment letters, documentation of callable capital. Other liquidity sources. Level 2 Section Business Matters (Cont.) Bidder Evaluated in 4 areas (Cont.) 3) Asset Management and Servicing Servicer rating reports. Operational experience of management officials and key employees. Sub-servicer relationships. Experience with default management & loss mitigation. Current servicing portfolio. Disaster recovery plans. Data security. Call center operations including capability to deal

effectively with non-English speaking borrowers. Level 2 Section Business Matters (Cont.) Bidder Evaluated in 4 areas (Cont.) 4) Portfolio Management Plan Asset management planning. Timeliness & schedules. Involvement of small, minority and women owned and local businesses. Overall project strategy. Demonstrating transition, control, direction, and exit. How you will earn value. Operational capacity. Roles & responsibilities, key operations/functions. Servicing issues. Call center operations supporting non-English speaking borrows.

Loss mitigation procedures. Disposition and marketing strategy for assets. Qualification Timeline Timeline/Events (generally) 6 Weeks Before Bid Date. Prospective Bidders Conducting Due Diligence Receive Bidding Instructions from Financial Advisors. Establishes due date for Bidder Applications. Provides instructions to submit Applications to a secure FDIC-designated mailbox. 3 Weeks Before Bid Date. Bidders submit Bidder Application & Supplemental Documentation.

5 Days Before Bid Date. Bidders notified by Financial Advisor on FDIC qualification determination. Why Get Pre-Qualified? Only way to be informed of structured sale announcements. Its EASY. Its

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