Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration

Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration

Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration CILogon-like service in EGI and the EOSC Deployment and Sustainability Models for the AARC CILogon-like TTS Pilot David Groep AARC NA3 coordinator, EGI AAI-TCB Nikhef PDP group EGI TCB-AAI May 2017 is operated by Nikhef as part of the Dutch National e-Infrastructure for Research coordinated by SURF for the benefit of the collective European Research and e-Infrastructures 1 Aim: seamless access to existing services with eduGAIN for all No Changes to the Model

for infrastructures and their service providers Dispersed User Base critical mass is beyond any single institution 11 : Pan-European Access not country-opt-in based standards-based assurance $ exec Command-line and VOMS with delegation and brokering Concentrate Sensitive Components no long-term token needs in the VO portal credential management by the Infrastructures

$oidc-> authenticate() echo "Hola $name" Minimal Coding for the VO portals 2 CILogon-like TTS Pilot, the Users work flow user login flow: VO portal Community Infrastructure RCauth service federated AAI credential flow: authentication, SAML federation, Policy Filter, OpenID Connect, PKIX+OIDC, (VOMS), proxy-on-portal R&S science gateways delegation AARC Master Portal or Infrastructure Solution

server filtering WAYF 3 Token Translator service component Needs security and policy expertise (people) and ability to maintain accreditation Needs operational and technical capabilities (hardware): hardware security modules, managed data centres, off-line and on-line secure areas, trained personnel, designate infrastructure to security operations Connects to a handful of Master Portals (MPs) with explicit agreements to take care of user credential protection and compliance Connects (many, we hope scalably) federations, IdPs and (few) SP-IdP-Proxies Serves many communities, some of which we dont yet know, and beyond just the European e-Infrastructures Considerations: Trust and compliance, with IGTF accreditation Single logical instance, with HA built in for production Managed by a consortium: in Europe agreed by at least EGI, EUDAT, GANT, ELIXIR, and SURF

4 Where are we today? In pre-production since May 2016, now several connections deployed to EGI, ELIXIR, DNI/SURF, production demonstrator instance of set up in the right way at Nikhef (only for now): Dedicated secure environment, FIPS 140 level 3 approved HSM, anchored in a stable way Policy and practices accredited under unique-identifier profile at the IGTF good enough for some infrastuctures, and within EGI in combination with vetted & managed communities Scalable negotiation model based on Sirtfi and REFEDS R&S section 6 Requirements on attached credential stores defined (for key protection) Trust anchors in production ( is part of the EGI-CAM package) But its a production demonstrator, not true production, without an SLA, and with limited capacity (~2k users) and its a bit a Heath Robinson service, using mostly pre-available hardware intended availability is high, but no on-site 24x365, nor redundancy 5

Planned management model shared governance through a Policy Management Authority non-discriminatory policy and practices joint PMA authoritative for policy and operations Stakeholders EGI, EUDAT, SURF, GANT, ELIXIR, Infrastructure-specific Master Portals and Credential Repository in-kind or explicit contributions of services, kit, and operators

trust by any and all global relying parties user contact service by specific stakeholder 6 Service distribution and support plans Beyond just the Nikhef Best Effort service what is the service in this context: Delegation Service & WAYF can be anywhere between a few kEur to well over 100+kEur cost per year Recuperation model Master Portals (Credential Management) from other (non-RCauth) funding Delegation Service/ free at point of use funded via in-kind contributions by the major e-Infrastructures distributed H/A setup, leveraging existing capabilities and some additional person effort EOSC Hub Consortium picked middle ground contribute effort and some hardware resources to the joint pan-European pool help steer the development through joint, independent, management body (PMA) partners with existing security operations expertise: GRNET, STFC, FZJ + SURF/Nikhef 7 References DIY demo for users from Sirtfied R&S Institutions, or through the IGTF eduGAIN bridge: 8 Parts of this work have also been performed as part of the work programme of EGIENGAGE EGI-Engage is co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant number 654142 Thank you Any Questions? Thanks to all collaborators on this joint enterprise:

EGI, EUDAT, GEANT, SURF; Nikhef, GRNET, Christos Kanellopoulos and to Jim Basney of NCSA, CTSC and CILogon [email protected] GANT on behalf of the AARC project. The work leading to these results has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 653965 (AARC). 9

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