Press enter to continue Why Personal Intelligence? (EQ

Press enter to continue Why Personal Intelligence? (EQ

Press enter to continue Why Personal Intelligence? (EQ + IQ) 12 Myths Busted by Science Science: EQ All Grown Up! Launched 1999 Launched 2015 Exhilarating Disruptive Revolution If you are not disrupting your industry, someone else will be Myth-busting: People resist change because they believe in myths science has disproven Myth 1: We only use 10% of our brain Speculation from the 1930s:

Used as a marketing ploy to sell seminars that supposedly helped gullible people use more of their brain ... only Homer Simpson would believe this now! Neuroscience: All of our brain is used rms o f o f t n e r 8 diffe duce o r p e c

n e intellig alent . t l l a c what we t y in i c a p a c se e Learn to and get the e everyon erson

p h c a e f best out o into their g by leanin oints. p strong ... all of the time Myth 2: Brain is fixed & immutable fMRI scans peek into the functioning brain Findings: The brain is a plastic mouldable structure This means:

We are more flexible than we think We can adapt to change Too boring for our brains Question everything - systems, processes, policies, strategy, markets ... the whole lot! If you dont use it ... se and i g r e n e Learn to ams with e inspire t at compel s th e g n

l l e a their ch o t h c t e r st them to ng and best ki best thin rk. wo Our brain is refreshed and stimulated by newness We need to fear predictability far more than we fear change Myth 3: Genes dictate who we are

Scientists agree: New: Genes X Environment - creates the infinite possibilities we see in human beings Old: Nature vs Nurture - a futile argument and a limiting myth There is no such thing as pure genetic determinism We can be free from life-sentences we inherited Not the contents of our jeans (or genes) an old h c a e t You can ks. The c i r t w e

dog n eople p n o s a e prime r use of a c e b s i k are stuc eliefs b d e t

a t false, ou d rain-based d. B they hol teams s e t a r e b l training i this. from Genes switch on or off depending on the environment they exist in (i.e. our bodies) We can choose how healthy that genetic environment is Myth 4: Are you a righty or lefty? WRONG

Even pictures of Einstein cant help prove the validity of this false idea ... Lie made up to sell integration courses I from O R e r o Get m reaks b t a h t g trainin ensical s n o

n e th through s and x e o b , s l labe t limit a h t t s n quadra tion of e

p c r e peoples p elves. thems Our left and right brain work together everyone can be both creative and logical Its pure nonsense that we are trapped in a left- or right-brained thinking style Myth 5: Pink brains, blue brains How different are male and female brains? Spot the difference! Male Brain Female Brain ritten w n u

r o Written ses rob a i b r e d gen e full h t f o s n tio organisa omen r w

e w o brain-p judice e r p l A l r. can offe ance r o n g i on is based through d

e r u c it can be n. educatio Any difference between a male and female brain is due to social conditioning Myth 6: You are your brain Are we our brain or our conditioning? Thoughts wire-up the brain Memes (units of social conditioning) soft-wire the brain and we get into the habit of behaving according to who we think we are this we call our personality You are your memes ks all r

o w y t i stic Brain pla . Shake up the time iring w n i a r b d outdate rigorous through n how r e a l

d n debate a conflict to to rely on solutions. new discover Not all memes are true, neither are they necessarily useful. We dont need to believe every thought (meme) that wanders through our brain Myth 7: You cant trust feelings ... scientists tell us we can trust our feelings and explain why we should Mood: the emotional habit were in Emotion: the life-giving system that runs the traffic between our brain and body Feelings give us important feedback about our wellbeing (read: energy levels) Happiness is mood stasis (balance) rk is

o w t a s s Happine ls an e u f t a h gy t the ener contribution als ent, individu m t i m

m co through dence fi n o , c y t creativi n. Its ti o a v ti and mo ot childs n I O

R about play. Stormy moods are warning lights emotions tell you what is threatening your happiness Myth 8: The brain is rational Brains follow what feels good: Any activity used to soothe unhappy feelings can become an addiction i.e. arguments, shopping, tv, junk food, social media, complaining, gambling, procrastination, sex, needing to be right ... Unfelt emotions >>> addiction Addiction (defn): something you cant stop ming u s n

o c Time rfere e t n i s n addictio . New t i y v ti c u d with pro to the n

i h c r a rese f habits t o n e developm ealthier means h an be ur c behavio ed. develop New research shows how you can break free Myth 9: The power of the mind Its no Secret ...

If our thoughts had the magnetic power to attract material goods and/ or money our heads would stick to large metal objects like our cars or refrigerators. Barbara Ehrenreich: Scientist & Author of Bright-Sided How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America The brain likes shortcuts Shortcuts such as magical thinking appeal to our energy-efficient brain but ... Magical thinking is de-motivational Techniques to manifest success use the energy needed to get on with the task or challenge 20 years of research into starry-eyed day dreaming shows you do worse when you use magical thinking Mind Power Magic Wand? ts of o l g n d

i sp e n Tired of udget b g n i n i a tr t-air valuable o h c fi ti en on unsci good d

n u o s y that ma en to v o r p n e be but has even n a c & ss be usele ful?

be harm Quick Fixes: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Myth 10: Multi-tasking is efficient Multi-tasking usually means doing everything badly We wanted more & we got it Stress! Stress! Stress! Stress! Stress! Stress! deception indoctrination

consumption criticism television demands greed spin indulgence stress people information technology instagram aggression pollution concern activity fatigue choice complaints noise internet busy decisions entertainment toxins misery work thrills change attitude stimulation facebook expectation debt twitter talk worry commitment fear pressure possessions traffic violence messages

shopping anxiety spending ego manipulation distraction moaning boredom arrogance eating insecurity media partying Overload Life-load Overload Stress! Stress! Stress! Stress! Stress!

Stress! Antidote 1) make margin in our lives Breathing space needed Antidote 2) mantra for being future fit focus focus focus focus focus is very y s u b g Glorifyin tury it last cen teams

a h t i w s interferefocus ma rt s k r o w to ays ability w w e n focus arth and une

hings. t g n o i d focus of focus focus Myth 11: Self-esteem is important The emphasis on self-esteem is producing narcissism Confidence produces results Confidence is about ability Approx 10 000 hours of deliberate practise

produces expertise from ability isals a r p p a e anc Perform ortunities to pp can be o lpful e h e d i v pro t fuels a

h t k c a feedb ut this b . . . e c confiden urity in the mat requires ing the d o s r e manag

n. evaluatio Deliberate practise requires feedback and improvement Myth 12: Live your passion ... ... and the money will follow Passion helps but ... "I play tennis for a living even though I hate tennis, hate it with a dark and secret passion and always have oduced r p s i s s

Greatne ence, grit, t by persis ength, tr mental s turity & al ma n o ti o m e dogged on ... ti a n i m r dete t can be h

a t s e capaciti lt. bui Andre Agassi, eight-time Grand-Slam champion & still considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time Conclusion: We are our habits Perception = thinking habits Mood = emotional habits Health = physical habits Personality = behavioural habits Wellness = all habits above rolled into one So, what makes change possible? arily

s s e c e n t on People d sist change; e fear or r s how i t s i s e r y what the mposed on si change i

them. The good news is ... Our habits were programmed in and with persistence and determination we can use Personal Intelligence skills (EQ + IQ) to re-programme (or rewire) these habits and keep changing (or reinventing) ourselves Benefits of shaking old habits Welcome changing circumstances Think clearly Make well-informed decisions Focus on priorities Live comfortably in your own skin Find more energy Make margin Enjoy uncluttered relationships (at work and at home) Manage inevitable conflict Gain cooperation Confidently produce Make things happen Enjoy life

Live happily ever ... NOW! Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now available at leading bookstores and (Kindle) If you want real science to help you develop future fit teams who are inspired by change contact Steph @: n d ou t fi o t s u Contact e about th ll stFa #FeesMu group ffer on o

l a i c e p s o w! n t h r g i s seminar pply Ts & Cs a [email protected] Tel: +27 11 4861211

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