Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter July 2016 Club Sponsors

Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter  July 2016 Club Sponsors

Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter July 2016 Club Sponsors May 2016 March 2015 May 2015 May 2016 Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter July 2016 Important Club Statement! Following the recent news that Parkdean Resorts have purchased Vauxhall Holiday Park from the Biss family, we understand that there has been speculation on how this sale will impact the future of Vauxhall Mallards Cricket Club. With this in mind, we feel it is very important to quash any rumours immediately and can confirm that there will be NO impact on the funding of our club for the remainder of this season or the 2017 season. Over the past two years, there has been significant investment and commitment from the Biss family in the creation of the Wilkersons Field Ground which runs parallel to the main QEII ground to develop facilities in our opinion, second to none within the county. On top of the development of Wilkersons Field, which our second XI has played on throughout the 2016 season, we have attempted to improve our offering of cricket at all levels. We have introduced a Sunday XI into the Mid Norfolk Sunday League, with the view of giving those not being selected or available on a Saturday, the chance of senior cricket. This has proven to be a success with some great performances from many of our younger players, helping us beat some strong opposition. It has however, unfortunately clashed with lots of junior county fixtures this season. The 2016 season has also seen us increasing the amount of teams in our junior set up with us running sides at U11, U13, U15 & U19. The progress made throughout the 2016 season is in line with our expectations with the 1st XI comprehensively winning the Norfolk T20 last week and currently challenging in 3rd position in the East Anglian Premier League. The 2nd XI remains in the hunt for promotion from Norfolk Alliance Division 2 currently in 2nd place. Our junior teams have challenged at the back end of tournaments with the highlight being our Under 13s this week winning the Norfolk Cricket Board U13 festival at Manor Park. Although the club is heading in the right direction, there is still a long way to go for us to be where we would like it to be, hence the importance for our current members to be on board and support the club in the years to come. With all of this is mind, we are pleased to share that we are going to commence work on Wilkersons Field from the end of August to increase the size of the square to accommodate us entering a 3rd XI into the Norfolk Cricket League in 2017. This will assist the club in offering cricketers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to play senior cricket, whilst continuing to help support the development of our current and future junior cricketers through their individual paths from junior cricket to hopefully representing the club in the East Anglian Premier League. If anyone does have any thoughts or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further. Matthew Seager Head of Senior Cricket Vauxhall Mallards CC Tel: 07837766832 Email: [email protected] May 2015 Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter July 2016 Vauxhall Mallards CC Senior Presentation Evening & Dinner Dance 2016 Venue: Oaklands Hotel Date: Friday 14th October Time: 19:15

Tickets 30 for adults Tickets 20 for youths For tables of 10, 2 complimentary bottles of wine 3 course sit down meal followed by the senior presentations and entertainment This is a great night for the cricket club with it being one of our key fund raising events as well as a great opportunity to catch up and have a few drinks following the end of the season! The evening is open to all members and non members and your booking is only confirmed on receipt of full payment menu choices. Please contact Caroline Nunn or Carl Amos for further information Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter July 2016 Junior Results Under 9 / 11 No completed fixtures Under 13s Just the one fixture completed in July against Old Catton which included 4 batsmen retiring not out, well done to Ben Ashford, Archie Bradnock, Harry Nunn and Jonty Black for their scores, and to Sam Utting for his 2/10 in the 149 run victory. The POTM is awarded to Ben Ashford for his superb knock of 33*. Under 15s One competitive match and a friendly for the Under 15s in July, both resulting in comfortable victories. Hudson De Lucchi carried on his excellent form with yet another 31* retired, but he was pipped to the POTM award by Archie Bradnock for his superb spell of 3/12 in the friendly against Eastbourne College. Under 19s Just one fixture completed, a 17 run defeat to Acle. The highlights of the match were a

5 wicket haul for Hudson De Lucchi, which included a hattrick! A quick fire 37 from captain Connor Green and a well compiled 26* from Luke Marchant. A big thank you to Connor for taking on the responsibility of organising the team throughout the season! Whats coming up 2 day junior camp running on 29th & 30th August Junior presentation night TBC very soon but likely to be Sunday 11 th September at our Presidents day. For more information on any of the above, please contact Luke Caswell. Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter July 2016 Senior Cricket Update 1st XI A very mixed month for the 1st team as they started and ended the month with 1 wicket victories but lost ground on the leading pack in the middle with batting collapses being the common theme of the month!! Notable mentions for the month go to Connor Green and Brett Stolworthy for the calmness shown in seeing the teams home in those narrow victories, Devon Conway for scoring over 200 runs in the month. However, for the second consecutive month, the POTM award goes to Paul Bradshaw for his 19 wickets in the month including 3/13 in the T20 victory over Norwich. 2nd XI The 2nd XI lost a bit of ground during the month of July but still remain very much in the hunt for promotion. The month started with an abandonment needing, 7 to win with just 11 balls remaining vs Saham Toney. Then followed a victory against Fakenham and two defeats to rivals Bradfield and Gt. Witchingham, which Tom Miller showed his hitting prowess with scores of 64, 62, 39. He narrowly misses out on POTM thanks to Troy Allans 129 to see out the month with

a comprehensive victory over Bradenham. Sunday XI 2 victories and a concession for the Sunday XI in July. Well done to the experienced batters Caswell, Todd and Ewart for their contributions with the bat but a special mention for all the young players for their contributions with ball, seeing the side home in style! For individual performances, please see the rolling honours board on page 6 Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter July 2016 2016 Senior Honours Boards VMCC 2016 Honours Board - Batting Mitchell Todd Luke Caswell Troy Allan Steve Goldsmith Luke Caswell Mitchell Todd Devon Conway Luke Caswell Joe Larter Connor Green Devon Conway Sam Plater Connor Green Devon Conway HT20 Sprowston CC 171 MNSL Happisburgh CC MCA2 Bradenham CC 129 NCA2 Bradfield CC 117 MNSL Bradfield CC 116 EAPL Cambridge Granta CC EAPL Frinton CC 110 MNSL Bradfield CC 110 NCA2 Swardeston CC 103 MNSL Bradfield CC 103

EAPL Woolpit CC 100* NCA2 - Saham Toney CC NCA2 Bradenham CC 90 HT20 Horsford CC 83 VMCC 2016 Honours Board Bowling 142* 111 94 Brett Stolworthy Paul Bradshaw Paul Bradshaw Tyler Murphy Julian Brown Paul Bradshaw Mark Pepper Paul Bradshaw Jimmy Lewis Jimmy Lewis Paul Bradshaw Neil Clarkson Neil Clarkson Paul Bradshaw 2016 1st XI Player of the Month May June July Mitchell Todd Paul Bradshaw Paul Bradshaw EAPL Sudbury CC 6/6 EAPL Horsford 5/19 EAPL Frinton CC 5/21 NCA2 Gt. Witchingham CC MNSL Swanton Morley CC

EAPL Norwich CC 4/14 NCA2 Swardeston CC 4/26 EAPL Swardeston CC 4/28 NCA2 Saham Toney CC NCA2 Hethersett & TV CC EAPL Burwell CC 4/29 NCA2 Beccles CC 4/31 NCA2 Bradenham CC 4/35 EAPL Copdock CC 4/45 2016 2nd XI Player of the Month May June July Jimmy Lewis Joe Larter Troy Allan 5/27 4/12 4/28 4/28 Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter July 2016 2016 Junior Honours Boards VMCC 2016 Honours Board - Batting Hudson De Lucchi Harry Nunn Connor Green Harry Nunn Ben Ashford Harry Nunn Ben Ashford Jonty Black Archie Bradnock Hudson De Lucchi Hudson De Lucchi Harry Williams Will Bowman Hudson De Lucchi

U15 Swardeston CC 44 U13 A&B Wanderers CC U19 Acle CC 37 U13 Horsford CC 35* U13 Bradfield CC 34* U13 Old Catton 34* U13 Old Catton 33* U13 Old Catton 33* U13 Old Catton 33* U15 Acle CC 33* U15 Winterton CC 33* U15 Martham CC 33* U13 Sheringham CC 32* U15 Sprowston CC 31* 2016 U9 & U11 Player of the Month Under 9 Under 11 May N/A N/A June N/A Joe Catchpole July N/A N/A VMCC 2016 Honours Board Bowling 38* Hudson De Lucchi U19 Acle CC 5/17 Joe Catchpole U11 Sprowston CC 4/6 Charlie Barber U15 Swardeston CC 3/6 Archie Bradnock

U15 Martham CC 3/6 Archie Bradnock U13 Gt. Melton CC 3/10 Archie Bradnock U15 Eastbourne College Amy Morris U15 Martham CC 3/15 Jonty Black U13 Gt. Melton CC 2/3 Will Bowman U13 Horsford CC 2/6 Will Bowman U13 Sheringham CC 2/6 Charlie Barber U13 Gt. Melton CC 2/10 Sam Utting U13 Old Catton CC 2/10 Will Bowman U13 A&B Wanderers CC Edward Maxwell Preston U13 Swardeston CC 2016 U13 & U15 Player of the Month Under 13 Under 15 May Harry Nunn Hudson De Lucchi June Will Bowman Charlie Barber July Ben Ashford Archie Bradnock 3/12 2/11 2/20 Vauxhall Mallards CC Newsletter July 2016 What is in Augusts edition?? 1st XI victorious in T20 final End of season review for all teams Player of the month awards for August End of season honours board Can anyone make a late claim to get to the top of their respective leader boards!?

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