Background Checks Authorized Environment Kerry Breen, BCCU Chief

Background Checks Authorized Environment Kerry Breen, BCCU Chief

Background Checks Authorized Environment Kerry Breen, BCCU Chief [email protected] 360.902.7823 DSHS created the Background Check Central Unit (BCCU) in 2000 by consolidating five existing background check units.

The BCCU provides the most wide-ranging and comprehensive background check information to ensure authorized service providers and DSHS programs are positioned to make the most informed hiring decisions and are able to deliver the best care to vulnerable adults, juveniles, and children. Why are our background checks the most comprehensive?

BCCUs central data system searches, stores, and sends background check information from several sources including: Applicant Self-Disclosure - Current and previous background check self-disclosures Department of Corrections (DOC) - Conviction information Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - National conviction information, arrest and pending charges, and national sex offender registry Negative Actions Aging and Long-Term Support Administration (ALTSA)/Resident and Client Protection Program, ALTSA/Adult Protective Services

Childrens Administration/Child Protective Services Department of Health (DOH) including, out-of-state service provider and professional license status Washington State Courts and other state court systems Washington State Patrol (WSP) - WA State conviction information, arrest and pending charges of less than 12 months, DOC activity, and Registered sex offender status Western Identification Network (WIN) - State police records from Alaska, Idaho, Name and Date of Birth vs Fingerprintbased

Background Checks The type of background check is mandated by the applicable laws and rules specific to the program requesting the check. BCCU conducts over 330,000 background checks annually, including approximately 125,000 fingerprint-based checks for DSHS. BCCU averages less than a 5-day turnaround time for a name and date of birth background check. BCCU answers over 23,000 incoming phone calls, while

Additional Information Needed In October 2015, BCCU began issuing Additional Information Needed Notifications to allow the opportunity to explain an unknown crime or negative action reported by any of the sources BCCU researches by providing an Affidavit or Court Documents. This information is frequently used to clarify or to provide context to the crime. Although each additional information request is different, some of the common requests are: For Theft, Larceny, Shoplifting, & Embezzlement charges: What property/services/items were stolen? What was the dollar value of the goods stolen?

For Assault, Domestic Violence, & Battery charges: Who was the victim(s)? What injuries did the victim sustain? What weapon(s), if any, were used? For Burglary, Residential Burglary, & Robbery charges: What type of structure was burglarized? Were any weapons used? Did any assaults occur during the crime or while leaving the crime? For Drug related charges: Explanation of circumstances including actions that led to the arrest, the nature of the substance, the purpose of the possession (personal use, sales, delivery, cultivation, manufacture). BCCU has processed over 3,100 Additional Information Packets since October 2015.

EEOC Guidelines Background Checks What Employers Need to Know In relying on criminal history in making employment decisions, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) advises employers to consider: (1)the nature and gravity of the offense or conduct; (2)the time that has passed since the offense, conduct and/or completion of the sentence; and

(3)the nature of the job held or sought. The EEOCs guidance further underscores the importance of an "individualized assessment" prior to excluding an applicant based on a criminal record, but also refers to permitting exclusions involving specific criminal conduct (i.e. "targeted exclusions") that are "narrowly tailored to identify criminal conduct with a

demonstrably tight nexus to the position in question." Numerous questions remain unanswered despite issuance of the EEOCs 2014 Guidance, including: (1)the level of specificity required in developing defensible policies and procedures; (2)whether an employer can develop general

across-the-board exclusions of candidates based on certain offenses; and (3)what factors an employer needs to consider in setting time frames for potentially excluding applicants based on certain offenses. BCCU MISSION

Transform the lives of Washington States vulnerable populations and those serve them by assessing risk through accurate and timely background checks. Transforming Lives

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