Discovery Tools - Walking the tightrope between complexity

Discovery Tools - Walking the tightrope between complexity

Discovery Tools - Walking the tightrope between complexity and simplicity Ronn Kennedy NUI Galway LIR 2015

School Institute Name to go here Logic behind why we did what we did Highlight some things we did, we shouldnt have Highlight some things we didnt do, we should have How we found what we should have done originally but didnt, and what made us realise what it was we shouldnt have done and

why we did it anyway, and what we did to make sure the things that werent originally done did get done Discovery Tools are a big deal for libraries - And a bigger deal for library users Primo Implementation Group

Primo Implementation Group Interface Group subject librarians; research librarians; e-resource librarian, etc. School Institute Name to go here

School Institute Name to go here Initial Interface Work Demos of out-of-the-box version Examples of global sites NYU, Princeton, etc Interface Group members liaison role

Initial Concerns Radical Departure New interface could be radically different Big departure from Aleph (function & cosmetics) Academic opposition Possible training problems School Institute Name to go here

School Institute Name to go here Conclusion #1 too conservative Concerns heavily shaped our vision - tried hard to integrate the past - fear of academics

We tried to mould Primo into something it wasnt Something To Consider Move to Primo 4 and Primo Central removed any ties to the past. Which is better: iterative change or radical change? Evolution or revolution?

Concerns Dumbing Down One interface = bad information literacy Primo should be a flagship model of good pedagogical practise Multiple tabs made sense to us

Lots of group members = lots of opinion Subjective opinions are always difficult Is it exposing our resources appropriately? Font sizes! Conclusion #2: people skills are vital for software implementation

Marching Through Treacle Interface group assembled the jigsaw pieces Model followed closely with NYU, Iowa, British Library, UEA Time to caress the divine details. Error Checking

Librarians love detail! A lot of librarians means lots of errors being found Sub-conscious opinions being formed? School Institute Name to go here Perfection at all costs?

Did we get bogged down in making sure it was perfect? Special Collections Special Collections Special Collections Reference Strong Room

Conclusion #3: Librarians want perfection users want good enough Customisation Tread Carefully All Discovery Systems are *very* flexible lots of options

School Institute Name to go here Customisation Tread Carefully Tempting to generate completely local feel - Can be timely - It probably wont be noticed!

- Beware the ripple effect of tweaking Just because you can push a button, it doesnt mean you have to School Institute Name to go here School Institute Name to go here

How was it used? 80/20 Theory For every 1.5 million Basic Searches, there were: 50,000 Advanced Searches (3%) 14 reviews written Several hundred items tagged Value-added features dont get used

LibQual Survey LibQUAL+ is a suite of services that libraries use to solicit, track, understand, and act upon users' opinions of service quality. Global; great for benchmarking between years and between institutions

LibQual - Information Control Remit minimum desired perceived

adequacy superiority IC-1 Making electronic resources accessible from my home or office

Overall 6.42 7.84 6.49

0.07 -1.35 IC-2 A library website enabling me to locate information on my own

Overall 6.53 8.00 6.49

-0.03 -1.51 Lets form a committee!!! School Institute Name to go here The website is difficult to use

The website is easy to use since the redesign Navigation of the website is confusing Access to e-resources

needs to be more user-friendly Online services are great! Off-campus access

works very well Assemble The Lab Rats! User Observation Study Real Users Real Tasks 1:1 User Observer

Find Out:

Where were users becoming confused What interface features users didnt notice Did users login for a better search experience? Additional features/on-screen guidance that might have benefitted users search experience Any issues affecting the success of the users search

Structure of Observation Pre-observation interview Set list of tasks Think aloud: Explain choices Highlight anything thats confusing Express pleasure or frustration

Explain how you would carry out a similar task in real life Key Findings Most of the problems came from our links to our discovery tools and once they navigated into them comments about website meant our discovery tools Some users went to our webpage about books to find the

book they wanted rather than using the search box! Journal article searching caused great confusion School Institute Name to go here School Institute Name to go here

Other Findings Reliance on Google by all participants Prior attendance at library training hugely improved the users success in completing the set tasks Several undergraduates were confused about references they were unsure what was a journal and what was a book

Primo-related Findings Terminology is hard to understand e.g. currently unavailable online access A simpler catalogue would be better Make it simple more like Google One user with experience of other libraries was emphatic that our online services were significantly easier to use than

elsewhere The Solution?

School Institute Name to go here Single Search Box Improve Login Visibility System Upgrades Helped

School Institute Name to go here System Upgrades Helped School Institute Name to go here

System Upgrades Helped School Institute Name to go here System Upgrades Helped OPAC via Primo

Clearer holdings information School Institute Name to go here Feedback Over-whelmingly positive:

the new catalogue is amazing! I like the new look - design and layout - it mirrors the layout in many of our databases e.g., Ebsco, Proquest, Scopus. it looks very good easy to search and smooth integration with SFX and OPAC an enjoyable and fruitful search experience

intuitive and intelligent layout and design Feedback IC-1 Making electronic resources accessible from my home or offi ce

IC-2 A library Web site enabling me to locate information on my own 2010 6.49 2012

6.48 2014 6.95 Change 0.46

6.49 6.8 6.86

0.37 But But Meeting users needs = meeting what users think they need?

They dont know what it is they dont know De facto trust relationship for users of libraries; they trust that what they get is accurate, complete and valuable. But Easy to improve aesthetics and organisation of interactive features

What about functionality? Intelligence of record organisation What data is being searched and how that data is ranked What is being left out? How do we as Librarians assess data organisation? There are strong and positive correlations, irrespective of

institutional size, between per capita expenditure and use of e-journals, and numbers of papers published, citation impact, numbers of PhD awards, and research grant and contract income. E-Journals: Their Use, Value And Impact, RIN, 2009 Final Thoughts

Improve the User Experience by asking the user Observation is very informative The evolutionary nature of Discovery Systems is beneficial to us We have a duty of care to ensure users are presented with the best quality information [email protected]

skype: ronan.the.librarian

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