Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise About NHO NHO is Norway's largest business confederation and advocates for stable and competitive business conditions 25 000 member companies 556,000 years of labour per annum

2 The members in focus As an NHO member, you are part of a large community with extensive experience and huge expertise. NHO central office 13 regional offices 16 sectoral federations 3 Finnmark

Arctic Finnmark, Troms and Svalbard NHOs 13 regional offices assist members throughout Norway A unique membership benefit that NHO provides locally. Nordland Trndelag

Mre and Romsdal Vestlandet Hordaland, Sogn and Fjordane Innlandet Buskerud Oslo og Akershus Vestfol d stfold Telemark

Rogalan d Agde r 4 The members in focus At NHO we work to improve businesses' framework conditions. It is the member companies' that direct NHO's activities.

5 The sectoral federations, branch associations and NHO work together to provide services Employer Labourservices policy Business Courses and

industry andTariffs conferences policy and framework Discount schemes and benefits Forums and networks conditions 6 A sustainable society

Value creation creates welfare Profitable businesses create employment. Employment generates income to finance welfare. 7 Member benefits As an NHO member, you receive many benefits that create

value for your company and employees 8 Member benefits As an NHO member you also get access to services that saves your company time and money. 9

Pay settlement Defines the framework for pay trends in Norway Ensures predictable pay and working conditions Competitive trends relative to trading partners 10 An organisation for responsible companies NHO is a respected

social partner Works to combat corruption and undeclared labour A mark of quality for companies Close dialogue with the authorities 11

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