Power Prep - Uplift Education

Power Prep - Uplift Education

Power Prep North Hills Preparatory Educational Services Our mission is to academically empower the next generation for college through a unique curriculum taught by expert teachers. Power Prep English Enrichment Math Enrichment Public Speaking Summer Academic Camps Our Teachers Zara Westbrook BA English MA Interdisciplinary Studies 36 years teaching experience

Jeffery Hetherly BS Physics MS Physics MS Materials Science Rachel Shunk BA Liberal Arts Ph.D. candidate - English Literature 9 years teaching experience Nicky Fryman BA Journalism 14 years teaching experience Amelia Ziegert BA Liberal Arts MA candidate - English

7 years teaching experience Ian Witter BA Liberal Arts Ph.D. candidate - Philosophy 3 years teaching experience Power Prep Overview North Hills Start Date Meeting Days and Times Program Details Cost Expected Results Benefits of Test Prep Meeting Details

Meets Wednesdays - 3:30 to 6:30 Saturdays - 9:00 to 12 noon Session time 3 hour sessions All Classes Meet at North Hills Preparatory Starts March 21, 2012 Ends May 30, 2012

Program Details 63 hours of instruction 21-three hour sessions Minimum of 3 full-length practice exams Material individualized to each students needs Progress meetings

Ottimmos test prep expert Parent Student More Program Details Meeting 1 Introduction to SAT Writing Overview Meeting 2 Critical Reading Overview Math Overview Meeting

3 Diagnostic Test 3 hours 20 minutes Progress Meeting Ottimmos test prep advisor meets with parents and student to formalize individual tutoring plan Foundations of Success Ideal SAT Score June 2, 2012 Progress Meetings

Individualized Practice Sessions Consistent Teacher Feedback Program Cost Student $700 Breaks down to $11 per hour

North Hills Ottimmo Typical program fees $2500 Total discount per student $1800 $600 Expected Results Score increase from October, 2011 PSAT Up to 400 point increase

Minimum of a 100 point increase Increased literary vocabulary skills Increased skill with essay writing Increased standardized test-taking skills Increased understanding of SAT math Increased critical reading skills Increased grammar skills Program Benefits Convenient location Low cost

Increased potential for scholarships Individualized instruction Alleviates test anxiety Several practice test opportunities

Open communication Better grades in school Key Contract Details Student is expected to complete his individualized tutoring plan as agreed upon during first progress meeting If a student completes the plan but does not achieve targeted results, he can continue to prep with Ottimmo through the summer for no additional fee

Next Steps Complete registration form Payment due by March 15th, 2012 Attend first lesson Schedule first progress meeting to finalize individual tutoring plan for your student

Question s? "Your child's success is our success; we look forward to helping your child maximize his/her college test admissions scores."

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