Post Secondary Prep Session #1 - Rutland Senior CounselLing

Post Secondary Prep Session #1 - Rutland Senior CounselLing

RSS Grade 12 Post Secondary Prep #3 Welcome Post Secondary Prep Session #3 Student Transcript Service Sources of Funding Post Secondary Courses and Credits Okanagan College updates U Vic updates UBC updates re: offers of admission planning your courses Other PSI Updates Things to Do Helpful tips

Important Dates to remember Post Secondary Planning File Research, brochures, calendars, pamphlets, emails, etc. PSP #1 & #2 slides/notes Student Transcripts Service confirmation Print outs of completed applications & emails Records of student numbers, logins & passwords KEEP CAREFUL TRACK OF DEADLINES! KEEP ORGANIZED!

Student Transcripts Service Log in to Must have your PEN # to create your account. Site allows you to view and send your transcript to Post-Secondary's Identify that you would like interim and final marks sent to selected PSIs when they become available. This allows the post secondary school to receive your marks electronically

ALL students planning to attend Post Secondary should do this ASAP* in order for interim transcript information to be sent by early-May. Final transcripts sent in late July. This is the same site where students check provincial exam results, accessed interim transcripts for self-reporting (UBC) and later view Ministry scholarships if awarded * You should have already completed this step in your Career Transitions class Important Information Ministry of Education has sent an urgent alert. As a result of an update to the Student Transcripts Service site some post-secondary

selection data may have been lost. Please sign into your account before May 3rd to check or re-enter data and PSI selection Marks are sent to Institutions on May 7th and again in late July. Failure to do so may impact your Post Secondary admittance. Marks Matter ALL YEAR LONG Marks are transferred from the Ministry of Education electronically to post-secondary institutions in May and July. It is IMPERATIVE that your grades are meeting the admission standards, set by the college/university. Admission offers CAN BE RESCINDED if marks drop below the admission standards of the school WORK HARD RIGHT TO THE END OF THE YEAR!

Online Courses All grade 12 students taking an online course required for graduation must be 90% complete by May 14th. It is IMPERATIVE that your progress indicate completion by the end of the school year in order to actively participate in graduation activities. PSIs will also need to see these courses are complete in order to complete your acceptance. Sources of Funding 1. District / Authority Scholarships ( if you are the recipient you can view this on the Dashboard of the Student Transcript Service website) - 39 Awards for RSS at $1250 each

- students complete an application package due to Mr. Dorf on May 1st 2. Student Loans BC Loans 3. Student Lines of Credit See your banking institution Sources of Funding 4. BC Achievement Scholarships (can be viewed on your Dashboard of the Student Transcript Service website) - The BC Ministry of Education will determine recipients based on their Grade 10, 11, and 12 marks in courses needed to satisfy graduation program requirements. - $1250 scholarship awarded to 8000 students - Recipients will be notified in October 5. COBSS Bursaries

- Will be awarded at the Commencement Ceremony in June. Useful Funding Information (student financial aid) Some request a profile => be as descriptive as possible to be matched with funding opportunities RSS Scholarship Information Remember to use

this terrific resource, compiled specifically for RSS grads. Note: You can find this online on the RSS Counselling website. Scholarships & Awards -> Scholarship Timeline Institution Specific Funding Go to the College or Universitys website to find: Financial Aid / Assistance Scholarships

Entrance Awards Financial Aid & Awards (Okanagan College) okanagan_college_awards___applications.html UBC Vancouver ! District / Authority Scholarships See Mr. Dorf for an application if you excel in and plan to pursue a career in the following areas: 1. Fine Arts (Visual, Dance, Drama or Music) 2. Applied Design, Skills and Technology (Business, Technology, Home Ec. or Info. Tech) 3. PE (Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics or Leadership) 4. Languages (French, Spanish, German, ASL, etc) 5. Community Service 6. Indigenous Languages and Culture Accredited Institutions If you are using COBSS bursaries, student loans, or the

Provincial Scholarship to pay for your tuition, you must be attending an accredited institution, designated by the Ministry of Advanced Education. UBC, OC, U Vic, SFU, TRU, U of A, Selkirk, etc. are all accredited (along with many others). Most public post-secondary institutions are accredited. Is your PSI accredited? To check if your institution is accredited go to: Canada econdary/designated-schools.html US tml Non University How to Read the Post Secondary Calendar ~ A Year at Post-Secondary ~ The FALL Semester Semester 1: Sept. Dec. Course 1 3 credits Course 2 3 credits Course 3

3 credits Course 4 3 credits Course 5 3 credits * a student may have additional scheduled time for labs, tutorials, etc. during both or either semester TOTAL UNITS of Semester 1 15 credits

~ A Year at Post-Secondary ~ The WINTER Semester Semester 2: Jan. April Course 1 3 credits Course 2 3 credits Course 3 3 credits Course 4

3 credits Course 5 3 credits * a student may have additional scheduled time for labs, tutorials, etc. during both or either semester TOTAL UNITS of Semester 2 15 credits ~ A Year at Post-Secondary ~ The SPRING/SUMMER Semester

May - August * Spring & Summer courses are possible, but usually limited offerings. * College & University campuses are pretty quiet with reduced office hours and campus services. * Most students get a job to pay for the next academic year! ~ A Year at Post-Secondary ~ Semester 1: Sept. Semester 2: Jan. Dec. April 3 credits Course 1 3 credits Course 1 Course 2

3 credits Course 2 Course 3 3 credits Course 3 Course 4 3 credits Course 4

Course 5 3 credits Course 5 15 credits Semester 2 Semester 1 May - August * Spring & Summer courses are

3 credits possible, but usually limited offerings. 3 credits * Campuses are 3 credits quite quiet 3 credits * Most students get a job to pay for the 15 next academic year! credits full time year at post-secondary = 30 Credits Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences Degree 30 credits per year x 4 years = 120 credits Okanagan College Applications are still open to many programs

Most programs available until all seats are filled (except Nursing, LPN and Dental Assisting) Even if you do not have all of the entrance requirements fulfilled, contact OC admissions for options at or 250-762-5445 Okanagan College If you applied you should have received an email acknowledging your application. You should get a letter in the mail or email if accepted. Important dates/deadlines vary, so please check your correspondence to your myOkanagan account carefully. Pay your deposit to secure your program and your seat: deposit amounts vary by program. For example: Nursing: $500 + $500 Health/Tech & Trades: $200 + $200 Others: $200

Choose and plan out your courses prior to your course registration date You will be given a registration package which will outline the process Okanagan College Advisor Contact an OC Advisor if you have questions Blake Edwards 250-762-5445 ext. 4469 [email protected] Michelle Somerville 250-862-5451 [email protected] U Vic Self reporting was Feb. 15th to March 31st

Conditional offers of admission are emailed and then followed up with a Welcome Package that will be mailed to your home. *Check both your email and your mailbox at home. Online housing applications now open (can request a friend to room with) DEPOSITS: Pay your ACCEPTANCE deposit of $200 Pay your HOUSING deposit of $500 (plus $250 for Security deposit) when you accept your room offer (through Housing Portal)

Set up UVIC Netlink ID (Campus Student Communication) Sign up for new student orientation and a campus tour Visit Student Awards and Financial Aid apply for any awards until May 31 st View the student blog - U Vic

WHEN do I REGISTER for classes? Registration for Winter session (September) begins late June Registration info will be emailed in late May You can view your registration access date through My page in the Student Services section by clicking the online tools button in the top right corner of the U Vic homepage. HOW do I REGISTER for courses? Follow the online instructions at

Registration 101 event: May 23rd at Hotel Eldorado 7-9pm (*register online) Registration 101 Webinar dates are May 28 June 7 Consult the Registration Help Lines if youre stuck (Monday to Friday 8:30 4:30) 250-721-8142 and 250-721-8121 or e-mail [email protected] Visit U Vic Advisor Contact U Vic Advisor if you have questions Mark Macdonald 1-250-472-4626 [email protected] UBC: documents upload SELF REPORTING has now closed Students who have not completed this process

MUST contact an advisor at UBC ASAP. UBC Okanagan Recruitment and Advising: 250-807-8521 UBC: Admissions Offers roll out starting now (mid-April). If you havent received an acceptance letter or email, login to your CWL to check for progress or call UBC admissions. Accept offers before June 1 and pay your $500 acceptance deposit for UBC with credit card or online banking If accepted to Vancouver: you will receive an email 2 weeks before

registration to let you know your date and time. If you need help choosing courses contact the academic advisor in your faculty. ADMISSIONS BLOG: Plan ahead. Contact a UBC advisor with any questions UBC: Admissions Accepted to UBC OKANAGAN: Contact Student Services on the Okanagan Campus for assistance with next steps, such as course registration, course planning and finances. Accepted to UBC VANCOUVER: Students who have been admitted and accepted their offer will be assigned an Enrolment Services Professional (ESP) to help with financial, academic & health resources. Students can expect an email from their ESP starting May 8th.

UBC: Navigating your Degree Degree Navigator is a UBC tool that allows you to plan your courses required for your major, minor and degree. Tutorials are currently available but you cannot use the program until you accept an offer. In the Meantime, you can go to: on the internal search bar with the magnifying glass, type in Okanagan Academic Advising click on the first option, Welcome Academic Advising at UBCs Okanagan Campus" Academic Advising page opens, and then click Helpful Documents on the right hand side Scroll down to First Year Advising Guides and choose your program

UBC: Campus Tours and Virtual Tours Campus tours run weekly all year, and UBC also can accommodate group tours (Vancouver | Okanagan). If students are unable to make the trip out, UBC has wonderful Virtual Campus Tours they can check out on UBCs website. UBC Advisor Contact a UBC Advisor if you have questions Anthony Dodds 250-807-9269 [email protected]

Other PSIs Check emails regularly Log in to PSIs student account regularly Know important deadline dates Know how to apply for housing- varies by institution Pay deposits by deadlines If possible have a campus visit If living outside of Residence- secure housing ASAP

Know when and how to register for courses and what classes you need for your first year degree requirements and explore elective options Have back up options- Some institutions still accepting applications Questions? Concerns? Special Circumstances? CONTACT YOUR INSTITUTION The advisors at the post-secondary institutions are there to help you! TALK TO THEM! Things to Do Ensure that the university/college has been added to your email safe list so messages dont end up in your junk mail

Check email, student account & mail frequently as they will be sending you important info about events, upcoming dates, etc. Make notes on your calendar about important dates, such as self-reporting, registration, welcome day, etc. Visit the website (campus student login), practise and plan out your courses so you are ready for your registration date. Make an appointment to see an advisor if necessary. Have your courses chosen before your given registration date Reminders: Post-Secondary Schools OC Pay your deposit and verify important dates for your program Ensure you create your myOkanagan account U Vic Pay deposits: acceptance ($200) and housing ($250 security, $500 acceptance)

set up UVIC Netlink ID (Campus Student Communication) sign up for Registration 101 in Kelowna on May 23rd at the Hotel Eldorado from 7 - 9 pm UBC Accept the offer and pay your $500 acceptance deposit online before June 1 Residence confirmation comes in early June Course registration opens in late June (have your course work lists ready to go) All Schools: Student Transcript Service must be completed ASAP Some Helpful Tips Confirm dates and deadlines for Residence move in days and times

Check rules for large items (mini fridge, bike, etc.) and parking (if taking a car) Pay your housing deposit Visit Bed, Bath and Beyond for Residence Checklists for items to bring Foamy for your bed

Shower flip flops Shower caddy Tack Tape for putting things on your walls 2 sets of sheets and pillow case Upcoming Dates for RSS

April 26th & 27th English 12 and Communications 12 Provincial Exam rewrites (See your Counsellor or V.P. to sign up) May 3rd Deadline to complete PSI Selections May 14th All Grade 12s taking online courses required for

Graduation must be 90% complete (Marks sent to PSIs) May 16th MAP Presentations May 17th Aboriginal Grad May 21st

Prom @ Delta Grand June 4th AP Banquet June 15th Commencement Ceremonies June 22nd

Last Day of Classes June 25th & 27th June 28th Provincial Exams Report Card Pick up Stay or ganized & on tr

ack right to the end! THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING Let us know when you get accepted or receive a scholarship. We love hearing your good news! Good luck to everyone!

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