Portal Training - Toronto Catholic District School Board

Portal Training - Toronto Catholic District School Board

Portal Workshop make it simple Agenda Resources Web site structure

Create web Create/Edit/Publish page Create slide images/news/events on home page Resource and help Direct link https://

intranet.tcdsb.org/Resources/PortalHelp/Pages/default.aspx Through intranet home page, click the button Portal Team Sr. Manager : Kevin Lobo Portal Team support email : [email protected]

Website structure C: Drive Board Folder 1

St.Boniface Sub folder 1 Sub sub folder 1 1

file 1 file 2 file n Folder 2

School 2 Sub sub website 1

Sub sub folder 1 Sub website 1 Folder n

School n Sub sub website 1 Document library Lists Pages

Page 1 Page 2 Page n Introduction of school web site

How to get to your school site Go to www.tcdsb.org. see image on right Google search Why Similar look and fell? because they are all built on ONE template

Permission Who you are What you can do Who can grant permission

Principle and Vice Principle : automatically Other staff : Principle Security -- permission Create a web Web name : meaningful Web url : short, no special char, oneword

Demo Create a website How to create a page? Page Name: oneword, no special char, used for URL Page Title : H1, meaningful Demo Create a page

Edit a Page ( P16-40 on manual ) Text Pictures (large, vertical) Links

Documents Table Video ( need special web part) ADOA

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Manual p23 Alternative Text for pictures Large font size

High contract level How hard to edit a page? Assignment Create a page

Modify your page and contain Use your school site User training site Title

Few text with style A link A picture ( 50% width and 50% height )surrounded by text

A document ( can you give the document link a nice name) https://www.tcdsb.org/ schools/A1School Created a page and then what Pages journey save and close New

Save and Close Pages Journey Shared within the school Check in

Check out Pages Journey Publish Pages Journey summary Save & close

Check in Check out Publish Undo my work

undo Discard check out Delete Restore from history

Recycle bin Page History Create news and Events on home page Next slide shows what you can touch and what you cant touch What you can do with site govern

Slide image ( 5 at a time. School news has priority ) News (no limit) Event (no limit) Two types of Pages

Home page You dont touch directly All you need to do is to create an article page and configure through Article page Site Govern

2 things in common A image Slide image (big)

News image (small) A page Demo Site Govern steps (p52-69) Create a page Choose location and upload image

Dont upload image to the page body. Instead, use Publish page Inform sharepoint timer job Go to school root site ,

Assignment Create a news and show it on home page Create a event using Page

AdHoc Event Ad-hoc Event Is article page the only way to create a calendar event? NO Use Ad-hoc Event at school root site

Advanced Accordion 1/2 Advanced Accordion 2/2 Accordion School calendar School news letter

CSPC Agenda & minutes School Professional Learning plan Advanced -- Web parts Check menus from the link below https://intranet.tcdsb.org/Resources/PortalHelp/Pages/Web-Parts.aspx

Advanced -- Video Advanced -- Forms https:// www.tcdsb.org/ ProgramsServices/ SchoolProgramsK12/ InternationalLangua ges/Pages/ IlRegistration.aspx

Advanced Navigation Displayed as left menu You can add/delete/re-order How?

Site Actions Site setting look and Feel Navigation Advanced Content Editor Recap Create sub website (only if necessary) to host pages Create pages using ONE template

Slide image , news or calendar on home page is controlled by a special button on page Work with colleague : check in/out. Open to the public : publish

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