Policy Paper April 1997 - NTUA

Policy Paper April 1997 - NTUA

E-marketplaces / . 2008 NETMODE Network Management & Optimal Design Lab markeplaces e-marketplaces Retail, , logistics

buyer-centric business communities : B2B : B2B :

: B2B : Shell-Select, , , , Agrino, Bingo, Chipita, ColgatePalmolive, Georgia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Rilken, Schwarzkopf, Tasty, Wella, ,, , , ,

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- supermarket , Procter&Gamble Unilever. : B2B - :

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: B2B : 550 25 caterings. ( 80 . .) : Grecotel, Famous Gastronomy, Holiday Inn, Mamidakis Hotel Chain, Amalia Hotels, Louis Hotels, G-Hotels, Robinson Club Hotels, . : 350 10,000 ( Pepsico, SC Johnson, Vileda, Creta Farm, , Lavazza, Misko-Barilla, Hepp, ).

B2B , caterings, . : B2B To Yassas.com o [email protected] state-of-the-art, (POS) XML, LDAP, COM, ) 3tier Microsoft Windows DNA Value-added services: (POS) data warehousing, BI)) , .

ERP marketing Marketplaces Be24 Business Exchanges S.A , , www.be24.gr . Business Exchanges .. , EFG Eurobank Ergasias, Panafon-Vodafone Hellas On Line

B2B Market Places Entities of B2B EC Payment servicesmechanism for transferring money to sellers Logistics providerslogistics to complete transaction (packaging, storage, delivery) Network platformsInternet, VAN, intranet, extranet Protocols of communication -XML Back-end integrationconnecting to ERP systems, databases, functional applications Internet

SSL( Netscape & Internet Explorer) : Secure Socket Layer : TCP/IP HTTP, SSL connection. URLs SSL https http S/HTTP : Secure/Hyperext Transfer Protocol, SSL client server, HL7-Health Level Seven : Internet ( EDI ) :

( ) ( ) (Hash Functions)

key Enctrypt Encrypted data Intern et Dectry pt key Encrypted data

Enctrypt Encrypted data Intern et Dectry pt Private key Encrypted data

: Hash Function (message digest), . . ( ) ( ). . Hash Function .

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Intern et Dig. sign Hash 1 Hash 2 Dectry pt Public

key Dig. sign 2. Signing 3. Transmission 4. Decryption Public Private Key A Key A Private Public Key B Key B 3 1

3 2 Digital Signature Message 4 SET visa, master

card, Netscape Microsoft Internet How SET works...

1. . credit card public key 2. 3. 4. . 5. 6. 7. 8. How SET works M e rc h a n t 1

8 7 6 2 5 A c q u ir in g bank 3 4 C lie n t C a r d Is s u e r

Gateway Internet Payments Secure Transaction Processing Authentication, Capture & Settlement/Reconciliation Reporting & Tracking of Internet Transactions PoS

Electronic Catalogues Authorization system Encryption system WWW Wallet Hub Browser Electronic

forms Ordering system Payment system , & Open/light EDI - Open/light EDI -

& - PKI PKI, PKIX Working Group IETF :

(CA Certification Authority) (RA Registration Authority) (Clients) (Repository/Certificate Revocation Lists). PKI

(Key Registration): . (Certificate Revocation): . (Key Selection): ( ). (Trust Evaluation): . :

E-Payment ... Cybercash Cybercoin ECash First Virtual

Millicent Mondex NetBill Netcash Netcheque SET Traditional Payment Methods (POS) Credit cards, Cash on Delivery, etc.) ?

Millicent (POS) millicent.com) Mondex (POS) mondex.com) SET Traditional Payment Methods (POS) Credit cards, Cash on Delivery, etc.)

Online Payment Systems Digital cash : Online stored value systems : , , checking accounts Digital accumulating balance payment systems : Digital credit accounts : online credit card

system Digital checking : digital checks checking systems Internet Pre-Paid Hardware-based Quick, GeldKarte Software-based Paysafecard MicroMoney (eCash) (CyberCoins) Pay-Now

Pay-Later Cash on Delivery Credit Card Debit instruments Unencrypted Mobile Payments SET Paybox SSL Mobipay Streetcash Credit Transfer (Payitmobile) Billing-/Collection Systems ... eMail-Payments Net900 PayPal Firstgate

Paysafekey Internet Software-based prepaid payment services Paysafecard ( pre-paid on-line ) Mobile Payments

Paybox ( ) Mobipay ( ) eMail Payments Paypal (http://www.paypal.com/) - account Internet PayPal ( e-mail payment system) ( ebay.com) 1999 50 .

websites e-bay PayPal ( ) I)nternet (POS) -Paypal) e-mail account PayPal

PayPal Registry (IBM) SET: Net Commerce (IBM) : B2B Page caching API)

, , Net.Commerce server I)BM (POS) Open Buying on the I)nternet): I)nternet : Internet Commerce Server (Oracle) Store Manager HTML Internet :

SSL SET B2B products & Solutions CommerceOne The global leader in business-to-business electronic commerce solutions.

WebMethods webMethods B2B products are the first and only e-commerce products for real-time inter-enterprise application integration based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language). webMethods B2B products couple the power of XML with a secure and reliable server architecture to enable diverse systems to be securely and rapidly integrated over the Internet. VerticalNet Provider of vertical trade communities, e-commerce, business to business communities, product centers, online auctions, buyers guides, online marketplaces, product showcase, storefronts, career centers MartSoft Products MartSoft TM IntuiCat - (out-of-box E-Commerce solution) An Internet ready solution for E-Commerce, including the powerful IntuiCat catalog engine, a XML-capable database, and a Web server. Netscape CommerceXpert line is a full suite of packaged applications for buying, selling, merchandising, and delivering content over the Internet.

B2B products & Solutions Ariba A complete business-to-business eCommerce solution for operating resources requires the combination of two components, a solution for automating the internal processes of organizations coupled with a method for connecting buyers with their myriad suppliers. Sterling Commerce offer Web Commerce solutions range from secure business-to-business information exchange via the Web, to specialized banking and supply chain applications, to interactive Web storefronts that link seamlessly to back-end order fulfillment, inventory, and payment systems. Iciniti Corporation provides advanced Internet based solutions will take care of your business through business-to-business, business-to-consumer and Customer Interactive Services applications that support multiple databases and integrate real-time with your ERP system.

Cebra Intelligent commerce, Business to Business solutions. Magic Software Enterprises Inc, developper of eMerchant(TM) which is a powerful new business-to-business e-commerce solution designed for high volume transaction processing, named "Best of Show" at the Internet Commerce Expo ("ICe") held in Boston March, 22-25 1999. B2B products & Solutions Lexitech eCommerce specializes in creating business to business applications, supply chain management, large-scale catalog and directory publishing--within the technology, insurance, automotive, healthcare, retail and government industry

segment. Industri-Matematik They have developed the industry's first pull-based, customer-focused logistics system optimized for global fulfillment. On-Link Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Web-native e-commerce applications, is paving the way for a new generation of solutions that give businesses the full functionality needed to realize the sales potential of the Web across all sales and distribution channels. Designed to work from the buyers perspective, Rainmaker Sales dynamically translates needs into specific solutions. EQOS Systems Ltd EQOS Systems is the market leader in Internet based Business to Business E-Collaboration software. Today, leading companies such as Sainsbury's, Nestl, Somerfield and Procter & Gamble use EQOS's software solutions to achieve a step-change in the way they share vital trading and supply chain information over the Internet, enabling them to dramatically improve inter-company productivity and performance. Request your FREE B2B E-Collaboration Resource Pack here.

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